My First Ever Loot~My First Ever Loot~Loot

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sukimaesukimae6 years ago
September was a really big month for me as a collector. I ordered my first haul with more than one figure in it. It was my first experience ordering from AmiAmi, Mandarake and Plamoya. I only got charged customs on one parcel miraculously owo
So several parcels later, here we are ^^


From Plamoya I only bought two things, and only one of them was for me xD
I got my friend the adorable Kirisaki Chitoge nendoroid for their birthday and for myself I bought the Mikazuki Yozora gothic lolita 1/8 scale.
I've wanted her for a long time and she does not disappoint. She is actually really well done, all the details look really nice and I like the way they've put the hat on a magnet so you can just sit it on her head.
That's it from Plamoya owo


This figure is amazing and I still can't quite believe I have her, she's absolutely stunning Mikazuki Yozora 1/7 scale by Max Factory.
MF did an amazing job on her, both the sculpting and the paintowrk of her are great and just look at her face *-*
I managed to snag her for only 5,000 yen in basically like-new condition. Her box is slightly dented in places but I don't display the boxes so it's fine.


I got the Mikazuki Yozora and Kusunoki Yukimura Beach Queens by WAVE. They're both characters from Haganai (NEXT) which is one of my favourite series. I was only actually going to get Yozora (bc she's my waifu) but then I saw Yukimura on pre owned for about £12 and had to get him cx
These two sparked my love for Beach Queens, and now I just want more omg.
They look really nice together, and there's pretty much no damage on either the box or the actual figure.
They were the only figures I got in that order, I also got this adorable Chuunibyou Demo KOI Ga Shitai clear poster.

So in my order for this month, which actually just came today and it is the nendoroid I've been anticipating for like two months now, Aoba Seragaki ^0^ I'm pretty sure the majority of people will have seen this nendoroid, so many people have ordered him. I only just started to play the game yesterday but I've been watching the anime since it started.
Initially I was worried about his lack of pieces, but the amount of poses you can actually do with him is amazing. Also the detail, oh my god. Every part of his stupid outfit is preserved really well. And Ren has a ridiculous amount of detail for such a tiny part. He is such a great nendoroid (and a good replacement for his scale damn).
In the blister
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/sukimae1413406120.jpeg His default pose ^^
And the pose everyone has been waiting for--
Look at these details omg
I don't know if anyone else got this as well, but I pre ordered the Clear deka keychain and recieved it today as well. I was slightly underestimating how big he was gonna be but oh well.
(Size comparison with Aoba)
My friend also ordered these Tsumu Tsumu Kirbys with my order, and they're really cute. The packaging is adorable as well.

That concludes my haul, I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully I'll be writing another one soon~
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ANIMEKRAZY1016 years ago#2404214oooh I also ordered the Aoba nendo and Clear deka keychain from amiami along with some other items, but I haven't gotten my shipment yet. It seems to be stuck at the LA ISC.Aah cool :D aw I hope you get him soon
6 years ago
oooh I also ordered the Aoba nendo and Clear deka keychain from amiami along with some other items, but I haven't gotten my shipment yet. It seems to be stuck at the LA ISC.
6 years ago
RJSerenity6 years ago#2403346Great loot :)
Like your BQ's. I'm currently awaiting my first BQ in the mail from AmiAmi, ITEM #169342 and over the last couple of months I have fallen head over heels for Love Live!, so naturally I am gearing myself up to collect the full BQ set of all the characters, woop!
I have been picking up monthly hauls from AmiAmi since the beginning of the year and it's so addictive XD I have to be so careful about what and when I order otherwise I end up with a HUGE delivery (like my September haul which AmiAmi have had to split into two boxes - UK customs are gonna love me XD).....
Thanks c:
Aww wow I love that figure, I want it so bad but money xD
Oh so has everyone. The series is churning out merch like nothing else.
Haha yeah I know xD omg yeah.
6 years ago
AP-kun6 years ago#2403278The haganai loot is so awesome !! :)VioMariner6 years ago#2403678Nice loot, love all the Yozora love~♥Thank you ^^
6 years ago
aweofshe6 years ago#2403555Cool loot! The deka keychain is huge...no wonder it was kinda expensive. @@ I ordered the Aoba deka keychain but still waiting for it to arrive (along with the Aoba nendo!).Omg I know.I have no idea where I'm gonna put him xD
JessicaJung6 years ago#2403514I still need to pick up Aoba. Great loot!Thank you :3 yes you do, he is so much better than I expected tbh.
6 years ago
Leosach6 years ago#2403515Good loot ^^AP-kun6 years ago#2403278The haganai loot is so awesome !! :)Thank you~ :D
6 years ago
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Nice loot, love all the Yozora love~♥
6 years ago
Cool loot! The deka keychain is huge...no wonder it was kinda expensive. @@ I ordered the Aoba deka keychain but still waiting for it to arrive (along with the Aoba nendo!).
6 years ago
Leosach Born this way
Good loot ^^
6 years ago
I still need to pick up Aoba. Great loot!
6 years ago