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gunplamangunplaman5 years ago
This is just a follow up on that Revolve's venera mis-coloring on teeth.

So I contacted revolve.
Explained the issue both in English and Japanese,
Also included a picture of the defect.

Few days later, I got an email from them saying,
because the product is for Japanese sale only, they don't support service oversea.

I don't blame them, this is understandable, but still disappointing.
Hope they have better quality control for their future products though.

And because this is a such a small mistake, I didn't bother contacting the shop I bought it from. I just wanted to check Revolve's oversea service, since they are a new company.

and because just text is boring, here are some more pics.
(photoshopped the teeth white...)

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Revolve is a new and tiny company, so I don't blame them for not having international support. As noted below there is a chance the shop you got her from could help, but really, I think it's a small fix... A sucky small fix, but with figures in general, paint mistakes happen.
5 years ago
Contact the store.

Then paint it yourself, it's a simple part to paint since it'll require no shading nor color-matching.
5 years ago
JessicaJung5 years ago#2442435I personally think you should just paint it. That small piece shouldn't be too difficult.True, but he shouldn't have to. He kind of already paid somebody else to do that for him. And if it were me, I'd be pretty pissed about having to go out of my way to find and pay for extra things (paint and brushes) just to make it displayable.

To OP: that's too bad they won't help you out. I'd still be contacting the store you bought it from, personally. You got a dodgy figure you should be at least partially refunded, if nothing else. Good luck!
5 years ago
I personally think you should just paint it. That small piece shouldn't be too difficult.
5 years ago
brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Oh man.. I urge you to still contact the shop you bought her from!! :D
5 years ago