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Review Nendoroid Red

nendOtakunendOtaku3 years agoReview
Hello everyone!

Today we take a closer look at the
Pokémon Center limited Nendoroid No.425 Red!
Since this is my first review in english,
have patience! I try my best :3


Red is the main protagonist in the four part anime special
called Pokémon Origins, based off of the Pokémon Red,
Blue, Green, FireRed, and LeafGreen games.

Good Smile Company announced Red in the beginning of
2014 as a Pokémon Center limited only! You had to make
a pre-order for him to purchase! He was later available
in the Pokémon Center Stores in Japan!

Releasedate : 29-09-2014

I was pretty lucky to get my handa on him, since I'm a
huge fan of the Pokémon series and Nendoroids!
I live in germany, so I first thought I would never get him...


His box is the normal plain one! Nothing special!


The basic colour of the box is red!
I still love the simple plain design
of the boxes. Putting a lot of them on
display, they look great together!


Backview of the box. You get a first look
at possible posing him. Since I have a lot of
Nendoroids, I find it really hard to pose


Average nendoroid blister packaging as always.
No tapes. And after taking him out of the
box, some parts fell of the blister.. thanks!


Well... disassembled components... That's it!
I just love to show every part of a Nendoroid.


At the beginning of their quest,
Trainers are given a starter Pokémon!
Here you can see charmander, bulbasaur and squirtle!
As written on the original translation
Hitokage, Fushigidane and Zenigame


He has two other faces! A shouting one - could be used
together with a Pokéball or if he send his
Pokémon into battle... And a smiling expression!


He came with a lot of cool extra stuff! Anyway the
Poké Balls are so small.. I was affraid of loosing


Together with all 3 starter Red looks nice. His painting
is nice. I can't find anything that bothers me.
He is one of the best Nendoroids I got during the last


If you love to take photos of your Nendoroids, Red is
just perfect for a shooting in a garden or something
like that.


Just another one. I love charmander. Such a cute thing.


I took a lot of photos with D-Arts Pokémon, because
they fit together perfectly! What do you think?


I wish Red the best of luck to catch all 150 Pokémon..
I'm really happy with him.


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you like
my first review in english! You can also find a
full review of Nendoroid Red in german on my Blog :

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I wish Red the best of luck to catch all 150 Pokémon..

not 151???
1 year ago
Du hast wirklich ganz tolle Fotos machen können! Red sieht fabelhaft aus. So blöd, dass er exclusive war. Ich selber sammel eigentlich keine Nendoroids, aber bei ihm wäre ich schwach geworden.
3 years ago
tachola loves you!!
this review was great! even better when you consider you're not a native english speaker.

i loved how i could tell you really love this nendoroid; it really shows in your writing.

really adorable review of him! i'm so glad you got him ♥
3 years ago
Ryuukino (3 years ago) #2421808Great review! :) How much did you pay for him?

I have paid 100$ with taxes and shipping cost :)
Since I choose EMS, it was a little bit expensiv ^^
3 years ago
Awww.. I never thought I would get so many comments!
Thanks everyone :3
3 years ago
Nice review !

maybe time for some funny pics with Red holding the pokedex ? :)
3 years ago
it fits really well with d-arts. great review and thanks for share !
3 years ago
"I love charmander. Such a cute thing." <-- That part made me chuckled, lol

None the less, not a bad review in English at all! I definitely like how you were passionate about the nendoroid, as well as the Pokemon! :)
3 years ago
Great review! :) How much did you pay for him?
3 years ago
Very nice review, he indeed looks super cute. It would be awesome if they released more pokemon nendoroids to go along with Red,
3 years ago
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