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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Jounouchi Katsuya - ARTFX J (KotobukiyYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Jounouchi Katsuya - ARTFX J (Kotobukiy

MaakieMaakie5 years agoReview
! Sorry for the wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Jounouchi Katsuya ENCYCLOPEDIA #4777 from the series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ENCYCLOPEDIA #22169 ! This figure is made by Kotobukiya ENCYCLOPEDIA #7621 and shows Jounouchi in his school uniform. ITEM #119375

I will start off with telling some more about his background.


Yu-Gi-Oh! is a manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi. It tells the story of the young boy Yuugi Mutou who lives together with his grandfather who owns a game shop. From a young age Yuugi has always been playing games by himself, since he gets bullied a lot at school. One day he solves an puzzle that turns out to be an ancient artifact from Egypt! The artifact, called the Millenium/Sennnen Puzzle, gives him a wish. Yuugi being a lonely boy, wishes that he would get friends. The artifact makes his wish come true, but in exchange a spirit can take over his body whenever he wants! This spirit is called "the other Yuugi" or "the dark side of Yuugi" and is the complete opposite from the Yuugi that has solved the puzzle. The other Yuugi loves to play Shadow Games, which makes the losing player in the game lose something that is very important to them... Later on in the series, Yuugi gets on better terms with the spirit inside him and they can talk together or change the host of the body at will.

The original series (manga 1-7 and the first televion anime) is about a lot of different games, mainly played as "Shadow Games" by "the other Yuugi". The second adaption of the series (manga volume 8 and further and the anime called Duel Monsters) almost completely focusses on an extended version of the cardgame that gets introduced in the beginning of the series.

Jounouchi Katsuya is in the beginning of the series one of Yuugi's bullies in high school, but because of Yuugi's wish he becomes one of his friends. Jounouchi talks with a heavy and "rude" accent, but would do anything for Yuugi. His dueling deck changes a lot during the series, but is most well known for having Gamble cards.

The reason why and how I got him

I have been a huge Yu-Gi-Oh!-fan from the first moment I saw Duel Monsters dubbed on local television. After only airing 2 seasons they stopped showing it here, making me interested in more! During that time I already started watching anime in Japanese, so I decided to also watch Duel Monsters in Japanese. Later on, I found out about the original series before Duel Monsters and watched that also, and I ended up really liking the originality in all the Shadow Games that were made. During my teens I collected quite some "toys" that were sold locally from Yu-Gi-Oh (and yes, I know, I should really make some time soon to upload all those to the database). When they announced the trading figures and the first scaleds in the One Coin Grande and ARTFX J line from Kotobukiya, I was so amazed and happy! I never expected a series I loved to get figures after the airing stopped 6-7 years ago! As excited as I was I decided for myself to pre-order all the items they were making from Yu-Gi-Oh! Now we are around 3 years later and Kotobukiya has made 22 trading figures, 10 scaleds, 1 action figure and multiple characters as scaleds announced. My goal is to collect them all. And except all the recolorings/exclusives, I own them all at the moment with some also on pre-order.

Original art

The art coming most close to the posing of this figure is the following:


If you compare this artwork directly with the figure, you will notice a lot of differences. This is mainly seen in his hair (which is a lot bigger on the figure) and his eyes (that look very different on the figure). There are luckily also a lot of similarities, such as his physical build and his spot-on clothing.

The Box





Jounouchi's box design is simple, but great! I especially like how they incorporated the design of Red Eyes Black Dragon (one of the rarest cards Jounouchi owns and uses during the series) as windows.

First Look





Jounouchi is packed very safely in his blisters and is surrounded by lots of protective plastic. His second arm looks a bit awkwardly placed, but it saves quite some room in the packaging.

Extra - Scapegoat Cellphone hanger

The people that have bought the first release of this figure, get a bonus: A Cellphone Hanger from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card "Scapegoat". At the moment of writing, there are no re-releases of this figure, so all available Jounouchi's should come with this extra.


Scapegoat is a spell card that summons 4 sheeps in different colors onto your field. They can be very useful when your side of the field is defenceless or when you need sacrifices for bigger monsters. It is a card Jounouchi uses quite a lot.





It is very small and simple when it comes to details, but it's so cute! Except for a bit of a visible seamline, there are no mistakes to point out. The part I like the most are the horns. They are very nicely detailed and perfectly painted.

The Figure


Jounouchi's figure comes with a very small instruction sheet. He comes with 2 arms, 2 hands and the possibility to hold cards in a hand. This gives you a few display options, although quite similar.

~ Assembled without duel disk~




~ Assembled with duel disk~




My first reaction after unboxing and assembling him, was how I loved the shine of his uniform and the movement of his jacket! When I first saw Jounouchi's figure announced, I thought he would look quite bland compared to the more extensive character designs of Kaiba and Yuugi, but the shine makes up for it!



Jounouchi's extra hand that gives him the possibility to hold cards, didn't impress me much. There is not much detailing to be seen on the hand and the cards have a blank front, which is also on the other Yu-Gi-Oh! scaleds from Kotobukiya. Because of this and that there is no matching scaled figure for him to duel with View spoilerHide spoilerKotobukiya, please make a Mai figure!, I decided to display him with the thumbs up hand.

Looking at all the details!


Jounouchi has a very serious expression on his face. It looks determined and confident.


His eyes are very nicely detailed and the rest of his face was also painted well.


Jounouchi has quite big ears in his character design, but on the figure they look even more huge in size! It's not very noticeable because of his hair, but when you look from up-close they do seem too big.

The right side of his face is for the biggest part covered with his hair. Speaking about his hair...



Jounouchi's hairdo is a typical over-the-top-Yu-Gi-Oh! one! It depends on personal taste, but I think it looks amazing! Most of the tips have a bit of shading and there are lots of details in layers and heights. Especially the backside has very intricate detailing when it comes to sculpt. There are some small parts though with a rough sculpt or with some small painting mistakes, but overall it's quite acceptable.


Now, onto Jounouchi's upper body! He wears a simple, tightfitting white shirt. There is no shading, but there is a lot of detail in sculpt when it comes to wrinkles.

The movement and paint of his jacket are parts of his clothing that stand out way more! Very evenly painted and with an eye-catching effect.


Seamlines in the clothing have also been sculpted into his jacket, together with the wrinkles and the nice looking sleeves, they bring a lot of details to a uniform that is relatively simple when it comes to design.




The movement in Jounouchi's jacket looks good from all angles. It really feels like a strong wind blows in his direction.





Jounouchi wears a duel disk on his arm. In the series, they are the machines where you play the Duel Monsters card game on. The machine is very nicely detailed and sculpted, but the painting is not very clean on all the small parts.



The attachment-part of his duel disk on his arm is quite rough when it comes to sculpt and paint. Luckily, it's hard to get a look at this part when displaying the figure.

His thumbs up hand has been quite nicely sculpted, but not much detailing is going on. His left hand is detailed in the same way, with not much special to mention.


And now onto his...pants! His crotch-area has a very high level of detail with all the creases going on.


His behind however doesn't have much creases and is very tight fitting. When I saw this part of him, I actually giggled a bit since his behind looks so small compared to other male figures I have. However, it is looking good!



The posing of Jounouchi's legs looks very powerful. The details of creases in his clothing are very realistic.



Seeing Jounouchi's shoes gives me a flashback to the 90's, I remember having likewise shoes myself back then! The sculpting on his shoes is perfect, but there are quite some small letdowns in paint.



Jounouchi's base is a piece of street with a lot of cracks and rubble. It matches very well with Yuugi's ITEM #91000 and Kaiba's ITEM #91371 bases. The detailing on the base looks very nice, but the painting was kept simple.

Summary or tl;dr

- Nice box design.
- Scapegoat bonus!
- The shiny paint on his uniform looks amazing!

- Looks slightly different from original character design.
- Small rough parts in sculpt, but overall very acceptable.

- Some small letdowns in paint.

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Very nice sculpt with a lot of details. It makes a rather simple looking character design and pose really stand out!

Painting 8/10
The painting on the coat is one of the main attention-points of this figure. Unfortunately on a lot of small parts the painting was done less neatly.

Posing 7/10
Simple posing, but looking very good with the others of the set! I would have liked to see a bit more from Jounouchi's personality on the figure (since he is quite an outgoing character).

Base 8/10
Very good detailing in the base. Matches good with Yuugi and Kaiba. Would have liked to see some more shading.

Packaging 8/10
Very nice box design with Red Eyes Black Dragon as partial windows. The figure is also very safe in it's blisters.

Extra - Scapegoat Cellphone hanger 8/10
Very small, cute extra! Painting and sculpting was done very simple, but looks really good!

Enjoyment 9/10
As a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! fan I was very pleased with this figure. Most of the small mistakes are easy to forgive.

If you are a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series or a fan of Jounouchi Katsuya, I highly recommend getting this figure! If you are not well known with the series, I guess he looks a bit too simple to be enjoyable for everyone.

This figure is still in stock at multiple figure webshops at it's original retail price and a bit up (around 6-8K yen). Second hand I don't see this figure a lot, but he seems to go for around 4-6K yen. Anyway, he is easy to find if you end up wanting to buy him!

And to finish it!

Here is how he stands in my current collection!

On his shelf! I have decided to display Jounouchi with his thumbs-up hand, since then it would look more like he's cheering Yuugi on (who is dueling with kaiba) this way!

And in my Yu-Gi-Oh! Kotobukiya collection! (Yami Malik is waiting for ITEM #166660 who will be shipped soon!)

For those who read all this way, Thank you! My next review will be about this nendoroid: ITEM #5432 (jep, I'm trying another Nendoroid review!) I hope to finish it up in a few weeks!

Soon I will also make another review of a Yu-Gi-Oh! figure, from: ITEM #119377 But that one can take a while!

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...
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VioFitz (5 years ago) #2060285Ouch... That prices... They can cost more than hundred dollars if shipped to Indonesia.
I see... Goodluck with that!

Yeah the prices of figures in general have raised so much these last few months. :/

Still, they are quite "cheap" now that most scaled figures are easily 10.000+ yen... -.-'
5 years ago
Maakie (5 years ago) #2059873The only thing off is that he isn't completely faitful to the design (with especially his face), but all the details are great! :D
I recently received also ITEM #119377 and ITEM #166660 and both their duel disks are even more nicely detailed!
I hope I have time to review those soon too, but first things first...working on my cosplay! xD

Ouch... That prices... They can cost more than hundred dollars if shipped to Indonesia.

I see... Goodluck with that!
5 years ago
VioFitz (5 years ago) #2054278Ouch, that's a very serious details they put up! Everything looked perfect, I don't think I found something's off from him. But, you're right that he's slightly different from the original designs.

The only thing off is that he isn't completely faitful to the design (with especially his face), but all the details are great! :D

I recently received also ITEM #119377 and ITEM #166660 and both their duel disks are even more nicely detailed!

I hope I have time to review those soon too, but first things first...working on my cosplay! xD
5 years ago
Ouch, that's a very serious details they put up! Everything looked perfect, I don't think I found something's off from him. But, you're right that he's slightly different from the original designs.
5 years ago
Kuuga (5 years ago) #2027463nice review.
he remind me to my Kamen Rider Blade. Because they have similar card case.
ITEM #129282

Thank you! ^^

And I looked it just up and PICTURE #813497 and it's indeed quite similar! Do they also play a card game in that season of Kamen Rider or are they for attacking or something else?
5 years ago
nice review.

he remind me to my Kamen Rider Blade. Because they have similar card case.

ITEM #129282
5 years ago
Chibi_Gohan (5 years ago) #2026101Nice review!
I love the detail, though it's paint job makes this less appealing to me. Sometimes that shiny paint works, but sometimes it gives a figure a more cheap plastic looking appearance, at least to my eyes.... Maybe this figure looks better in person, but I'm not digging the shiny paint looking at the pics.

Thank you! :D

Hrmmm, well to me the shiny paint looks good. Not bootleg/cheapish which you see on a lot of older and lower quality figures (and bootlegs of course).

Comparing to my pictures I've got to say he looks even more shiny IRL...so I think he's not your taste then, haha! xD
5 years ago
Nice review!

I love the detail, though it's paint job makes this less appealing to me. Sometimes that shiny paint works, but sometimes it gives a figure a more cheap plastic looking appearance, at least to my eyes.... Maybe this figure looks better in person, but I'm not digging the shiny paint looking at the pics.
5 years ago
Eccmy (5 years ago) #2025754Excellent review as always, Maakie! I was waiting for this one; that figure looks indeed very good, it makes me want it even more than before!
(I can confirm you're a Yu-Gi-Oh fan too, your background section of the review was more long-winded than usual. Not that I mind, not only I too had a similar problem with my own review of the Shiori and Hikari duo, but also I like Yu-Gi-Oh too so I enjoyed reading it a lot. :p)

Thank you very much! :D Hpoefully you are also looking forward to my review of Yami Malik in the future! ^w^

Hehe, just as with my previous Yu-Gi-Oh! review I tried to keep it as short as possible, but when I do that, I feel like I'm missing too much of the basic information about the series! And then it ends up like a big wall of text again... ^-^''

LadyKujaku (5 years ago) #2025810Excellent Review! I love this figure *ç*

Thank you very much! ^w^
5 years ago
Excellent Review! I love this figure *ç*
5 years ago
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