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Monthly Poll [August]Monthly Poll [August]

AzyxAzyx4 years agoAsk MFC
Now that the August nomination is finished, it's time to vote for your favorite release among the 5 figures that made it to the poll!

[Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[07] ITEM #167145 Kurosaki Mea [Max Factory]
[06] ITEM #167033 Matoi Ryuuko, Senketsu [Phat Company]
[05] ITEM #189154 Sonico [Sentinel & Wing]
[03] ITEM #166752 Yuuki Mikan [Alter][21570]
[03] ITEM #189853 Rebecca [MegaHouse][19607]

[03] ITEM #164566 Sakuya [Alphamax][13189]
[03] ITEM #187918 Sailor Mercury [Bandai][12942]
[03] ITEM #189866 Ikaros [Kotobukiya][11367]
[02] ITEM #131315 Tsukuyo [MegaHouse][16291]
[02] ITEM #213351 Levi [Banpresto][8233]
[02] ITEM #198719 Kagamine Rin [SEGA][2736]
[01] ITEM #166425 Shimakaze, Rensouhou-chan [Amakuni][32154]
[01] ITEM #196527 Kougami Shinya [Union Creative International Ltd][14737]
[01] ITEM #166003 Sonico [Wing][11560]
[01] ITEM #166971 Kilmaria Aideen [Kotobukiya][9864]
[01] ITEM #183891 Super Pochaco [Vertex][8997]
[01] ITEM #176561 Future Trunks [Banpresto][8088]
[01] ITEM #144307 Yagami Hayate [Alter][7355]
[01] ITEM #199506 Kozume Kenma [Banpresto][6819]
[01] ITEM #199359 Super Pochaco [Taito][5978]
[01] ITEM #209810 Mankanshoku Mako [Banpresto][4780]
[01] ITEM #189484 Kousaka Kirino [Wave][4250]
[01] ITEM #214517 Ryuugajou Nanana [Griffon Enterprises][4213]
[01] ITEM #79115 Mikado [Kaitendoh][3766]
[01] ITEM #144783 Kyouno Asuka [AmiAmi Zero][3613]
[01] ITEM #180406 Futaba Aoi, Isshiki Akane [Griffon Enterprises][2734]
[01] ITEM #199820 Aozaki Aoko [SEGA][2505]
[01] ITEM #183870 Akiyama Yukari [Wave][1882]
[01] ITEM #202304 Hatsune Miku [Taito][979]

The poll will be running until next Monday 12:00 UTC time.

Next Month Schedule
ScheduleNomination: Saturday Ocotober 4th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll: Monday October 6th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll End: Monday October 13th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
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August Nomination

Thank you!
5,442 hits • 9 comments

Monthly Poll [August]

  • 27%Kurosaki Mea [Max Factory]
  • 30%Matoi Ryuuko, Senketsu [Phat Company]
  • 15%Sonico [Sentinel & Wing]
  • 17%Yuuki Mikan [Alter]
  • 10%Rebecca [MegaHouse]
  • 181 votes


Final result for August, 173 votes:

[53] ITEM #167033 Matoi Ryuuko, Senketsu [Phat Company]
[48] ITEM #167145 Kurosaki Mea [Max Factory]
[28] ITEM #166752 Yuuki Mikan [Alter]
[25] ITEM #189154 Sonico [Sentinel & Wing]
[19] ITEM #189853 Rebecca [MegaHouse]
4 years ago
And of course as expected the results are more of "which is the most popular figure?". No problem though, that's just how it goes.

Great survey AZYX. I appreciate the effort you put into these. :)
4 years ago
Onizuka-Oniisama (4 years ago) #2344621I missed the nomination, sorry...

Don't feel sorry for that, if you're interested, try to participate in next month nomination, they always start on the first Saturday of each month, so the next one is on October 4th and it's gonna be for September release.
4 years ago
I missed the nomination, sorry...
4 years ago
Out of the 5 I only ordered Mikan so my vote is obvious.
4 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
I really enjoyed Kill la Kill and dislike To Love Ru, but this is definitely Kurosaki Mea's win. Great job.

Would've picked Mikan if she didn't have such a strange/boring pose.
4 years ago
Didn't buy any of these either but out of the choices quality wise from the pictures I think either Yuki Mikan or Kurosaki Mea are the best.
4 years ago
I didn't buy any of these, but from pictures I think Ryuuko turned out the best.
4 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I'm glad Sonico was in the top 5, but it doesn't seem like she's going to win D:
4 years ago
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