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Figures as Memories?

MemyandiMemyandi3 years agoAsk MFC
Hi there, Everyone! Today, as my first blog entry, I want to share with you the special story of my best childhood friend. If you want to “tl;dr” through it, that’s fine! Just go to the “----“ part at the very far end! Also, English isn’t my mother tongue, so I’m sorry for any mistakes :)

She and I met in first grade, and became the closest of friends soon after. One of the many hobbies we shared was watching anime, of course (you know, the old stuff like Pokémon, Digimon etc!). But a few years after Elementery School, somehow we lost contact. While I was never too short on friends, I did loose the only real-life OTAKU BUDDY I ever had. Of course, that was only one of the reasons why the loss of this friendship saddened me a lot.
It was by then that I started to visit the Internet more often, so I could share my anime interests there instead, and after a while I discovered figure collecting and MFC too!

One and a half year ago, which is almost SEVEN years after our contact broke, she wrote to me on Facebook, asking out of the blue if I still watch anime. Turned out that we both were, and so we started talking again! We recommended shows to each other like crazy and when she told me to watch “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Name wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai”, I did. I liked, but didn’t LOVE it. When we talked about it afterwards, she admitted to have contacted me after finishing AnoHana, because it “reminded her of us”. Because it was about childhood friends who lost contact to each other. I was so touched, I almost cried.

A few months ago, when the AnoHana movie came out with English subtitles, we watched it together, something I had NEVER done with a real-life friend before, and so I decided: I never want to forget this friend, this story, this day, and in order to not do that, I would buy one or more figures of Menma (and I just did ITEM #98864). So she would remind me of it all everytime I look at her.

A few weeks later, that friend and I attended a convention together, which had famous cosplayer Reika, dressed up as Levi from “Shingeki no Kyojin”, as a special guest. We had to stand two hours in direct sunlight from a hot spring day to get an autograph from her, but we made it. We were so happy that I don’t want to forget that day either; so, I’m planning to buy one or more figures of Levi, too! (at least ITEM #223037)

But then I thought “hey, you talk to her again for a year now and she’s special to you and that’s great and all, but you have met anime buddies on the Internet who you’re friends with for a COUPLE of years now! How’s that worth less?”
And so I decided to do the same for them. A very dear friend of mine loves Lolis and the anime “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!”, and though I don’t like EITHER of it, I bought a figure of Hina ITEM #144372 (though it helped I got her cheap lol). Last but not least is a friend I met when she was at a very young age, 10 years old (I was 14 in case you were wondering). Admittedly she was too young for the Internet and so her parents forbid it to her after a while, and we lost contact. Today she’s 16, and a few weeks ago, we found each other again! And I want to get Shiro from “No Game Nor Life” ITEM #218050 in memory of her, an anime I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN YET, but I thought it was fitting since Shiro’s a kid and that was kinda the problem with that friend back then lol.

You see, the thought is expanding itself; I’m buying figures for lesser and lesser reasons, but I don’t want to stop. Because these figures make me happier than any others, just because I have them linked with such great memories!

TL;DR (finally, right? :D)
Have you done that too, buying a figure so that it would remind you of a special person, day, or event? A figure you wouldn’t have bought otherwise?

I would love to hear your stories to this very special and emotional experience of mine!

Thank you all,
Memy ~
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This is really cool! But is it too late to do this for things that happened 2-5 years ago?
2 years ago
Honestly, that's a great reason to buy figures. It's giving an otherwise about-the-looks hobby some emotional depth, not only to fictional themes but importantly, to real-life experiences. And given that connection, chances are you won't ever tire of those figures you already own.
I wish such was my reason for buying all my figures, but I have a few figures bought directly in Japan that remind me of the wonderful time I spent there.
2 years ago
I have done something similar a few times, bought a character toy or figure because it reminded me of a friend.
Reminds me of my old keyring, I got it from an online friend and used it on my car keys until it finally broke but I kept the pieces. Sometimes I wonder if she still has what I sent in return.
3 years ago
Memyandi |ω・)
arianehk (3 years ago) #2255315that's a great story :3
ASH-Hikari (3 years ago) #2255567That AnoHana story is too adorable.
Aokidanza (3 years ago) #2255770Dat AnoHana story. I would have cried.
ifob8 (3 years ago) #2255777Nice story :)
autumnlucks (3 years ago) #2256195That was a nice and interesting story :)
ippikiokamiotaku (3 years ago) #2256533That was a great story.

THIS was overwhelming, thanks everyone!!
I was really at the edge of crying, especially when she added "I'm happy I did it" after telling me the AnoHana thing. I guess sometimes there are persons who you hold dearest even though they haven't done anything special for it. So, normally I wouldn't tell private things like this in public over the Internet, but sharing it with you guys and hearing your stories was worth it all the way.

I thank everyone who participated in this and shared their bittersweet experiences!
3 years ago
Memyandi |ω・)
arianehk (3 years ago) #2255315"this money was used to be spent on fancy food" LOL.
I didn't know if I should laugh or feel sorry for you. Both, I guess :) :D
Portus (3 years ago) #2255458
Damn, that was sad :( This is the case with a plushie I got from my Granddad. He gave it to me for christmas and died the January after. I saw him in the meantime since we were living together but it's still my most precious memory of him. Guess that's a whole other level than my friendship story, thanks for sharing!
Nightlose (3 years ago) #2255440I'm kinda jelly.
Well, I do buy the figures for MYSELF. I'll be the one having them on my shelf, because I WANT to be reminded. There's really nothing not-jelly about it LOL.
kevinlowl (3 years ago) #2255639We had this thing, I don't know what it is. It felt good. I never asked her out because I didn't want to ruin it. Never really kept in touch with her after school.
Let me sound even more like a creep than you: I'm actually having this issue with lots of people I meet for one day only. Not even in a romantic way. A customer at work, someone in the supermarket... something happens and you get to talk to them, and you feel a lot of sympathy, and you think "damn, we could become friends if we would see each other again." But you know it won't happen since you don't want to creep them out asking for it. :D
Aokidanza (3 years ago) #2255770
Oh God, I think this was the most interesting story for me, since what you described BOTH happened to me in the same circle of friends. In middle school, we were this group of 4 girls, when one of them moved away. After that, that one girl started to push herself into the group of "popular" kids, in school projects etc, completely ignoring us other 2. We don't know how she made it but eventually she was one of them. That other girl left and I stayed close friends for a long time after but today we sadly aren't anymore. What funny yet hurting things relationships are, aren't they?
hatchetsforhands (3 years ago) #2256030Asuna because my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship for a year and the relationship between her and Kirito resonated with us. That, and we played online games together everyday to keep our relationship strong.
That was incredibly cute. I wish I had a boyfriend I could tell such stories about. Hopefully you two stay together a lot longer <3
3 years ago
That was a great story. I certainly have purchased a lot of figures from Gojira and other kaijus because it represented my childhood memories of watching Godzilla movies with my father on Saturday evenings.
3 years ago
That was a nice and interesting story :)

I recently started collecting figurines based on how detailed the art is, or how much the character from the anime show has impacted my life. Although, I am hoping that in the future, figurines will be based off of shows that I grew up watching, such as shows from Kids Wb (e.g., CardCaptors, Yu-gi-oh) and Toonami (e.g., Zoids, Hamtaro, Ronin Warriors, Tenchi Muyo, Ruruoni Kenshin). I am aware that some figurines from those shows exist, but I would like an updated version :). I like reminiscing about all the splendid times I used to watch, especially since I didn't have that many friends.

I was also a "collector" when Cartoon Orbit used to exist (Hopefully people will know what I'm talking about, haha).
3 years ago
I have a few important figures in my collection.

First are items ITEM #117498, ITEM #126835, ITEM #155931, ITEM #78434, and ITEM #117961. They were all Birthday / Christmas gifts from my boyfriend of three years. I cherish them very much.

I cherish Yoko because I introduced my boyfriend to Gurren Lagann and it is now his favorite series.
Asuna because my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship for a year and the relationship between her and Kirito resonated with us. That, and we played online games together everyday to keep our relationship strong.
Also, Insane Black Rock Shooter because she was super expensive and I couldn't believe he would spend that much on me, especially on a figure. I cried when he told me.

Ultimate Madoka (ITEM #98665) also means a lot to me because the last few episodes of Madoka Magica make me bawl uncontrollably like a baby every time I watch them. Also, when I first watched the show I was all alone in my college dorm room, and the anime bug was starting to bite me again since taking a few year anime hiatus in high school.
All of those tears from the ending of PMMM justified my breakthrough into expensive figure purchases. I never spent over $100 on a figure until I bought her.
3 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Oh god yes, different figures invoke different memories within us, whether they were gifts to/from friends or picked up for nostalgic purposes because you loved the series or though it was excellent sculpted or at conventions or because they were an excellent deal or whatever else. Figures are definitely keys to memories no doubt
3 years ago
Oh, this is interesting. I mostly buy figures just because I like the character or the anime/game they are in, but a somewhat similar case would be buying ITEM #78635 during the first UniCon. Of course, it was mostly because I like Saber and I like maid outfits (and also to accompany ITEM #78636 I bought shortly before), but it was also like a souvenir from that event, reminding me of it.
3 years ago
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