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CantisamaCantisama6 years ago
Let's take a quick look at Re-Ment Pose Skeleton Tatami Set ITEM #234606 and see how well it works with Nendoroids.

Inside the box is a green tatami mat, table, plate, 3 sticks of food, sake bottle, sake server, and cup.

Everything opened and set up. Now let's get some guest Nendos to help with the demonstration.

Me: "Thanks for coming by ladies."
Ryuko: "Look at that spread. Time to eat!"
Mako: "Hey, why don't I get to sit on the tatami!?"

Mako: "Yay now I'm at the table!"
Ryuko: "Good for you... (man it's cramped)"

Yeah, this single tatami is a little small for two Nendos and the table.

On the left is the Re-Ment tatami that came with this Pose Skeleton set, while on the right is a larger 1/12 tatami by Pink Tank. 1/12 is usually used for Figma, but let's try it out with Nendo.

Ryuko: "Much better."

The Pink Tank tatamis come 4 mats per set. Push them together and you could easily fit more than 2 Nendos around the table. Pose Skeleton may be the better scale for Nendo, but unfortunately you can't buy more tatami separate from the food/table set, making them more expensive to get a lot of.

For reference I've included Re-Ment's kotatsu ITEM #192862 I didn't realize when I ordered, this kotatsu is like 1/6 scale and way too big for Nendo.

Me: "Alright Ryuko, time to go. Hand over the sake."
Ryuko: *hiccup* "You want this back? Good luck with that..."
Me: Oh great, she's an angry drunk ^^;

The Re-Ment kotatsu does come with these cute sitting pillows that are perfect for Nendo, so the set wasn't a waste.

Re-Ment Pose Skeleton Tatami Set is the perfect scale for Nendos. I wish they sold additional tatami mats separately so I could make a room with them. For now I will use the larger Pink Tank tatami.

Special thanks to Ryuko and Mako :3
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Ohhhh thank you!!! I looked for information on these tatami. You've helped me a lot!!! :D
5 years ago
It's so cute
6 years ago
Woah! I was disappointed that these wouldn't work for my dolls, but they look awesome for figmas and nendos. I should pick up a set or two...
6 years ago
allenia6 years ago#2431226where did you get the pink tank set?
HLJ: www.hlj.com/scr...

I bought 3 sets for 12 mats total. Still have one set unopened since they were larger than expected. I think 8 mats will be plenty for the Figma room I want to build.
6 years ago
where did you get the pink tank set?
6 years ago
A couple weeks ago I posted pics on the Rement kotatsu, rement cafe table, and pose skeleton rocking chair and low table sets showing nendo, figma, and a 1/6 scale doll for size comparison, just in case anyone was wondering what these items would fit.
6 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
I want yakitori and booze...

Thanks for the tips though, I'm going to buy these.
6 years ago
spicyhafu6 years ago#2430662Take off the kotatsu legs and find something else to prop it up. You won't even see if it you use the cloth it comes with, or another smaller cloth if you choose.
That's a good idea. The table area would still be too big to work as Nendo house furniture. Maybe as a party table...

NemsEngelAceSasu6 years ago#2430688If i check hlj there are only 2 mats in the pink tank set? ;;
They come 4 mats per pack (2 runners with 2 mats each).

Note that unlike the Pose Skeleton tatami, Pink Tank don't come pre-assembled. You have to cut them off the runners and glue the sides on.
6 years ago
They are nice. ♥ thanks for the review. If i check hlj there are only 2 mats in the pink tank set? ;;
6 years ago
Take off the kotatsu legs and find something else to prop it up. You won't even see if it you use the cloth it comes with, or another smaller cloth if you choose.
6 years ago