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Jumonji Tamaki - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)Jumonji Tamaki - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)

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Today we'll be taking a look at OrchidSeed's latest Comic XO Cover Girl, Tamaki Jyumonji. This particular cover girl graced the covers of the December 2008 Comic XO magazine released in Octover of 2008. The magazine sold for around 500 - 600 Yen and at this time is probably only available on the secondary market if you wanted to get your hands on the magazine. The illustrator is one Kuuchuu Yousai who is also known for the character Nanael so it's not a coincidence that the two look alike.

This isn't the first Cover Girl turned into a figure and it will probably not be the last. This could be an ideal marriage of Comic XO and OrchidSeed as they have similar styles in regards to their girls. The use of PVC is definitely preferable to alphamax's approach with their cover girl as it kept the costs down as well as the figure didn't look as strange.

The figure is a standard release and she is 1/7th in scale like basically all of the other OrchidSeed girls. She was released in August of 2011 and retailed for 8,285 Yen. At this time she is only available on the secondary market. The goal today is to see if this is one gift you should return or cherish.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! Some of the pictures in this review are NSFW and quite graphic, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






OrchidSeed went with a festive design and layout on the packaging supporting the theme of the figure. You find window panels at the front, sides and top. The top window panel is a silhouette cutout in shape of Tamaki's little green friend. The window panel on the left is the silhouette cutout in the shape of a present broken up into four individual sections separated by the red bow. Very creative and nice looking. The main attraction is of course the window panel in front which is the largest and provides a clear view of the figure in all her glory. If you desired, you could probably leave her in the packaging for display purposes which is probably a good idea due to an issue I'll bring up in the painting section.

Gold stars, bells and mistletoe adorn the box that is set with a evergreen background that would get anyone in the festive mood. The two attractions I like the most are the giant gold heart that is composed of various items, holiday related and not. And of course the illustration that this figure was based off of. Too many times packaging for figures like these do not include the illustration which really makes no sense. Bottom line, the decorations support and add greatly to the figure, OrchidSeed did a great job on this count.


Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 180 mm
W: 190 mm
D: 150 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. The box is very compact, just big enough to contain the figure. It's also very light, however this doesn't seem to be come at the cost of protection. This light and small box is fairly sturdy and can stand up to a decent amount of compression from all sides due to the blister inside. OrchidSeed did a good job achieving a balance between size, weight and protection. Shipping costs should not be an issue and she should definitely get to you safely under most circumstances.


A two piece blister was used to protect the figure during transport. No tape was used to help hold the two pieces together but the three contact points were pretty tight on their own. The figure itself is covered with various sheets of plastic to protect from rubbing and paint transfer during transport which it definitely needed.


OrchidSeed did a great job with the packaging. It looks great and definitely supports the theme of the figure as well as showcases her very nicely. Meaning you could definitely display her unopened if desired. The construction is fairly light and very compact but also very sturdy. They achieved a good balance that won't break the bank in regards to having the figure shipped to you. She will definitely get to you safely so they did a great job all around. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Minheru aka Blond Parrot who is showing a lot of promise with the small but growing number of ladies. Below you can see some of Minheru's work to see what you should expect.


She is 1/7th in scale like the majority of OrchidSeed girls. From the top of the base to the top of her head, she measures about 140 mm tall. As you can see her outfit can be cast off and her head is removable to facilitate the removal/installation of her outfit. Her left arm also swivels. She is not freestanding on her own and depends on her little friend to lean on.


Below you can see the top part of her outfit that barely covers her body. In fact you get a eyeful of her underboobs and tummy. The vest itself connects at two points and initially did not fit well. When you receive her, you'll want to take the vest off to break it in. Repeatedly joining and disconnecting the two connection points will eventually break in the vest allowing it to fit with minimal seam lines. The material is actually pretty sturdy and as long as you're careful there should be little chance of damage.


Her sleeves are fairly easy to install and remove but they are somewhat loose and will require adjustment to get them to fit snugly. Even thought they look similar, they are not interchangeable. It's hard to see but the inside of each is actually labeled either left or right. Since they are loose, I'd imagine these are probably the first things you'll lose if you're not careful with her as they could fall off.


Her skirt in name only that barely serves to cover anything at all separates into two pieces. The material is rather sturdy but the connection points are rather fragile so care should be taken when joining and separating the two pieces. Even when joined together tightly, there is a noticeable seam line on both sides.


The gift box with the ribbon looks great and is rather detailed. Yet, the ribbon and halo is also very fragile and care should be taken around either. The wings on her friend are attached pretty securely and so you would have to try to damage them on purpose. The facial expression is just priceless on her friend. As you can see, her friend and the gift box connect to her via two connection points. Each of her hands connect to it, one on top on one on the side. The side connection is facilitated by her left arm that swivels to avoid damaging the figure or her friend. This may vary between figures, but mine isn't secure and frequently detaches if I try to pick up the figure to move her around. Basically, just to be safe if you should pick her up, either hold her and her friend together or just move the base with her held in place.


Now let's open our present.





There were really no sculpting issues to report besides the seam lines from the cast offs. And even then, those were expected since she is a cast off. For a cast off they did an OK job in minimizing the distractions to the figure. She's actually as good as she looks maybe even better? Now, don't get me wrong, there are issues but in the sculpting department she's fine. Though you have to consider that there may differences between figures but from what I've seen I think the others should be fine in regards to assembly if this figure is a representative of the others.

Look at those cheeks that you just want to pinch and that cute little tongue to go with that cute little nose of hers. I'd say her side profile seems the best for full enjoyment of that tongue of hers sticking out.

I thought Minheru did a very nice job on her face in both shape and contour. It looks pretty close to the illustration and the execution of her tongue sticking out was superb. Even though her head is removable, the seam lines are minimized at her jawline. You basically have to go looking for them and even then you won't find much.


As mentioned, her head is removable to facilitate the removal and installation of her mini coat. I'm a little weary of the mounting point for the head though. The very tip of it, even though thick could be damaged if you're not careful. The base of it seems solid enough even if not reinforced and it's shaped in such a way that you are guided in how to install her head. At least for mine the head was a very tight fit and you could easily pick her up by the head without fear of the body detaching.

Moving on to her hair, it's rather simple due to her hair being short as well as the style. The details that are present are decent enough though it should be noted her hair is quire rigid and and pointy. Basically don't get yourself poked and don't drop that head less you break some of her hair off.


I don't agree with how they handled the side bangs as separate pieces and the seams just stick out. They could have made the entire front one single piece instead. The hair decorations though nice are dangerously fragile and I see those as probably the first things to break on this figure if you're not careful. It still doesn't change that her hair does look nice and seems accurate to the illustration.


Moving on down to her mini coat, it barely covers her svelte frame. The details are adequate from the white trimming that's suppose to simulate cotton and the overall texture of the surfaces. As mentioned, there are seam lines but it could be worse. For the most part they are minimized as you can see in the pictures. More than anything you'll probably run into issues with her sleeves constantly slipping and showing a gap. If you noticed on the right side the coat doesn't close all the way. It's due to the contact points just not being strong enough to hold the two sides together. I'm sure results will vary and it's not that noticeable when looking at the character as a whole.


Speaking of a coat that barely covers anything, you have a lot of underboob action going on here. And you even have some hints of nipples. Nice execution especially with the underboobs, no ugly scars that you see on some figures in that area. Very sexy if you will, just not enough underboobs in figures. 8Þ


And from underboobs we go to the whole boob. 8Þ They are perky and shaped nicely. The nipples are detailed for their scale and there doesn't seem to be any unsightly blemishes. While we're looking at her chest if you look higher you can see her lovely shoulders. Her collarbones are nicely defined as well as that elegant, swan-like neck of hers. Elegant and sexy at the same time.




And from her breasts we arrive at her firm tummy. It's well defined and detailed. Looking at her skirt, as mentioned the seam line is the most noticeable there on the sides. However, they did try to hide most of it in the design but the cotton area is probably where they could have refined it better. Actually, if they went with real cotton or fabric I think they could have hidden it a lot better.


The skirt itself like her coat leaves nothing to the imagination. She might as well be wearing a band aid... Speaking of band aids, as you can see she is wearing one on her delicate parts. It's removable and it's actually a tiny band aid, or at least it looks and feels like one. It's just missing that non-stick area so I have to imagine it must really hurt when she rips it off. You are given 3 additional spares which I suppose you could use to cover her other naughty bits. The one that she is already wearing can be re-used multiple times without issue.


Even with the band aid on, not everything is covered. You get quite an eyeful of her anus. When the band aid is off, you can see she's definitely anatomically correct. Very detailed if I do say so myself. It looks like they put a lot of attention into her naughty bits which easily rivals a native girl and some of the other more perverse manufactures in graphic detail. Her entire labia is visible as well as the clitoral hood, perineum, vagina, mon pubis and of course the anus.

I'm trying to recall if this is the first OrchidSeed girl I've seen this detailed? Actually, now that I think of it, there is another and it's by Minheru too. The Pollen Girl figure is almost as detailed as this figure. I'm guessing we'll be seeing further details like this by Minheru on future offerings.

While we're down here, hopefully not letting her flower draw you away from her main ASSet. She has a firm butt that just won't quit. She's been naughty and needs a nice spanking to make it a festive red. 8Þ

Moving on to her legs, the transition from her thighs to stockings was seamless. The frilly lips on the stockings definitely helped so that even if there were issues they would be minimized. Her legs are nicely detailed, especially those boots of hers. The band on her right thigh was well executed as well. Most importantly, her legs seem proportional to her svelte frame with just the right amount of muscle tone and curves.


Before moving onto the coloring of this figure, I wanted to take a closer look at two sculpting points. In the pictures below you can see the lovely body lines. Look at the way the band on her thigh digs into her flesh as well as that transition point between her thigh and hips and that firm tummy of hers. It's just breath taking. Look at those lines and curves of hers with that arched back. Just a lovely sight to behold as you explore every nook and cranny she has to offer you.


Minheru and OrchidSeed did a great job with the figure. She's very detailed both anatomically and aesthetically. Though there are seam lines, it seems they did try to minimize them and they're not that distracting. She actually seems to be assembled very nicely I'll admit results will vary between figures. Overall, they exceeded my expectations. A job well done.

Painting: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡



OrchidSeed has been a mixed bag in coloring their figures for me. Overall, they do a great job but they usually falter at the finer details. In the case of this figure they actually did better than usual, however there is a big issue that appears to be present in most if not all of the figures. Let's start with the good things first...

First, they did a fantastic job on her face. Her big blue eyes looks great with how bright and lively they look. They were placed accurately and really draw your attention. Her tongue was also colored perfectly, that's one of the best looking tongues I've seen on a figure to date. And of course, she's blushing! Nothing drives more crazy when they show a prototype with a blush and the production figure doesn't have it. It's not as deep as the illustration and its not exactly in the right place but she's still blushing.

Her flesh tone was nicely done. The tinting and airbrushing was even throughout this detailed figure. Life was breathed into her flesh by the accents employed at various parts of her svelte frame, such as her breasts, curves and naughty bits. They easily rival a native girl in regards to the flesh.


Her outfit was bright and lively in color and matched the illustration pretty closely. The finer details were actually... fine. They didn't falter here but maybe results vary? In regards to mine, they did a great job. Shading was employed to accentuate the various wrinkles and folds in the material giving it a worn look.

Now onto the big issue... her cast off clothes. They were both tinted and painted. Apparently, they weren't so careful and the insides of the various pieces were painted and not treated to prevent paint transfer. Any piece that made contact with her would transfer red paint to her bare flesh. She really would have a red butt, not from spanking but from that skirt of hers! However, you can take care of it yourself. What I did was take some thinner and dipped Q-tips into it and used those to remove the excess paint. After a few Q-tips no more paint came off and after allowing the various pieces to dry after I wiped them clean paint no longer transferred. However, because you do have to deal with this I dropped the score by one which otherwise would have been the maximum I would have given.

Even then the gift box she's leaning on will also transfer green paint to her tummy and breasts. This I didn't want to treat but instead used some plastic to protect her from the paint transfer. They really dropped the ball on this part. Unfortunately it looks like a mistake that was repeated with their next release. The same exact issues are present.

OrchidSeed for the most part did a nice job coloring the figure but they really screwed up with the cast off pieces. They're acting like this is the first time they did a cast off. I really don't know how they dropped the ball on this but it still doesn't change she's a nice looking figure that was colored very nicely.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Not much to say here, Minheru did a great job with the pose as she looks pretty close to the illustration. Every once in a while they take liberties with matching the illustration/reference but in this case they were very faithful.


Now the biggest thing for me was the illustrator also did Nanael who I absolutely adore. I just knew she seemed so familiar.


The pose is sexy and provocative with what she's letting show and that expression of hers. Her outfit is also sexy yet festive. Posing options, she's best displayyh at eye level or below. You basically display her high if you want to make her naughty bits and rear end the main show. More importantly it's pretty faithful to the original illustration. And that big happy expression on her little friend just seals the deal.

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

Not much to say here. The base gets the job done. It's not too big and pretty low profile. Not even sure a base was even really necessary.

The base doesn't support the theme of the figure, bottom line. I know people don't buy figures for the bases but a good base can make a good figure even better. In this case, it was pretty neutral as is my score for it.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

The goal today was to see if this figure was a worthy acquisition. Bottom line, I do not regret acquiring her. I was annoyed that I had to treat the cast off pieces myself to remove any excess paint, but with that out of the way she's actually a very nice figure. OrchidSeed figures are usually more expensive than other figures of similar scale and features but she's definitely less expensive than native girl. They are slowly inching up in quality, becoming a contender of Creative Naked Figures, but the mishaps I've seen with this figure and the following release makes me think they still have a way to go. It doesn't change the fact this is a cute and sexy figure, depending on how you wish to display her. Even with the issues, I am encouraged by what I see and I can't wait for the next cover girl by them.


See you later.
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i have this one in a white version
6 years ago
Chloe-tsundere (6 years ago) #1021610which one is better the pink one or this one ? ( I will be getting both but not sure I might sell one )

The original is of course more faithful to the illustration and the color scheme you expect for that holiday. So I really have no interest in the others unless it was just for display options.
6 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
which one is better the pink one or this one ? ( I will be getting both but not sure I might sell one )
6 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
StarshipPooperThe gift box transfers to her even when you don't undress her. Just moving her around will cause her tummy and underboobs to turn green. You would need to use something to prevent contact.

alright ... though ym friend for example has had no problems with her so it might be just some and if youre unlucky you have one of the ''some'' lol

will jsut use something then :) no need to move her anyways :P except for undressing
6 years ago
Chloe-tsunderehmm I found her for 6000 yen but im curious about the paint transfer as im not rlly handy ... if I just wont cast her off .. would she be fine ? or keep her cast-off xD one of those lol she seems rlly lovely from your review though :)
am doubting between her and the halloween girl nao from orchid seed

The gift box transfers to her even when you don't undress her. Just moving her around will cause her tummy and underboobs to turn green. You would need to use something to prevent contact.
6 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
hmm I found her for 6000 yen but im curious about the paint transfer as im not rlly handy ... if I just wont cast her off .. would she be fine ? or keep her cast-off xD one of those lol she seems rlly lovely from your review though :)

am doubting between her and the halloween girl nao from orchid seed
6 years ago
wow great review and lovely pictures taken, love it XD
7 years ago
Lovely girl, She definitely seems like one I would get if I could. I do agree about the bangs, they could have easily done a much better job on them. Another wonderful, jealousy causing review by you ^^
7 years ago
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