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My First Proxy OrderMy First Proxy Order

CantisamaCantisama4 years agoDiary
I was hunting for some prizes and having no luck with AmiAmi Pre-owned or Mandarake. After reading through MFC, I decided to finally give proxy ordering a try. Here's how my first proxy experience went:

Choosing a Proxy
There are several proxy services recommended on MFC, including From Japan, Treasure Japan, and Big in Japan. I visited each site to get a feel for their proxy ordering process and fees. In the end, I decided to go with BiJ because:

1) As this was my first proxy order, I only wanted to spend a small amount in case something went wrong. BiJ charges the smallest commission at 500yen, plus 15% of item value.
2) I've used BiJ many times for regular orders. I trust them.
3) BiJ gives option to use SAL Unregistered. Most other services require registered shipping. Since my order was going to be small, I wanted to go as cheap as possible.

Placing My Order
I browsed Suruga-ya to find a few small items that would (hopefully) fit in a single small packet box. I heard that orders over 1800yen from Suruga-ya get free domestic shipping, so I made that my goal. I ended up with:
FuRyu Haruna: ITEM #159815 - 410yen
Eva@School Asuka Yukata: ITEM #79563 - 280yen
Eva@School Rei Yukata: ITEM #66380 - 450yen
Eva@School Shinji Butler: ITEM #108470 - 360yen
Yakumo Green Swimsuit: ITEM #129971 - 450yen
Total: 1950yen

I emailed BiJ the product page links for these figures, their prices, and noted that I would like to use single SAL Unregistered.

2 days later I received a reply that a single small packet may not be possible, do I still want to place the order? I replied to go ahead with the order and use two SALU or one EMS if necessary (whichever is cheaper).

Next day I receive an invoice for 50% of item total, 975yen. I paid immediately and began the waiting game.

After paying the deposit, I didn't hear back from BiJ for a while. I checked the product pages daily and noticed some of my items going in and out of stock, prices changing, etc. I was afraid some of my items would not be available when BiJ placed the order on their end.

Final Invoice
2 weeks after first contacting BiJ, I got my final invoice. It broke down like this:

Items 1825yen + 15% Commission 274yen + Base commission 500yen + SAL Unregistered 980yen - Deposit 975yen = 2604yen

Total of invoices: 3579yen

The items ended up being a little cheaper than what was listed on the product pages. I could tell from the price that all of my items were, thankfully, accounted for.


This is actually my second FuRyu Haruna School prize. My first one came without a right foot (nice qc FuRyu >_>). I am glad to replace her.

I love all things Evangelion and yukata, so this was an obvious choice. I already had her yellow yukata ver ITEM #66379, but when it comes to Asuka, red is best!

I have been hunting this Rei forever. I almost got her once from AmiAmi Pre-owned, but she sold out while I was checking out. Surugaya also had her light blue yukata ver ITEM #79562. I decided on this dark blue ver since it matches Kotobukiya Rei ITEM #27675

I already have Mari Yukata ITEM #66381 to pose alongside Asuka and Rei.

Shinji Butler completes my Eva Petit Maid set of 8. They look so awesome standing in a row! I'll post pics in a future blog entry.

Btw, if you are interested in these Eva Petites, be prepared to use heat in order to get the pegs in. Just heat a little water in the microwave to about 60℃, dip both the hole and peg into the water for about 8 seconds, then try again.

Yakumo Tsukamoto from School Rumble is my favorite character, so I had to pick this up for my collection. Sure is tiny though.


My first proxy experience went well. I got some hard-to-find prize figures at great prices. Proxy fees were lower than I expected. I will definitely do this again and recommend it to others.

Thanks for reading :3
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Kaito570 (4 years ago) #2239657Nice loot that you got from using the proxy.
Thanks! It was near impossible to get some of those without a proxy.

frostocelot (4 years ago) #2240011nice photo quality
Thanks :)
4 years ago
nice photo quality
4 years ago
Nice loot that you got from using the proxy.
4 years ago
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