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Wonfest Is ComingWonfest Is Coming

Wonfest will be upon us in less than a day!


I’m sure most of us are both excited and terrified! We want to see some lovely figures, but I think our wallets would prefer that we didn’t. I both love and dread the event!

I personally am excited to see some more One Piece POPs! I’m hoping that we get to see some different clothed versions of characters as well as some new ones. Maybe go back to their designs from when they joined up. I’m still waiting on an original outfit Zoro. The last batch they made was a little iffy however.

Of course I’m very excited to see the new SnK figmas (if any) as well as what Sentinel has to offer in the way of SnK. Their recent Rogue Titan figure which debuted at SDCC was very well crafted! I can’t wait to see their Hanji and Erwin sculpts!

Kill la kill is also something I’m hoping to see figures for. I’d absolutely love a captain Mako figure or a gamagoori!

I’m sure that there will be a few surprises thrown in the mix for all of us and at the end of the day we’ll either be drooling or crying. Or both in my case lol.

So what are you all looking forward to? What kinds of figures? What series? Are there any particular companies that you are more excited to see products from?

Let me know in the comments below!
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What kinds of figures are you looking forward to most?

  • 78%Scales
  • 7%Figmas
  • 12%Nendoroids
  • 1%Figuarts
  • 1%RAHs
  • 1%Play Arts Kai
  • 1%GKs
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x_chan99 (4 years ago) #2267846I'm looking forward to this. If 1/3 of it happens, I'll be more than happy:
- Announcements of new SnK scaled figures. Mostly BRAVE-ACT and ARTFX-J lines. Some unexpected non Mikasa, Levi or Eren figure would be awesome too, no matter what company. Semi achieved. We got GSC Levi and a second BRAVE-ACT Levi. I hope Koto will not drop the line.
- New SnK nendos, figmas and RAHs. Although I don't collect action figures, I love looking at MFC pictures of them, so creative!! Not achieved
- Announcement of a new Dramatical Murder scaled figure by Max Factory. Ren is already painted so this might actually happen. A cardborad is fine with me. Not achieved
- Announcement of a new 2020 7th Dragon scaled figure by Max Factory. Semi achieved. We got a recolour of the original Kataneko.
- Painted Lucier, confirmation of her scale (please be a 1/7) and announcement of a second figure from 2020 7th Dragon-II by Arcadia. Semi achieved. Got painted.
- Announcement and maybe one prototype of Ren, Rin or Nagisa from Free! by Alter. ACIEVED! Rin is comming!!
- Prototype of Ezra and an announcement a future Fairy Tail scaled figure by GSC.Not achieved
- Prototype of Cordelia and an announcement of a future Fire Emblem scaled figure by GSC.Not achieved
- Prototype of Kirito to join Sinon as a diorama like they did with the scaled Dagan-Ronpa and SnK figures by Kotobukiya. Not achieved
- A surprise scaled figure by Shinning Wizard that will make me throw my money at the screen. Not achieved
- Painted POPs of Ace and Mugiwara Nami ver. 2 and a Kinnemon prototype by Megahouse. Semi achieved. We got the paitings.

Not bad overall. I was surprised by Koto's Sakura and Shaoran figures too.
4 years ago
Crimson_Dragon (4 years ago) #2267681Man I need to go watch that with it unedited. I've only ever known the edited dub that ran on tv. I'd like to see more companies come out with some Trigun or bebop stuff. Man would I buy a scaled line of the whole Bebop crew in a heartbeat!

Fun story:

I thought it was mainly nudity that was censored out, so I was letting an episode play even though my mother was in the room when I had an uncut DVD on since no scenes like that were coming up. Washu shocked me out of nowhere by trying to get a sperm sample out of Tenchi; that scene had obviously been cut on TV and I had no clue.

My mom just froze for a moment before she looked at me, shook her head in disappointment, and walked out.
4 years ago
Hoping for figures of Pitou & Meruem from Hunter x Hunter..probably won't happen tho. :<
4 years ago
Anything Kill la Kill. Especially Gamagoori and Two Star Mako.
4 years ago
More Kurobas merch and DMMD nendoroids! Noiz has just been announced. I am hoping for the others to be announced as well! It'll definitely be a sweet collection!

I am looking forward most to Clear's and Koujaku's
4 years ago
I want to see figures from No Game No Life, Black Bullet, new Tales of announcements from Alter/Koto, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Magi scales, Chaika, Touhou...and maybe some surprises that just make me smile.

Also, Bunny Laura from Koto. Sigh.
4 years ago
I mainly just want to see figures from Winter Wonfest that I'm interested in, painted. I'm also hoping to see stuff from 2 years+ with any sort of progress.

For new announcements... I'm hoping for anything One Piece Robin related and a scale of Cardcator Sakura.
4 years ago
some new touhou stuff would be great to see it seems like th amount of touhou figures has been decreasing lately
i am always happy to see new madoka and evangelion stuff(kaworu and shinji figma please max factory!!)
oh and something i dream of seeing but ik it will never happen would be something from serial experiments lain there was only ever one prepainted figure and its pretty dated. maybe with the 90's and retro anime comeback one can dream right;-;?
4 years ago
I'm looking forward for new GKs :D
I probably won't be able to lay my hands on any. Maybe I get lucky and find a few for a decent price online. However, I love to see new models and to dream that I might own them one day XD

I'm also looking forward for more "Attack on Titan" and "Precure Smile" figures. I already spotted some nice figures of both series, but hope to see even more stuff appearing in the next days ^^
4 years ago
Gatlindragon (4 years ago) #2267951A Louise figure.... Please http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd358/byFLRHSN/Siritihlar/tristi13.gif

Sadly I think her time of fame is done with the anime finished and the creator gone. (I'm a big Louise fan too, but there are tons of figures of her to collect, so I'm happy for that.)
4 years ago
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