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kirchukirchu5 years ago
So I have two separate November orders and wonder if I should combine them for cheaper shipping. Remember I'd like to have cheaper shipping altogether and trackable. Last time I did non tracking and it made me insane to know when things will arrive. Not fun!

Order #1
- Sakura Nendoroid if she doesn't delay again! It's becoming increasingly annoying to know when she will be done.
- SAO A3 clear poster
- Newtype
Order total w/o shipping: 5830 yen

Order #2
- Dengeki G Comic
- Dengeki G Magazine
Order total w/o shipping: 2080 yen

Additional info: these are from AmiAmi

Your opinions? Thoughts?
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I would ask this user here from this blog post BLOG #15278 since she had the same question regarding an A3 size poster. I have no idea how AmiAmi ships their posters so can't really help. :S
5 years ago
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Uhh, careful with poster combinations. Can't find the link atm, but they tend to be in a poster roll and if combined with other items, you'll receive a huge box (referred to as a 'coffin'). If they do it, I would combine all items in one order, except for the poster. I believe that will be the best possible option.
5 years ago
I'd suggest combining all books into 1 package. Japan Post allows SAL Reg for printed stuff for up to 5 kg against the usual 2kg for all other items and I hear AmiAmi follows that rule, though you may have to remind them of that - or ask their support in advance to be sure. This will help save on shipping if your books are over 2 kg. Maybe you can estimate the weight of your magazines at Hobby Search (in this case remember to add the weight of the package) or cdjapan (calculator in the cart).

I don't know how clear posters are packed but if it's folded I guess you can combine it with your nendo and have them shipped by another SAL reg.

That whould be the cheapest way I guess.
5 years ago
mikki-malu5 years ago#2448175In what shop?
5 years ago
In what shop?
5 years ago
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