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KeripoKeripo6 years ago
June 2014 Backlog Loot
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Been pretty busy lately with work and planning the upcoming Comiket/Japan trip but I finally got a chance to sit down and unbox/go through all the loot backlog that has accumulated over the past while. Normally I don't bother posting loot blog posts, but this time around there were some pretty big items I had been looking quite forward to getting. And so, here's the rundown, with the lovely Arc as eyecandy ^_^

Pile of loot boxes, from AmiAmi, Suruga-ya, Rakuten, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and more!


Everything opened up and all together! Mostly TYPE-MOON stuff (of course) but a few one-offs here and there. Arc's just sitting on top of the pile, chillin'


On the top we have Shinonono Houki Akatsubaki ver figure, Ryougi Shiki and Aozaki Touko Banpresto Ichiban prize figures, all piled on top the gigantic "1/144" scale NZ-999 Neo Zeong model kit


In the media corner we have Mahouyo Regular Edition PC game, Mahouyo Trial Edition PC game, Fate/hollow ataraxia Regular Edition PC game, Fate/Apocrypha Vol 4 light novel, Kara no Kyoukai the Garden of sinners/recalled out summer doujinshi, MELTY BLOOD ~Ladies in the Water~ drama CD, MELTY BLOOD ~Back Alley Pyramid Night~ drama CD, T-MOON COMPLEX Soushuuhen doujinshi omnibus, before the dawn doujinshi, and Applause doujinshi


Continuing on, we have Arcueid Brunestud SR DX SP Last Arc Ver. figure,Yoshino nendo, Shimakaze Bath Collection wind-up toy, Tiger Quest V ~Bride of the Holy Grail~ doujin PC game, Fate/Zero light novel set, Fate/Zero material artbook, Tohno Shiki plush (the very last Tsukihime plush I was missing, the other three Aoko, Akira, and Nanako being doubles, but were from the same auction).


C77 Saber & Arcueid Clear Stick Poster Set from Crazy Clover Club ^_^


A bunch of wooden message boards from circle Midoriya Honpo. Can't find a complete catalogue so no linked entries :(


Arc's just chillin while holding a mini Moogle plush strap (wonder why it's got cross eyes...)


So where did everything go? The Arcueid and Saber clear posters were really nice (Crazy Clover Club is my favourite TYPE-MOON doujin circle of all time) so I stuck them to each side of my monitor. Yoshino is actually my first non-TYPE-MOON Nendoroid (I couldn't resist it's cuteness) and I didn't really have a plan for where to display her, so I ended up just sticking her also on my computer desk, opposite/contrasting to the sexy Cryska Barchenowa.


With the Mahouyo Trial Edition and Mahouyo and Fate/hollow ataraxia Regular Editions, I finally completed my TYPE-MOON PC game collection. Here's the final two shelves - was actually pretty hard arranging all those CDs on the second shelf (ended up having to overlay the two MELTY BLOOD Re-Act Final Tuned Ver 1 and Ver 2 CDs). Sometime later I might post a new version of this old blog post, but for now, you can find review-style photos on my Flickr. Not sure how I'm going to fit the the Tsukihime remake boxes once they get released in the future, but I'm sure when that happens, I'll be too happy anyway to care :P


The wooden message boards were an unplanned buy - I pretty much saw a Yahoo Japan Auctions listing for this bunch and I somehow won it all for 1000 yen. While the boards had not been used, the plastic coverings protecting them had gotten sticky, they smelled strongly of old wood, and the strings were far from good quality. I ended up just looping them all together and hanging them at my unit's entrance beside the door. Couldn't think of any better place - not even sure where they're usually hung to be honest.


My now complete Tsukihime plush set (was missing Tohno Shiki)


Like Yoshino, Shimakaze was a too-cute-to-resist impulse buy. I don't usually take sitting baths, so I just placed her on the main bathroom's sink counter top.


The Moogle plush strap was securely fastened to my messenger bag that I use for work, replaceing my Domo-kun plush strap that I sadly lost a few months back. Ironically, it matches with my custom pin of Noblesse, an original character I designed back in elementary school who was also partially based on Moogles.


Here's Arc admiring the completed Akatsubaki figure. Which, by the way, didn't come with instructions manual for how to connect things so I spent almost half an hour putting it all together (was really slow and careful because I didn't want to break anything). Planning on writing a photo review for this figure later.


Up it goes on top the Detolfs, along with the rest of the too-large-or-takes-up-too-much-space figures. I'm a huge mecha and mechamusume fan, so I do plan on getting all the IS PVC figures. Hoping to line the top of my Detolfs with them, but AmiAmi Zero takes forever to release them (Blue Tears still doesn't have a release date as of this moment).


Speaking of mechas, here's the gem of this loot set: the gigantic HGUC 1/144 scale NZ-999 Neo Zeong from Gundam Unicorn EP7. Looks like Arc's a Gundam fan too ^_^


Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon! (saying it 3x out loud will make the kit seem 3x more awesome)


And wow does it have a lot of parts. Somewhere between 20-30 runners, not including the runners for the 1/144 Sinanju that comes with it (thankfully, cause I didn't order an extra one). Ended up putting everything back in the box to save for another day/week/month when I'm less busy.


The Neo Zeong may have been my prized loot, but little did Arc know, I also got her a nice surprise: a custom kimono set!


Arc looks absolutely stunning (and quite inviting) in the set. Took almost 3 months for the Taobao tailor to sew and ship it here, but it was worth the wait. Definitely need to set up a proper backdrop and do a photoshoot later~


And here's a bonus picture of Arc in just the inner wear, hugging one of the padding pillows that came with the set. Now she has her own little dakimakura xD


Unboxing and photographing everything took a good number of hours. Posting photos of everything here would take forever, so if you're interested in seeing review-style photos of each item, just check out my Flickr album sets (or browse via my neatly organized collections). Do plan on doing separate review blog posts for Shinonono Houki Akatsubaki ver, and Saber Alter and maybe Ryougi Shiki and Aozaki Touko Banpresto prize figures later though. Will also do an unboxing post for Arc's custom kimono later, but the Neo Zeong review will have to wait until I actually get around to building the kit.


That's all for now, hope you weren't too bored reading this!


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Keripo 「ケリポ」
jkb6 years ago#2252333Who is your Taobao tailor ? I mean, where can you get custom kimono made for your Arcueid ?
Actually just finished up writing the post on it last night. See Keripo.com or Figure.fm

jkbAnd, how grand was your satisfaction here ? :)
There was much rejoicing

6 years ago
Lol, one huge box for 1/144 Gunpla, last time I got a box that huge is was for 1/60 00 Gundam/00 Raiser item/20027#tab/...
Your TYPE-MOON ever growing collection is mind blowing.

Who is your Taobao tailor ? I mean, where can you get custom kimono made for your Arcueid ?

And, how grand was your satisfaction here ? :)
6 years ago
Sieg Zeon! update on the build when you start at it! :)
6 years ago
Keripo 「ケリポ」
angardia6 years ago#2249471how much was your shipping?
Masakii6 years ago#2249595was houki only EMS?
Items came from all over the place so don't have any combined shipping cost, but Akatsubaki was definitely EMS-only due to its size and the Neo Zeong was a single-shipment only (19k for the kit, 14k for EMS shipping).

dymitr6 years ago#2250237Those booksmarks by CCC looks real nice. Might pick some up if there still available once C86 starts.
Absolutely loves how CCC draws Arc and the other characters (even better than Takeuchi in my opinion). You can still snag a set from Suruga-ya but I doubt the circle still has any in stock since it was 9 Comikets ago (5 years). I will be attending C86 this year though (first Comiket) and definitely plan on grabbing everything they have at their table.

theyasminshow6 years ago#2250373THAT DOLL DRESSES BETTER THAN I DO
So very true. I spend maybe $20-30 on human-sized clothes for myself, then $100+ on 1/3 doll-sized clothes for Arc. Now I kinda understand how girls can spend so much money on shoes and clothes... orz

ANIMEKRAZY1016 years ago#2250452wow! How much was the kimono? It must have been pricey for such a beautiful piece!
It was actually a lot cheaper than you'd expect. It was a custom order from this Taobao store. A regular kimono set like this one is ~300 RMB (the one I linked was actually what I originally commissioned but then I decided to switch cloths, so the tailor is selling that as a one-off). With material + tailoring commission costs, the custom kimono I ended up with was 600 RMB + 300 RMB shipping, which is roughly $100 USD for the item + $50 for EMS shipping. Much, much cheaper than if you were to get an official Volks one, but looks far more beautiful ^_^ I'll add more details when I get around to writing the dedicated blog post (which I'll probably just post on Keripo.com and Figure.fm since it's not figure related).

kythe6 years ago#2250744Im interested as to where you got your desk mat, looks quite interesting and uniqlooo!
You'll have to ask CITRUS for that - he got it for me as a gift (kinda) but I think he group ordered it from a Taobao store. It's a desk/card/something mat featuring the RX-0 Banshee from Gundam Unicorn, and it's badass as hell :3 Just need a matching mousepad one day to accompany it...

6 years ago
Nice loot you got there. Im interested as to where you got your desk mat, looks quite interesting and uniqlooo!
6 years ago
Such a nice loot :D
I envy you so much
6 years ago
I love the outfits you got for your doll so cute >.<
6 years ago
Wow, what a fantastic loot haul. And that Kimono..... kawaiii!
6 years ago
The amount of awesome in this blog post...

That kimono is just really pretty and your game collection looks so nicely arranged, good job!
6 years ago
wow! How much was the kimono? It must have been pricey for such a beautiful piece!
6 years ago
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