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New setup :3New setup :3

toyshadowstoyshadows4 years agoDiary
Got my first Detolf today thanks to VINNIEBOY !


Not the best picture and not everything has been moved yet, but it's a killer upgrade from the dark bookshelf I'd been using running out of space on.
Much thanks! Will update again once I've gotten my Expedit shelf inserts www.ikea.com/us... and have things more definitively set up!
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I love this Ikea detolf, only wish it was taller but the price cant be beat! I like your set up.
4 years ago
Nice setup! I'm glad my case went to a good home :D
4 years ago
Nice collection^ ^ I hope I could get a detolf because my figures are starting to get dusty as I'm having them displayed on my bookshelf.
4 years ago
Very nice! Hoping to grab my first detolf pretty soon as well.
4 years ago
Import from Japan

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