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dollssoulkiriedollssoulkirie5 years ago
Hello everyone~ I'm pretty new to figure collecting, I basically started over two years ago. XD But I recently noticed all the prizes from the lotteries and been looking into wanting to buy some. However I'm not too sure if I want to buy all of the ones I want from resellers. Does anyone know of an alternate method of buying stuff from the Ichiban Kuji, Ani Kuji, Happy Kuji, and etc? (lol those are the only three I know of. XD) Like is there a service where I can send money to the person in Japan to win them at the base price and then they bill me for the shipping after winning as much as they can with what I gave them?
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Thank you for all the responses. ^^; I'll continue looking around then.
5 years ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Best place for kuji items is Y!J. But you'll need a proxy for that and if that's newer kuji you want - prepare to stalk for the best offer. Once the kuji is held, Yahoo gets flooded with auctions and in a week or so the prices get more moderate and you can snatch a cool auction with many items for a good price. More popular kuji figures (~monogatari, Fate, Macross Frontier and such) can easily get in 10000-20000 yen range per figure and only get more expensive with time.

Also, forget about Double Chance prizes. They cost anywhere between 20000-200000 yen because only 100 is usually made.
5 years ago
Proxy services or websites would most likely have them. I would like HLJ because that's where I get mine.
5 years ago
heekyungx0 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
You can find lottery stuff on Mandarake, but most are on YJA. Like iced_wine mentioned before, remember that proxy services are not cheap and there are fees for every order you make and it can quickly add up, so be cautious. I personally use and love FromJapan
5 years ago
proxy services available and their reviews:


but keep in mind that proxy fees add up, especially with little things like lottery items, so in the end it might not be cheaper than getting them from resellers.

if the kujis you want are figures, HLJ sometimes carries them, but their selection is not very extensive.
5 years ago
PVC anime figure store.

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