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Japan 2014 - Fushimi Inari ShrineJapan 2014 - Fushimi Inari Shrine

KeripoKeripo5 years agoDiary
Japan 2014 - Fushimi Inari Shrine
See this post and more at Keripo's Corner
See this post for the introduction.

This was the first actual do-stuff day of this Japan trip, and the plan for me was yet another visit to Tenshi no Sato, but this time with my completed Arcueid Dollfie. sorrowmoon had scheduled our visit for the afternoon, so I decided to spent part of the morning with the rest of the group visiting the Fushimi Inari shrine yet again.

Arcueid chilling at the Fushimi Inari shrine

Japanese breakfast at the ryokan/hotel! Consisting of tofu, fruit bits, cheese balls with some sauce, preserved radish, bowl of tea, some spinnach?, piece of fish, egg, strip of seaweed, rice, and miso soup. Actually ended up not liking most of the things, but was worth a try!

The news reports were covering the typhoon from yesterday, and doing some "how deep can your car go before you can't open the door anymore" simulations

Luckily the weather outside looked alright for us

On our way to the train station, we noticed the Kansai Line has been suspended. If there's anything you can count on in Japan, it's the punctuality of Japanese trains, but guess it took a natural disaster to stop this one.

The Shinkansen was still running though luckily

Melon pan (melon bread, though only in name) for breakfast. Shana would be jealous.

While waiting for the train, spotted a few girls in yukatas. It's obon festival time in Kyoto after all.

A zetsubou sensei was standing alone in the corner. We were wondering why at first...

...and then we realized it was because that train line had been canceled, so everyone had squished over to the single running line. Was pretty crowded.

We eventually arrived at Fushimi's Inari shrine, which was bubbling with tourists

Wash you hands/face/etc. with "holy water", also supposedly safe to drink (just make sure to follow the instructions posted there)

Walking around the shrine, you see tons of bright orange and gold

The main prayer location. Throw a 5-yen coin in, ring the bell, clap your hands twice, then make a prayer. Cynically known as the place where you wish your problems get solved by throwing money at them :)

There's also plenty more places to throw money at all around the shrine's main area

Tons of torii (Shinto shrine gates) shaped emas (wish boards). One main source of income for the shrines

Some of the wishes were written in English. One actually said "I wish XXX would become mai waifu" but my pic of that came out blurry and I didn't recognize the name :(

Priest talking with some officer behind the shrine

The Fushimi inari shrine is best known for its thousands of toriis that line the mountain path. Here's a not-to-scale map of the trail path.

And so we started our journey up the mountain

Did I mention that there were lots of toriis?

At one point, the path converges to two very densely packed paths of toriis. They both lead to the same place though

Sam taking a picture of Chris taking a picture of me taking a picture of Sam. Inside the the lines of toriis of course.

We came across a place featuring kitsune-faced emas. As expected, there were a handful of anime ones featuring drawings of kitsunemimis~ ;3

They were sale for 500 yen only, so I bought one, just so I could draw on it

Apparently it's supposed to be Byakko (white tiger) but I still think they look more like kitsunemimis. I blame BadHanD >_>

So I was originally planning on drawing Meiro~D but I quickly realized how little space I had so I somehow managed to change it into a crappy Neco-Arc instead. Oh well, I'll prepare next time.

Alright, back to more torii's yay!

There was a section where you can pay 1 million yen or more to get your own personal shrine area

At one of the rest areas, I decided to bring out Arcueid and take some pics of her sitting in front of some mini toriis. The passersbys were looking at me weird for taking pictures of a doll in the middle of nowhere (remember, DDs aren't a common hobby and this isn't even anywhere near Akihabara), but I didn't really care anyway :P

After a long while of walking (a good 2-3 hours by now), we had gotten high enough to see somewhat of a view.

Apparently we were only halfway up, but I would have to leave first to make the Tenshi no Sato appointment, so I decided to start heading back down

But not before first grabbing some delicious ramune-flavoured ice cream :3

Was much faster getting down then up of course, and I decided to grab a good luck charm for a friend and myself

Few more random shots of the area before I left

Some pics of Arcueid hanging around the main shrine area

On the train ride back, I was sitting beside two Japanese girls in nice sakura-petal-designed yukatas. They were kind enough to let me take a picture of them after we got off the train ^_^

That was it for Fushimi's inari shrine. Next up, the (mis)adventures of sorrowmoon and Keripo with Arcueid at Tenshi no Sato!

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Nice pics ^^
5 years ago
Keripo 「ケリポ」
ney (5 years ago) #2329235>Apparently we were only halfway up, but I would have to leave first to make the Tenshi no Sato appointment, so I decided to start heading back down
I want to say : Like 80% of foreigners/people.
Basically, many of them just want to rush at each spots to see the maximum as possible but don't take the time to enjoy it.

I had done the trip before in a previous visit so I wasn't all that disappointed that I didn't make it all the way. Plus, sorrowmoon was in full panic state being lost and texting us like crazy and I also wanted to maximize my Arcueid photography time at Tenshi no Sato :)

ney (5 years ago) #2329283Soy bean if i remember correctly.
4Arnd (5 years ago) #2329264...Ramen flavoured ice cream?
Ramune, which is a kind of sweet soda that you might be able to pick up at a local Asian grocery store. Kinda tastes like sweet lemonade I guess is the closest description.

theyasminshow (5 years ago) #2329348How do you transport Arc around safely? Do you have a special bag or such?
(I think it would be a riot to see people's reactions to Arc in her oiran digs.)

I use a standard Volks SD bag keripo.com/2014.... I was also contemplating bringing Arc in her kimono keripo.com/2014... but ended up deciding against it in case the kimono got damaged.

5 years ago
I always find Japanese shrine items very neat.

I enjoyed your pictures a lot, keep it up please !

Keep on having fun ! :)
5 years ago
Katto SHSL Magical Girl
When I went to Fushimi Inari, my partner and I actually did the whole trip. It took us... about 2-3 hours? But we had a number of breaks because they were selling Soy Bean flavoured Soft Cream. I'm sad they didn't have ramune flavour when I was there! D:

There were these freaking amazing Taiyaki Parfaits at the bottom of the temple though which were a 1.5 hour wait (the line was hilarious) so it's not all bad I guess? :P
5 years ago
Thanks for sharing! I totally remember going there. We went the entire way, having no idea it was that long of a walk. I love the ice cream flavours! I'll have to try that one next time.
dymitr (5 years ago) #2329857That a nice and cute charm.
Those ema's are some excellent souvenirs, and they would make for nice wall decorations.
They actually sell some really nice kitsune masks there too and tanukis. I bought a tiny kitsune one there actually :)
5 years ago
That a nice and cute charm.
Those ema's are some excellent souvenirs, and they would make for nice wall decorations. If it was up to me I'd hang up a torii and kitsune-ema and then buy 2 more to bring home ;P.

To think that the torii-path takes that long to climb. I guess if you want to walk the entire route, you would need to dedicate an entire day of your vacation to it.
5 years ago
I'm so jealous ;▽;
5 years ago
I've always wanted to try Melon pan after watching Shakugan no Shana!
Arc is so cute sitting with the mini toriis! Such a beautiful place!
5 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
How do you transport Arc around safely? Do you have a special bag or such?

(I think it would be a riot to see people's reactions to Arc in her oiran digs.)
5 years ago
4Arnd (5 years ago) #2329264...Ramen flavoured ice cream? Hmm, I wonder. :p
Nice diary Keripo, keep 'em coming. :-)

Soy bean if i remember correctly.
5 years ago
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