Muv-Luv - Mitsurugi Meiya - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Muv-Luv - Mitsurugi Meiya - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Review

AshlotteAshlotte11 years ago
Well then continuing on the same subject I left off on last time I'm here to review something else from 2007.

Unlike my poor neglected Sol though Meiya here was quite popular and not terribly easy to come by these days sadly. One would think GSC would have done a rerelease when they came out with Kasumi and Sumika. >_<

Luckily enough though I was able to locate her at retail cost thanks to the help of taka even if he didn't know it at the time. :p


Now then onto the lovely Meiya...She hails from the Muv-Luv series comprised of two eroge and their fandiscs along with several manga series (Honestly no idea how the series hasn't been adapted to Anime yet...).

If I had to describe her I'd say a kind hearted girl (Albeit alittle naive at times) with a Samurai spirit...Not only because of her weapon of choice, but what it means to her in a world where the sword holds little martial value with Mecha and massive enemies abound. A true bushi I guess is the word for it.


The box she comes in is abit on the basic side. Several photos of the figure are dotted all around it with a few hexagons. Sadly no artwork to speak of was used and they ofcourse made it bigger then it really needed to be.

Unpacking her can be...Frustrating. GSC decided to wrap several parts of her in plastic with tape. While the gesture is nice one bit of it on her hair tie in particular was extremely troublesome to remove finally making me resort to cutting it off while making certain not to scrape the paint on her. >_<

Once freed from all that nonsense though you'll easily be struck with how lovely her long frame has been depicted here. The sculpting on her uniform is nothing short of brilliant really.

From the details in her hair down through the wrinkles in her suit fabric and little grooved etchings in the armor areas ending finally at her boots its all been lovingly crafted throughout.

Her pose compliments all of this aswell. Because so much detail was put into her theirs no real need for something overtly actionish and instead we get a rather serene pleasant look from her.

A faint smile paired with a slight reclined pose seemingly resting her body against the swords sheath threaded behind her suits her completely as the picture of Warrior woman beauty.


Sadly the paint job can't always keep up with all of this goodness. Most noticeably in areas where white leads directly into the darker hues of her suits fabric making the otherwise lovely lines of her suit ugly and messy.

While several of these small paint imperfections mar an otherwise great paint scheme I'd say the pseudo sheer fabric effect they managed on her more then makes up for it.

In the game these areas are almost completely transparent, while this is a deviation from that I think the modesty afforded by the darker color they used looks far and away better while still highlighting her beautiful curves all over.

The base for it's part smartly stays minimal and neither detracts or adds from the total appearance really. :p

All and all she is in a word...Fantastic. Only the evils of mass production paint jobs and frustrating packaging keeps her from perfection really. ~_^

Feel free to check out either of these other two reviews for more opinions and lovely photos of her ~ Tentacle Armada ~Polyvinylcrush ~
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Glad you enjoyed it taka. ^_^

I also was on the fence about the other girls...Not a big fan of Sumika, but I do love Kasumi (Quiet loli's with bunny ears ftw) then I remembered I'm horribly broke this month...maybe later. :p
11 years ago
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
I got a mention! ^_^

Although, I'm yama and not taka! :@ See, it's takara-yama and not taka-rayama. I now think I will consider getting this figurine and maybe the other Muv-Luv girls, too, since you mentioned my name in such a spiteful tone. Haha! =P

I won't even mention that it was this excellent review of yours that brought my attention to this beautiful figurine. ;P
11 years ago