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Nendoroid #391 Akagi review!Nendoroid #391 Akagi review!

hunsohunso4 years agoReview
I've always wished to do a review of my own, seeing as I love looking at those of other people before buying a figure :)

Here I will review Akagi, Nendoroid #391 from Kantai Collection! ITEM #177442

I'm not very familiar with the game itself, but the character designs just got me, and that's why I'm collecting their stuff :3 I hope I can help you decide better on this figure if you don't already own it, but believe me, she's great!
This is my first review so please bear with me ♥ But be warned, there're tons of pictures ahead!

The box.
Let's start with the box like expected in any review! It follows the same design as the recent Nendoroids, and will match the other Kancolle girls (well, Shimakaze so far) nicely. The main color is a deep red, really pretty!
Nothing much to say about it.





Left & Right:
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hunso1401452605.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hunso1401452682.png

Now I will proceed to unbox her! The first thing I noticed is the HUGE amount of accessories and parts~ (as well as the fact that one of the food accessories moved from its place ;u;)


...because there's also another layer behind!

It is hold with some tape at the top and bottom.

The usual information/manual paper if you're curious about it.

...accessories!! I will come back to them later :)


She comes with the new Nendoroid base, a main peg to hold her on the base (the top can come off so that it's easier to move her), 3 small pegs for her planes, and an extra neck joint.

The figure.
Now let's get to the most important part: the figure itself!
Overall, I'm really satisfied so far. At first I wasn't that excited about her, because I tend to prefer more colorful designs, but in the end she's probably one of my fave nendoroids! (that I own and have seen so far) She doesn't seem as fragile as Shimakaze does, as most of her parts are removable anyway. The only things I'm attentive to are the little "joints" to hold accessories on her right arm and skirt.
I also didn't notice any major paint stain or mistake, at least on mine.

This is what she looks like out of the box! There are sheets of plastic to protect her segments...


None of her parts are made out of flexible plastic though, everything is rather rigid, or at least in the usual Nendoroid plastic; so be careful!

Here is what her body looks like up close:

and her back:

You can notice the two joints I was talking about (no that's not a cute tail! ;)). They seem pretty fragile, so I'd advise being careful when using them (as shown in later pictures).

I can't get over those little feet T.T

Close up of her default face plate:

Now to her hair sculpt! It's not very visible on the pictures, but there's a subtle shading and lighting.



Poor Akagi is all broken down, let's make her stand and smile!

In this picture you can see the little "tail" better, as well as how cute her legs look! ;u;


Body parts.
Akagi comes with just SO many arms, hands and possible combinations! It's just how great she's. You can probably make her do or hold anything!

All of her right arms can break down this way:

The left arms can only be "broken" down into two parts, allowing less positions, but still great!
Also, I love how the arrows and rice bowl can be removed from the hands :3


These two little brown sticks are in fact her bow and can be used with those two arms parts:
I will use them in later pictures~

Then, her second bottom/legs: sitting! I'm actually very surprised at how well she stays in place, I thought her huge head would make her fall off, but actually it's not the case as long as she leans forward enough. It just took a few adjustments and tada! she could stay like this eating rice forever :3
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hunso1401463255.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hunso1401463257.png


Looks good! ♥

Last but not least, here are all of her face plates: happy, smiling, and eating rice :D

Body parts taken apart, she still has a good amount of other accessories. They're all very cute and detailed! I kind of wish I had more Nendoroids to play with, because she alone has a lot of accessories for scenes :)

First let's go for the planes:
They're extremely tiny, the silver one being the biggest and roughly 2cm wide!

There's a little stick under them that goes with the 3 pegs to hold them on the base.

The aircraft/boat thingie (I don't know its name, sorry ;n;) :

Back; it's supposed to go on her right arm, on the little peg thing.

Her arrow deck; the red "tube" has a hole as it goes in the "tail" peg on her skirt. The top part can turn so the arrows can face where you wish them!

Now to the food accessories.
Her big food bucket (? it looks like food at least) comes with a blue thing (water I believe), that can replace the brown one. The handle can also move and be removed.

It breaks down like this:

Then to the small rice bucket! The top part can be removed, or can close the bucket easily.

The table is very simple.

And last, the "pillow", or rather excuse me for my lack of vocabulary ;u;"
The color is very cute, more of a salmon pink irl.

The hole under it insures its stability so that Akagi doesn't fall when she's sitting on it.

Who's hungry? :3

There's a small pouch that goes on her waist/hips, but it kind of keeps her from moving her right arm around:

She also comes with a water sliding effect, which I will use for displaying pictures bellow! :D It's slightly translucent, with a dent for her foot.

Here comes the fun part ♥ I'm not very good at finding posing ideas, but I hope it's not too bad either and can show how cute she's :)





To the war path with Shimakaze! ITEM #166270

The end.
Thank you very much for reading/viewing my review! I hope you enjoyed it at least a little, and feel free to drop any comment or ask anything about her~ Thank youuu~~ ♥♥♥

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Pibituh (4 years ago) #2175638Great review. Can't wait to play with her myself :)Thank you :3
You'll see she's even cuter in person ;u;
4 years ago
Maakie (4 years ago) #2174350These last few years Nendo's come with less and less accesories each time, but Akagi comes with so much!!! I hope they continue doing that! ^w^
Thanks for the review!
Yeah that's what I noticed :< Yes I hope other recent Nendos will come with just as many accessories <3 The difference from one to another is so big!
You're welcome!
4 years ago
Great review. Can't wait to play with her myself :)
4 years ago
These last few years Nendo's come with less and less accesories each time, but Akagi comes with so much!!! I hope they continue doing that! ^w^

Thanks for the review!
4 years ago
LivingDaylight (4 years ago) #2173021Great review)Thanks! :)
4 years ago
Great review)
4 years ago
Jororo (4 years ago) #2172917The amount of accessories!
Actually if you're trying to get an idea about Kancolle you could read up on it at
Her eating accessories are actually a rather elaborate prank at how much Bauxite she consumes (used for (re)building planes which are frequently shot down by enemy AA during sorties)
Thanks for the link! :D Yes I know about that website, I've read some stuff but haven't gotten around reading further than that (which is a shame really XD).
That's amazing haha! I feel like I'm missing on so much ;u;
4 years ago
The amount of accessories!
Actually if you're trying to get an idea about Kancolle you could read up on it at
Her eating accessories are actually a rather elaborate prank at how much Bauxite she consumes (used for (re)building planes which are frequently shot down by enemy AA during sorties)
4 years ago
redxmaverick (4 years ago) #2172781Nice review! I like the little rice grain hanging on her cheek. She must be saving it for later for when she's hungry. :P
Sooooooo many accessories. I'm not brave enough to plop them all out of the plastic blister like you as I'm afraid I could loose any piece.
Same, it's just my fave face plate <3 She's adorable :3
Well I guess that's because I'm used to very small items since childhood X3 I've always loved action toys/dolls and their small accessories and never lost any~ (I just never grew up XD)
4 years ago
Aldena (4 years ago) #2172780Lovely review~! Gosh the KanColle girls are so cute, but I'd really like to know the source material some better before going off buying figures ;u; Then again, by the time the Anime releases they might rise in price >n< Decisions are so hard pff..
Anyhow, Akagi is super cute, and she has so many accessorizes! *o*
I have the same fear as you, mostly because they're all up for preorder now and I guess that's the only time you can get them for their right price ;; Of course there're second hand items but I'd be afraid not to be able to find them at good prices >< Since for me amiami is the best option with the cheapest shipping...
Anyway I hope the anime will be good! If you end up getting her you won't be disappointed :3
4 years ago
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