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Hanyuu plushie

Yue-chanYue-chan3 years agoReview
Hey everybody! Yue-chan for a new review! Last time, I tried to give you my opinion about Higurashi no naku koro ni Rei-Saikoroshi hen book and it was so hard to do without spoiling. But today, I'm gonna introduce you one of my most favourites pieces. First because it is a plushie (and I loooove doll and plushies, they're so cute and you can hug them when you want x3) and especially because it represents my favourite character ever:


Hanyuu Furude from Higurashi no naku koro ni (Kai), who appears in the second season of the anime. I've watched the series a long time ago (maybe...6 or 7 years) but even with the time, I'm always a big fan of her and as a big fan, I tried to buy all the merchandises which represents her: figures, cushion, trading figures etc... So you can imagine how much I was happy when I finally put my hand on her plushie which is so hard to find today. But enought with my life, let's begin this review:

~Hanyuu Furude plushie: Review of a lovely doll~



Produced by Frontier Works as a limited and exclusive (combo!) product, this plushie was bundled with a DVD which countains the five first episodes of the second season, in japanese language only for 4800 yens (so more or less 44USD and 35Euro)The product was created on the basis of this official drawing:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Yue-chan1415533999.jpeg

Maybe you already seen this chibi before? It's normal: this cute Hanyuu's appears in a lot of promotionnal video for the second season of Higurashi with Rika and sometimes after the episodes. This simply and cute design completly charmed me, that's why I bought this plushie instead of the one created and produced by Banpresto.

Point 1: First aspect

After bought it, I realized the doll only mesured 22 centimeters and after looking on my rule, I thinking it was too small to be a doll, at the best a strap. But when I received it, I was really surprised: she looks more tall and big than I excepted, maybe because of it big head


As you can see, it really looks like the original character. The colours are faithful to Hanyuu, the plushie is even less pale tan the official picture (fortunately because I think she looks a little sick on the picture) and the product is very close to the original illustration. It looks cute, really cute...Well done FW!

Point 2: Fabric and quality

What is the most important for a PVC figures? The PVC, obviously. So for the plushie, the more important is the fabric. It must be soft to the touch and resistant. And that what we have here. This plushie is composed with two fabric of good quality: cotton and felt, two fabrics which are perfectly mixed together. Indeed, FW decided to realized the body and hair in felt and the kimono in cotton, which give to the doll an interessant looking and a nice finition. I think it will be more bland and cheap with only one fabric, without any contrast. And the felt is very soft...it's a real pleasure to hug her and just touch her.
The fabric choose is a good quality fabric: the colours don't go away, the appearance and texture are exactly the same than when I received it (and it was an occasion!). One more time, bravo Frontier Works!

But even if the fabric is good, the plushie have a fault: the hair quality. The hair was created with two thickness of felt glued together, so when time passed by, the glue stops operating and I had to put another layer of glue. Even if it's not a terrible fault, it's just annoying to reglued it properly.

Point 3: Details

Let's make a little close up on the details, especially on the face.


I was sure the face was a simple inlay but no, everything on it mug is embroidered: the eyes are done with black wire with a little white oval to give them life, same for the eyebrows and innocent smile. Only the two little cheeks are done in pink which give to Hanyuu's face a lovely finition.
The other details is on the sleeves. Hanyuu's sleeves have some ribbon on the border, done here with some red wire. Badly, it don't look that good, the wire frays and the node don't looks like Hanyuu's node. I think embroidery would have been nice instead of this. But well, if we forget this, the details are nice for this kind of doll.

Point 4: Packaging


Oh my gosh, is this box a candy's one?! Ah no, it's only Hanyuu's box. Well, because I bought my Hanyuu used, I never received the box. But on the official picture, it's looks really cute and girly:there's some lace incrustation in white on the pink which surrounding the presentation window. On the two bottom corners, there's the two littles chibis from the original illustration, a nice wink to the original creator. On the side, an illustration which represents Hanyuu and Rika in their maid costume, an illustration which is presents too on the DVD coverage.

Alright, this review is now ended, I hope it will be usefull for all people who want to buy it :) I'm sorry if some sentences are full of non-sense or if some words are not correct but English language is not my first language and I'm really bad in English ><
Thanks for reading indeed <3

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I also own this Hanyuu and she's the cutest! Thankfully my Hanyuu's hair is still in one piece, though I do worry about it separating. Hope I can get ITEM #18641 to match one day.
3 years ago
Hauhauhauuuu! She's so cute. <3
Lovely review!
3 years ago
That's adorable.
3 years ago
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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