#300 Get! - Mar-Apr 2014 Loot#300 Get! - Mar-Apr 2014 LootLoot

CantisamaCantisama8 years ago

Hello again! Today I'll be going over my March and April loot. This includes my 300th figure, an unexpected surprise, and my figure disappointment of the year.


Figma Kirito: ITEM #117920
Pink Tank 1/12 Tatami Mat x3 (4 mats per pack)

Let's start with the unexpected surprise. As fans of SAO know, Figma Kirito is crazy expensive these days, easily going for 12k yen and up. I waited for the English dub to check out SAO, so by the time I realized I wanted Figma Kirito it was far too late. Luckily I picked up Figma Asuna and Nendos Asuna + Kirito at release since I assumed I would enjoy the series. Figma Kirito was the only one I still needed to get, but not at those prices >_<

Out of the blue, figinstock.com alerted me to a Figma Kirito restock at HLJ. Actually, I got two alerts. When I got the first alert and checked his product page, he showed as oos. I figured it was an error, that Figma Kirito would never restock, and went back to sleep (these alerts come around 2-4am for me). A few weeks later I got another alert, and this time he was there! I snatched him up immediately at 3257 JPY retail price. I didn't even have time to post the restock on MFC before he disappeared again. I don't think I was able to go back to sleep this time.

The 1/12 tatami mats will be used for Figma and Nendo pics. They come pre-painted but still on runners. You have to cut them off the runners, (optionally) sand down the gates, and then glue on the green mat edges. Lesson learned: the tiniest amount of strong glue is all you need. If you can barely see the glue after applying, that's more than enough. Second lesson learned: glue that's labeled to be resistant to sticking to skin doesn't try hard enough :P


Nendoroid Pajama set: ITEM #173880

I already did an unboxing / mini review of the Nendoroid Pajama set: BLOG #13544
In short, they are awesome for Nendo collectors! Their only real drawback is being exclusive release.


Kotobukiya Senjougahara: ITEM #166624
Banpresto Senjougahara: ITEM #131169
Figma Sengoku: ITEM #78605
Figma Kanbaru: ITEM #61330
Nendoroid Kanbaru: ITEM #166960

I absolutely love Monogatari series. From start to finish it is such a fun, interesting, stylish, humorous, and well written story. Of the Monogatari cast, Senjougahara is my favorite. Kotobukiya Senjougahara may be her best figure rendition to date. Her pose and expression perfectly match her often sadistic temperment. Banpresto Senjougahara highlights another fun pose from Nisemonogatari. Of her prize figures, this one is possibly the best.


Figma Sengoku and Kanbaru round out my Monogatari Figma set. I really hope GSC releases Figma Shinobu to complete the cast. With Nendo Shinobu coming later this year, perhaps this wish isn't too impossible??

Nendo Kanbaru is so cute! It would have been nice to include the Rainy Devil accessories like her Figma, but I do appreciate all those little books. I'll be sure to get the rest of the Monogatari Nendos as they release.


Nendoroid Shimakaze: ITEM #166270
Nendoroid Hayate: ITEM #41090
Petit Eva@School Kaworu Butler: ITEM #108469

I can't say much about Nendo Shimakaze since I bought her out of cuteness alone. I heard there's an anime on the way so maybe then I'll get a better idea of her character and world.

Nendoroid Hayate Ayasaki has been on my wishlist for a long time. Hayate no Gotoku is among my top favorite manga. I'm re-reading it right now ^^ I would have preferred his butler outfit as the primary rather than the Hermione outfit. As it is, he only comes with one set of butler arms, leaving him with minimal posing options. He'll look good with the rest of my Hayate no Gotoku collection.

With Petit Kaworu butler, I only have one of the Eva@School maid set left to go, Shinji butler ITEM #108470. Will continue to keep on the lookout on AmiAmi Pre-owned.


RAH Link: ITEM #149372
Kotobukiya Belldandy Plain Clothes ver.: ITEM #71 (figure #300!)

Before getting into figure #300, let's talk about my figure disappointment of the year. I pre-ordered RAH Link day one, anxiously waited through multiple delays, and finally a full year after ordering he comes and... Medicom let us down. This was my first RAH purchase and it was full of failure. The unannounced changes to tunic color and material are terrible (especially for picture taking). There are also qc issues like sloppy painting, messed up chins, hand that can be damaged by holding the bow, etc. I debated for a few days after receiving him and decided to sell. Even when he appeared in HS bargain bin at just under 10k (+shipping) I couldn't bring myself to order him again. I'm happy with Figma Link and the upcoming Nendo Wind Waker Link.

Anyway, with the money back from selling RAH Link, I was able to acquire Figma Sengoku, Figma Kanbaru, Kotobukiya Hachikuji (waiting to ship with Kotobukiya Shinobu from Anime-Island), and figure #300 herself, Kotobukiya Belldandy Plain Clothes ver.

A lot of people like Max Factory Belldandy with Holy Bell the best ITEM #118010, but I prefer Belldandy in casual clothes. Her sideways glance and wind swept hair and dress are very cute and remind me of the anime. You can tell this is a figure from 2006, but even so I think she is a great addition and well fitting #300 for my collection.

One thing I want to note about Belldandy: I ordered her sealed from Jungle and they didn't put a warning that she came from a smoker's home. I've been letting her and the box air out. Please let me know if you know of a spray or something I can safely use to help remove the smell.


Figma Kirino: ITEM #42055
Figma Ruri: ITEM #59767

I finished Oreimo the other day and enjoyed it. These Figmas should finish off my Oremio collection... well, maybe I'll get one or two more ^^


Figma Mikasa: ITEM #166897
Figma Eren: ITEM #166898
Nendoroid Eren: ITEM #166924

SnK was my first subbed anime. The Figmas look like they jumped right out of the anime, and Nendo Eren is adorable. I've already seen some fun photos on MFC using these.


Nendoroid Saber Bride: ITEM #166891

In truth, the only part of the Fate series I'm familiar with is the Fate/stay night anime. That didn't stop me from picking up Nendo Saber Bride to round out my Nendo Saber army (now with 8 members). She looks well done. I'm interested to see her wedding dress on other characters.


Sega Konata Maid: ITEM #192509

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lucky Star, Sega is releasing a set of prize maids. Konata is the first out and also the only one not available at standard shops like HLJ. I was lucky to grab her from Mandarake. I haven't opened her yet but feedback has been very good. I just paid off Tsukasa Maid at HLJ and have the rest of the girls on pre-order.


Steins;Gate visual novel received an English localization recently. As I loved the anime, I thought this would be a good first VN for me. This is the limited edition and includes a deluxe box, fanbook, and future gadget pins.

That's it for my March-April 2014 loot. I never expected to reach 300 figures when I first started collecting. I'm happy to look around and be reminded of all my favorite characters and series. I received a used bookcase the other day. Maybe I'll finally get to opening some of my figure backlog.

Thanks for reading :3
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What a great way to get into the 300 club! Its great! Conglaturation!
8 years ago
Leosach Born this way
Good Loot ^^
8 years ago
Pretty awesome loot !

I'm jealous... I miss the pajamas set >_____<
Banpresto Senjougahara looks cute !
8 years ago
Superstickman8 years ago#2172460Some great loot in there. Big fan of the monogatari stuff. And you must feel so lucky getting Kirito for a such a great price, as you mentioned, his figma prices are truly insane.
Very lucky. I hope they re-release him to stop these crazy prices.

Rychi8 years ago#2172474Love your loot! :3
AP-kun8 years ago#2172544Nice figs, I like the oreimo figmas too cute;)
Thanks! I expect the Oreimo Figmas will be fun for pics.
8 years ago
Nice figs, I like the oreimo figmas too cute;)
8 years ago
Love your loot! :3
8 years ago
Some great loot in there. Big fan of the monogatari stuff. And you must feel so lucky getting Kirito for a such a great price, as you mentioned, his figma prices are truly insane.
8 years ago
youji8 years ago#2172386Really nice loot!
Christown8 years ago#2172397Some great stuff you got there over the past two months :)
Gratz on your 300th too!


frostocelot8 years ago#2172410ooo how do you like the Konata maid figure? I have one ordered and on its way.
I haven't opened Konata maid yet cause I don't have the display space. I may take a peek though, I'll let you know.

frostocelot8 years ago#2172410I think the RAH Link would have been a great figure at the 10000 yen price point and a lot of the disappointment came from what we expected of a 20000 yen item.
The price definitely hurt. We shouldn't spend that much and have him come with so many issues.
8 years ago
ooo how do you like the Konata maid figure? I have one ordered and on its way.
I think the RAH Link would have been a great figure at the 10000 yen price point and a lot of the disappointment came from what we expected of a 20000 yen item.
8 years ago
Some great stuff you got there over the past two months :)

Gratz on your 300th too!
8 years ago