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Help! -  Obtaining GrailsHelp! - Obtaining Grails

So, I wanted to get these babies (ITEM #206352, ITEM #206354, ITEM #206357, ITEM #206356, ITEM #206358, ITEM #243810) very, very badly. I went and checked thoroughly all over the Internet and found two sites that were selling them, Plamoya and ToysLogic.

Plamoya was selling them for about 8k JPY when I first checked, but the second time I went on their site's product page the price shot up to 18k JPY. 18k.

But that's not my concern. ToysLogic was selling them at a lower price at $56, so they were my pick. However, they only offered Priority shipping for international buyers, and their rates were insane. Shipping alone was around $40, so it would total up to nearly $100, and a box of 6 mini figurines isn't worth the $100. So I tried contacting them, asking if I could use another shipping method. I've heard that they rarely even check their emails, though.

Despite all that, I wanted to get my grails. Heck, I even considered whether I should spend the $100 on them. What do you guys think? Is it worth it to spend $100 on my teeny tiny grails? Or should I wait for possibly an eternity for a response to my emails, while their market prices get higher and higher each day? Or, if there is anything else that will help me on my quest on getting my precious babies, please do let me know! Some suggestions would be highly appreciated for a person like me who has no experience whatsoever in grail-hunting!

Thank you in advance!
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unfortunately international shipping out of US is ridiculously expensive unless you are a large international retailer...so probably better to wait for it to pop up on rakuten.

on then other hand, if you were willing to buy them at 8k + shipping on plamoya, the total would've still been like $90+, so ordering from toyslogic + shipping = ~$96 really isn't that bad.

i usually avoid using proxies as much as i can, just because of all the little fees (bank-transfer fee, package combination fee, etc.) tend to add up if you have a large enough order, but that's a personal preference thing.
4 years ago
Plamoya prices vacillate quite wildly. It may drop down again if you keep an eye on it. But I doubt it will drop below 8,000 yen. Plamoya is usually on the pricey side.

You can enlist the aid of a US forwarder, as haruchansan suggested.
I may be willing to handle the forwarding for you for a small fee. (I've done it for a user on here before.)
4 years ago
Or you can maybe ask someone from MFC that lives in the US to order the set for you and have them ship it to you using a cheaper method. I know you can ship it by First Class international which would cost about $10 to ship for these figures.
4 years ago
www.suruga-ya.j... the set is available on surugaya for $70 ish (CAD), and you can pick your shipping method with your proxy so overall it will probably be $15 maybe even $20 cheaper than on toyslogic?

i use proxyrabbit as my proxy and the fees are pretty cheap
4 years ago
Plamoya prices sometimes randomly spike up like that. They may go down in the future. Or they may not. They're strange like that.

That being said, have you checked YAJ?
4 years ago
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