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Sega Prize FNC/Funco

Today we'll be reviewing Sega's prize figure of FNC, the lead character from the Upotte!! ONA. Because of her design, there are a couple of shots that might be considered a little bit NSFW, so you've been warned. Also, I found an awful lot to write about this time, so hopefully you'll indulge me...

About the character: FNC, sometimes spelled out "Efenshee", and referred to as Funco-chan by most of the cast, is the main character from the Upotte!! manga and ONA. The last few years have seen many anime with moefied military elements (Strike Witches with its moe anthropomorphizations of WWII figures and Girls Und Panzer with its moe characters riding tanks being probably the most notable examples), and Upotte!! raises the ante in this regard. In the universe of Upotte!!, the characters are not simply anthropomorphizations of guns; rather, all the characters are guns. Some of FNC's vital statistics:

Born (designed): 1976
Nationality: Belgian
Special features: Foldable skeleton stock, which as we'll see is the basis for a running joke in the show.
Rate of fire: 625-675 rounds per minute
Feed system: 30 round detachable steel magazine
Three sizes (height-length-width): 238 mm-995 mm (775 mm when stock folded)-70 mm (75 mm when stock folded).
Weight (with clip loaded): 4.1 kg. Funco goes so far as to admit that she's just a little bit on the heavy side.


The front of the box features a large shot of the figure.


The sides of the box feature a camo theme.


The back of the box includes a diagram to help get Funco's rifle in her hands. No, wait a minute, it's not her rifle, she is the rifle.


Funco ships inside a blister. It seems sturdy enough.


Once the rifle is placed in Funco's hand, she's ready to go!


The box measures 24 by 13 by 9 cm, and figure and box weigh in right around 250 grams. Given her reasonably large scale, that's pretty lightweight. In any event, the packaging is fine.


Funco's pose is quite simple, but I like it anyway. She's rather nonchalantly holding on to her rifle, as the characters in Upotte!! are prone to do. The way she's holding the rifle behind her back makes for a rather unique pose, so kudos to Sega here!

Let's take a look at her.












*---these ratings take into account the fact that this is an inexpensive prize figure, and represent ratings relative to other prize figures.

Sega did a really nice job with this figure. Like all prize figures, she has her share of flaws, but overall I'd say the good far outweighs the bad. In fact, I'd say she compares favorably to many of the older non-prize figures I have in my collection.

Let's take a look at one of the best features of the figure, Funco's face. I think she is just adorable, her eyes are very expressive, she has just the right amount of color on her lips, and her little hint of blush is quite cute as well.



That seam in her hair is a little bit rough.


The painting on the back of her head could have been done better. However, despite her short hair, she doesn't simply have a helmet-head hairdo, so that's a plus.


Another big plus about this figure is that Funco looks very cute from several different angles!


If you want to be picky, her hair color might be a little bit off. In the anime, her hair color is purple-lavender, while this figure gives her hair more of a bluish hue. This is clearly the Funco of the anime, as her manga counterpart has a much different appearance (compare with ITEM #120114 ).


I was going to comment that her seifuku has no buttons on it, but that is actually consistent with its design.


On mine, you can see there was a big chunk missing from the back flap of her uniform.


The stripe on her skirt isn't quite painted evenly; there is much more white paint in some spots than others.


One of the key features of Funco's design is her thighs. Now, they're not exactly huge, but they are just a little more substantial than you might expect to see on a girl of Funco's build. I wasn't sure if this detail would be incorporated into the figure, but Sega comes through again!



She does have a pretty obvious seam on her leg. Actually, I could see this flaw even in Amazon's photos of the figure, so I knew it would be there. Such is the world of prize figures...


She has similar seams on her arms as well.



Her hands are sculpted nicely, although there's no definition on her nails. Fingers can be a real problem area on prize figures, so Sega did well here once again.


Funco side-by-side with the box photo. It's nice when the figure actually resembles the photos on the packaging. That's not always the case, prize figures and otherwise...


The painting on one of her socks is not quite perfect.


This may sound strange, but one thing I liked about Upotte!! was the characters' shoes. Rather than the traditional loafers or slippers, all the characters generally wear tennis shoes. As you can see, the details on her shoes are pretty nicely done.


The painting on the back of her shoe is a little bit sloppy, but I really like how the soles are sculpted!


A view of Funco's FNC rifle. No wait, she is the rifle. The rifle seems pretty sturdy in its build.


There are some really nice little details on the rifle. Here we see the FNC's safety/fire select switch. Just like on the real FNC, there are 4 settings; S, 1, 3, and A denote the safety, single-fire, 3-round fire, and automatic fire settings respectively. For a prize figure, this is a really nice detail!


One of the key features of the FNC is its skeleton stock; the stock on the real deal folds away to make it easier to transport. The stock on this one doesn't; that would be a pretty elaborate feature on a prize figure.


Because of her skeleton buttstock, the show's logic dictates that it's therefore only natural that Funco wears thong underwear. For some reason, she's extremely self-conscious about this and hence it becomes something of a running joke. Funco's friend Sig (based on the Sig SG 550) has a similar stock, but she's not quite so uptight about that particular element of her design. I guess a rifle can't exactly just get up in the morning and change its specs...




Funco attaches to her base by two large pegs in her feet. The pegs are slightly different sizes.


It's not exactly a spectacular base, but I do like the fact that it has her actual name, her nickname, and the name of the show.



In any event, it's not just a plain disk and it appears the base is adequate to support the figure, so no real complaints on this front.

Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Let's take a moment and talk about her scale. Sega doesn't list her scale, and I couldn't find her canon height anywhere, so let's take a look at her with some other figures.

Good Smile's Triela is 1/8 scale, and Funco is quite a bit larger.


Inia Sestina is at the small end of 1/7 scale, and Funco is slightly larger than her as well.


Funco is about 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) in height, and the rifle is about 5.5 inches (14 cm) in length. Since the FNC is 39.3 inches (99.5 cm) in length with the stock extended, that would make her right about 1/7 scale. Also, at 1/7 scale, she'd be approximately 5'0" (150 cm) in height, which seems perfectly reasonable.

In summary:

Arguments for: Her face is incredibly cute, large scale, she has some really nice details you wouldn't expect to see on a prize figure (the details on the safety and on her shoes), surprisingly good quality for a prize figure.

Arguments against: As with any prize figure, she does have her share of imperfections.

Now, I realize the whole moe+military thing is not everyone's cup of tea (and if that describes you, my sincere respect for reading this far!), and if this genre of anime doesn't appeal to you, then neither will this figure. However, if you do like girls-with-guns (or girls-who-are-guns!), this is a really, really, really nice prize figure that you might consider adding to your shelf. Now, I'm just hoping that Sega will make figures of some of the other cast members (particularly M16/Ichiroku!). Come on Sega, don't stop with just one figure from this series; if you do, Funco-chan will get lonely without her friends!

Availability (as of this writing)

Easy to find.

I ended up getting her from a US store via Amazon for about 30 bucks, but HLJ also has her in stock for 1600 yen. I figured with the cost of international shipping both options were about equivalent. As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the better $30 I've spent lately! AmiAmi preowned had one the other day for about 1500 yen, so I'd say about 1500 yen plus shipping ought to do it if you want Funco-chan to be yours.


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Shimakaze69 (2 years ago) #3238907She's adorable. I MUST GET HER! So happy I started clicking through your reviews or I never would have known she existed.

The Upotte franchise kind of got overlooked, and sadly this was pretty much the one and only figure from that franchise to see the light of day. It's too bad, really...
2 years ago
She's adorable. I MUST GET HER! So happy I started clicking through your reviews or I never would have known she existed.
2 years ago
secretly-otaku (3 years ago) #2056106I saw a ton of pictures of Funco one of these days and knew this review was coming xD. She is extremely cute! And I agree, SEGA's PM figures come in so different scales. So far, I have 2, and Nyaruko-san seems to be as big as Funco. Thanks for the review. Might consider getting her.

Indeed, many pictures often indicates a review is imminent :)

Upotte doesn't seem to be super popular, so I just hope that Sega actually makes a few more of the characters...
3 years ago
I saw a ton of pictures of Funco one of these days and knew this review was coming xD. She is extremely cute! And I agree, SEGA's PM figures come in so different scales. So far, I have 2, and Nyaruko-san seems to be as big as Funco. Thanks for the review. Might consider getting her.
3 years ago
Maakie (3 years ago) #2054017I never heard before of this series or character, but I have to say: I'm interested. :3
The figure looks like a very solid prize figure. :) I really like the box and her base personally!

Probably the best short description of Upotte!! would be as follows. Imagine taking Strike Witches and Negima and throwing them into a blender. Like Strike Witches, there is careful attention to detail as far as the specs of all the weapons, and there is a moderate amount of fanservice. And like Negima, there is a large cast of characters to get to know. I'd put it a notch below Strike Witches and Girls Und Panzer, but it's still kind of a "dumb fun" show,
3 years ago
I never heard before of this series or character, but I have to say: I'm interested. :3

The figure looks like a very solid prize figure. :) I really like the box and her base personally!
3 years ago
WindsorSeven (3 years ago) #2052341Looks great! I'm surprised at how far prize figures have come.

Lately, I've been very happy with all of the offerings from Sega Prize. They're obviously not up to the level of a high-end Alter/GSC/Max Factory figure, but I'd say often their quality is creeping up on that second tier of manufacturers.

There's still quite a bit of variation in their quality, but generally a prize figure that looks interesting is generally worth a throw of the dice IMO.
3 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Looks great! I'm surprised at how far prize figures have come.
3 years ago
jesmagicchild (3 years ago) #2051940And yet another review is done. :)
I have to say: keep up the good work!
I really enjoy reading your reviews.

Thank you very much for the nice comment. :)
3 years ago
And yet another review is done. :)
I have to say: keep up the good work!
I really enjoy reading your reviews.
3 years ago
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