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cirociro5 years ago
Hi everyone!


My Makoto and Haruka Altair figures arrived yesterday (ordered from Amiami, EMS shipping), and I fell in love with them the instant I saw them. I’ve been seeing mixed feelings about them and, to hopefully ease your doubts until you get your hands on them yourselves, I decided to do a review!

A few disclaimers:
- these are my first scale figures, so this is also my first review
- I’m going to be commenting on them based on stuff I’ve read up on other boards about scales and Alter’s work, so if there’s anything I missed or any part you’d like to see, let me know as I’m just winging it
- photographs were taken under fluorescent lighting using a DSLR camera, so it's not the most favorable of lighting

Before I begin, let me just say that pictures absolutely do NOT do them justice. My friend and I were just talking about how horribly misleading photos have been because they truly are gorgeous in person. You will see for yourselves when they arrive, as she and I did!



Makoto and Haruka come in clear plastic boxes that are the same size all around with only a few differences between, a similar design to Altair’s UtaPri boxes. The box design has had mixed reception, but personally I like it; it’s light, not too busy, collector-friendly, and it showcases the figures inside really well.


Haru’s box comes in blue with his name and a picture of him, while Makoto’s comes in green and his respective information.


Their boxes have the standard Altair logo, as well as their corresponding sculptors and color artists. Both have the same information at the bottom of the box.


Makoto and Haruka are encased in clear padding and plastic film for added protection, which is pretty standard.



Makoto and Haruka come with removable goggles and their base.

Be careful when removing the figure. The base is packaged loose and you might drop and break it trying to pry the inner packaging open; there are 3 strips of tape on each side for you to remove first.


Similar bases with differences according to their characters. Again, mixed reactions here and there about the base, but I personally like it as I think it showcases and complements the figures really well without distraction, and a more dynamic base would go better with a more dynamic pose. But that's just me!


Makoto attaches to his base by 4 pegs (2 on either foot), and Haru’s has a raised bit with 2 pegs for his left foot. My Makoto attaches and detaches onto his base with a little more difficulty than my Haru (I was afraid Makoto’s base might break in half it was so hard).


The goggles are really cool, transparent just like real goggles are. These are small and probably easy to lose, a word of caution.


At the bottom of the box is an instruction sheet with information on how to remove and secure their detachable heads (which you have to remove to put the goggles on). It also says that the “bumpy” part of the goggles indicates which side is down and warns you that the zipper is HELLA fragile so be careful handling it.

SCULPT: (gets a little NSFW, just a heads up!)

The sculpt has been discussed numerous times on here and I have to say they definitely do not disappoint.


The job they did on Makoto’s bum and Haru’s legs are worth commending imo.


Obligatory crotch shots (for science and other scientific things)


I was also impressed by the shape of the feet. Makoto’s is flat compared to Haru’s, but when on the base you can’t even tell.


To attach the goggles, you have to remove the head, which slides on and off easily on my figures. Makoto’s hair is rather sharp and prickly, so watch out.


Haru’s hair looks a tad bit too boxy, but I think it’s necessary for the silhouette of his head. Makoto’s hair is just spikes all around.


The seam lines on the head are disguised as the area where jaw meets neck and the seams at the hair are better hidden on Haru than on Makoto. Other seam lines are hidden well by clothing folds.

Now, on to the face.


I think the main issue is the major remodeling of Makoto’s nose and mouth. Now that I have him in person and I can angle my head the same way as the prototype pictures, the differences really stand out. While I cannot replicate the pictures to show the differences, I can point out that the area beneath his nose and above his mouth have been more filled in, which accounts for why his mouth is smaller, why his nose is less sharp, and why his cheeks appear fuller. The new structure of his face also makes him less photogenic (the curves are an enemy to lighting), even though he really is gorgeous in person. Even the tilt of his neck has changed, which is probably why the figure’s neck appears shorter compared to the prototype. His eyes are also smaller, which makes him look kinder.


You can clearly see the difference from this angle, even though they aren’t the exact same.


Not too many issues with Haru’s face, except they elongated his jaw a little bit, but he still looks the same.


This is really where all the flaws stand out. I’ve seen some horror stories where there’s a thumbprint on Makoto’s legskins or spots of white on Haru’s hair. Mine are generally all right, give or take a few minor and negligible things.


The most noticeable one for me is Haru’s neck, which got way too much gradient happening. At first from outside the box I thought Haru’s head was mismatched with his body coloring, but after unwrapping him I realized his neck is just much too pink.


Their swimwear is pretty much perfect paint-wise, with a nice shiny but matte finish. I appreciate the incorporation of the cuffs and garter lines onto the sculpt itself.


They even put in outlines for the details, like the logo on their jackets and their swimsuits. The Iwatobi logo on the back is absolutely perfect on both of them.

When we start discussing the jacket though, that’s where all the flaws come out. I’ve seen reviews of Alter’s work and this always seems to be the catch.


On Makoto and Haru, it’s the blue lines and details on the jacket. They're imprecise and stay out of the lines even though there are grooves that divide them. No misplaced paint on mine though, thankfully!


When I unboxed Haru, he had this piece of paint in between his legs that joined them. After a bit of cleaning though I got most of it out enough for it to not be on my mind.

Another thing is Makoto’s hair. Whatever flaws on Haru’s hair are negligible (the gradient is slightly uneven but cannot be photographed well enough), but on Makoto’s lighter hair they're more prominent.


The gradient goes from yellowish to a much darker brown rather unsuccessfully. The coloring is also very uneven all over his hair.


Though I agree that it is not Alter’s best work, I also do not regret buying Makoto and Haruka at all. I will proudly display these swimming boys on my shelf, and I look forward to the new ones coming up.


Thanks for reading, and I hope your boys come home to you soon!
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"Obligatory crotch shots (for science and other scientific things)" made me laugh so hard, lol
4 years ago
paozomi4 years ago#5262930how much was shipping?
I am from Asia, so it was only 2400 for both (EMS).
4 years ago
how much was shipping?
4 years ago
"Again, mixed reactions here and there about the base, but I personally like it as I think it showcases and complements the figures really well without distraction, and a more dynamic base would go better with a more dynamic pose" Totally agree with this! I don't get why people complain about simplistic bases when the character is just standing around. Anyway, thanks for this review :D Haru and Makoto look pretty nice despite their flaws.
5 years ago
I really must have those boxes *-*
5 years ago
EternalTune5 years ago#2442583I just wanted to take a second to thank you for this wonderful review. It is much appreciated.
you're welcome, and thank you! XD
I'm glad to hear if I helped convince anyone of their decision about getting the figures!
5 years ago
I just wanted to take a second to thank you for this wonderful review. It is much appreciated.
5 years ago
Thanks for this. I'm really excited to get my Makoto now, though I hope they improve the paint job for Rin when they do him. I'm somewhat disappoint at the back of Mako's head but lbr the only reason I'll ever look at his back anyway is for the butt.
5 years ago
sandigabi5 years ago#2441626Thanks very much for your pics and analysis. Thanks to it, I think I rather pick up Haruka first before I get Makoto (at a higher price though I'm sure lol).
I love the sculpt and the swimsuit details.
Thanks again for your thorough review!

You're welcome, and i'm glad i was able to help! :)
5 years ago
Thanks very much for your pics and analysis. Thanks to it, I think I rather pick up Haruka first before I get Makoto (at a higher price though I'm sure lol).

I love the sculpt and the swimsuit details.

Thanks again for your thorough review!
5 years ago