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Grandpa Had A Heart AttackGrandpa Had A Heart Attack

HSkeletonHSkeleton4 years agoDiary
Thought I would make my first diary entry since my Grandpa seems to be pretty popular among this figure community thanks to picture/406531&......

On Mother's Day morning, the 11th, my Grandpa abruptly woke up drenched in sweat and started to pace around the house. The noise woke my Grandma up, and that's when my Grandpa complained about severe chest pain and to call ambulance. He was rushed to the hospital and that's when they assumed he had a heart attack. They were able to give him morphine for pain and cool him down, a total zero on the pain scale. But the question then was to either let him go back home or transfer him a different hospital for overnight treatment.

He needed an angiogram to know exactly what was going on inside of him, so they can give proper treatment. So the other hospital across the border in Minnesota seemed to be the best fit. He's been there before, back when he had a stroke in 2002. So the we're familiar with it, and it's without a doubt the best in the area. He was transferred that same day, but as mentioned they had to keep him overnight since they planned on doing the angiogram the next day. At this point he's completely content, and his symptoms have passed.

After the angiogram, it was confirmed he did have a heart attack. And looking back, there has been warning signs going on for the past few months. Lately things were getting worse, a lot of waking up in the middle of the night sweating and complaining about his mattress. His mood shifted as well, but we assumed it had to do with the fact that they will be moving. It's not the fact that they're moving but complaints about the apartment itself. We keep reassuring him that he'll opinion will change once they move in, but that won't be until late June or July 7th at latest.

My Grandma and Uncle explained these symptoms to the Doctor and it was actually very possible that he suffered from minor heart attacks at home even. He also has a problem with having cold hands, which has been going on for a long time but became progressively worse. Most recently he's had to use a heat pad to warm them. Though my Mom was right by saying it was a result of poor circulation, apparently his normal Doctor was never concerned about it. It's easy to brush off compared to his more serious health problems, so it's not like this came out of the blue, though it was a shock to hear he had a heart attack.

Overall he had to stay at the hospital until the 14th. I went with for the first time that day, everyone expecting it to be a four hour day. We left at 8:30 AM and didn't return until a bit after 9:00PM. At that point I was awake for 27 hours, yet was feeling more nauseous than anything (soda can effect me this way). Everyone else including my Grandpa was more tired than me, it was a very long day. Even one of the employees said "It's just one of those days here".

So he's back, and better news yet better than ever! Just still very exhausted out from the ordeal. He's actually able to walk faster and pick up his feet like normal, before he just shuffled them along. His hands are even warm, meaning good circulation~ Yup, just confirms my belief that everything happens for a reason. Every single nurse and employee that helped him at the hospital was absolutely fantastic. There was one nurse is particular who was pure sugar. She's originally from Africa and was an African accent, and has such positive and upbeat attitude. She really bonded with my Grandma and my family, even my Grandma said he wished he could give each of them a floral bouquet to thank them. Every one of them were perfect, same goes for the hospital. He couldn't of been in better hands.

Our Mother's Day wasn't the greatest because of this, being my Grandma was gone the whole day at the hospital. Luckily, my Mom and I went out to eat the night before to avoid the crowd. It was a restaurant that was new to my Mom, but she definitely enjoyed the food. I myself got to try a calypso cooler, and it was super delicious~ If only I had ordered it with my meal, I felt so guilty leaving half of it....

I do want to mention to my friends that I'm sorry for my inactivity. I'm experiencing a great deal of anxiety related issues, and have been really... dead. Yeah, dead's a good word. I don't wish to go into detail publicly but those who know me know where I'm coming from. As always, I love you guys and thank you for caring about me. I will try my best to get back to your message and comments, you're never forgotten! ♥

And one last thing, ITEM #176646 has finally arrived!! I will do a separate post on that later, but just wanted to let you know she's finally in my hands. and best of all in one piece.

Bye now, and thank you all very much for reading!
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Relieved to read he's OK, and glad he's doing even better than before :)

Best wishes to him, and lucky you for getting your hands on that wonderful figure!
4 years ago
I know this is a bit late but my prayers go with your grandfather :) and I am looking forward to your post on the latest Cattleya statue.
4 years ago
All the best wishes to your grandfather!
4 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Wow this story got to me.. Hope it wont happen again!

I can see why youre inactive if such things happen..
4 years ago
ahh i feel u, my grandpa use to suffer from heart attacks all the time, luckily he hasnt had one in years...im glad your grandpas okay <3
4 years ago
Tenma The Idolm@ster
Im so glad your Grandfather has survived, nasty things always happen on Special Days it seems
my Grandfather passed away 2 days before Father's Day.
4 years ago
we can't stop the time, but we can do better for other people, especially parents and grand parents. keep strong !
4 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
4 years ago
ifob8 (4 years ago) #2147954My condoleances... :S
Thank you.. *nods*
4 years ago
Wishing all the best to your grandfather. He deserves to live a long life to see new Cattleya releases.
4 years ago
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