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Infinite Stratos 3D Action Game - Pre-orders Open Soon...Infinite Stratos 3D Action Game - Pre-orders Open Soon...

naisornaisor4 years agoNews
Hello everyone; especially IS fans.

An Infinite Stratos 3D action game is on the oven by Project YNP, a circle that seems to participate in events like Comiket. The game itself has little information as of yet www.project-ynp..., but it seems like it will mostly consist of 3D arena fights with fellow IS user main characters in their units.The game is for the PC (Windows vista and up), and it seems it will be sold and distributed in events via DVD.


According to the official page, the game will be released in this coming Comiket of December 2014 at the event. Minami Kuribayashi (who has been signing the OP's for both seasons of the anime) will sing the theme song titled "GALACTIC WORLD" and it looks to me that the group has acquired a license from Izuru Yumizuru and Overlap.


I know a game from Comiket is difficult to get in the aftermarket, but I noticed recently that Mandarake has the following link ekizo.mandarake... so I contact them to confirm.

GOOD NEWS!! I contacted Mandarake Nakano Store about the availability of the IS action game and here is what they answered me:


Yes, that is correct.
There might be slight changes on the release date, but the store will be
accepting pre-orders soon.



Mandarake Inc Nakano Store

It's currently marked as Sold Out, but it seems WE WILL BE ABLE to make pre-orders. : D

Mandarake states that the game will have a price of 3,500yen.

I know this might only be a clunky doujinshi game made purely for love. However, I really really hope this could be the beginning of a venture where this might be picked-up for more widely available release and maybe (wishful thinking) further on for a game console with enhances.

Whoever is interested, you can look forward for the pre-orders.
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Wow, this is really neat. I always find doujin video games fascinating. And I like how the healthbar looks just like the energy meters on the show.
4 years ago
I'll wait for the unescapable depreciation of the gameprice and the english patches needed to understand the game.
4 years ago
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