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Sakata Gintoki - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Sakata Gintoki - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)

ShuuruShuuru6 years agoReview
Hello, today I will review Sakata Gintoki 1/8 scaled figure from the Gintama series.


Sakata Gintoki A.K.A Gin is the main character in the anime and manga series Gintama (silver soul). He is a ronin (a samurai without an owner) that once fought aganist the Amanto in the Joui Wars, the Amanto are a race of aliens that were taking control over Edo. After the war, Gin starts working as a freelancer doing "Odd Jobs," (Yorozuya). Gin will do any kind of job if paid afterwards.

This figure was made by MegaHouse and it had its third re-release on July, 2011. It was sculpted by Moriwaki Naoto

Let's take a look at the box first!

Packaging: 9/10

Height: 26,9 cm (10,59 in)
Width: 17 cm (6,69 in)
Depth: 16,8 cm (6,61 in)
Diagonal: 31,8 cm (10,74 in)

This is a nice package that can be shipped with SAL. MegaHouse used a black corrugated box for Gin. The window panel at the front allows you to see Gin completely with his bokutou Touyako and a fork. At the front you can see the G.E.M. Series official logo, the Gintama series logo and the name of the character in Kanji and Romaji. At the back you have an image of the figure displayed as well as the official Sunrise sticker. Lately, I have noticed that they are not stickers anymore but they are printed within the box. I hope this will not cause troubles identifying bootlegs in the future. His box is a bit dented because I got him second-hand.

From the sides you can see through the windows and also there are images of the figure displayed.

The bottom and the top do not have any extra detail; the top has the name of the character in Romaji.

Tape was used to avoid the blister opening by itself. It does not have many joining points (only four) so this was appreciated. They used plastic to avoid paint transfer.

A view of the blister from the sides.

The fork and Touyako were given extra care by covering them in plastic and putting tape on top to avoid unnecessary movements.

Here you can see full-body Gin, his base and his face in the blister.

Base: 7/10

The third release base was improved in colour and, I believe, size. From pictures I have seen, his black base looks bigger than the blue one. If anyone with the first and second release can confirm this, I will be happy. This base is rather simple but it does not take too much space. Its diameter is 10,5 cm.

Gin is easy to mount and unmount on this base but you can also display him without the base, he has nice balance but be careful if you live on an earthquake area, small movement may cause him to fall if he is not against a wall or has other kind of support.

Sculpting: 9/10











Starting with his face, it may look weird from certain angles, he sometimes seems like he is smiling and sometimes he has a serious face. I am not saying it is a bad thing, in fact I love it but I do not think it was part of the original design. You can see that his dead fish eyes were well made, they are small and you can see the red on them. That collarbone is just splendid and the neck is also well done.

His natural wavy hair was nicely performed. It really looks like a mess and that typical line that you can see when they join the two pieces of hair together is hidden within his perm. You can see in the picture that his hair has some inconsistencies on the painting but that is no bother to me because perfection does not exist.

His jacket and kimono were treated carefully and there is not a single crease out of place. You can even see that his whole resting arm was sculpted and not only the portion that is visible. The red in his jacket stands pretty nicely. His back can kill. It really looks manly and the way he bents it looks nice but maybe it is kind of an unnatural pose. Of course, nothing is impossible for Gin-chan.

Here is my first issue with this figure. His nailness fingers. I know men are not supposed to have pretty nails but his fingers are too big not to show them and there is my second issue. His fingers look like sausages. It is weird because the back of his hand looks perfectly fine but the front looks just wrong. I guess they tried to make manly fingers but got them too big. Luckily, it is not that distractive.



His black belt around his waist is made of soft plastic. It is flexible and you can hold Touyako and the fork there. It has a nice glossy paint that stands out nicely. Under the belt you have Gin's obi, you cannot never hold your kimono tightly enough I think.

Talking about the kimono, it is truly precious. Its design matches the latest character design rather than the first one. All the creases simulating it blowing in the wind are gorgeous. The blue details were nicely painted and I did not find any issues with it. Because his kimono is mostly white, remember not to place it on a place with direct sunlight or it might turn yellow. I do not know if it is the case but it had happened to me before. I do not believe it will happen with this figure... Be careful anyways!


No sculpting issues to mention on his trousers either. They look nice and the creases look natural, even the ones coming from certain places...


No sculpting issues with his boots. The gloss was a great choice and they look nice, the metal buckles were nicely done, too. As said before, you can display him without his base if you want. The holes are exactly under them but you will not have any problems with them.

He has two accessories and only one of them is optional, you can either use Touyako of the fork. Let's start with Touyako first. The wooden sword is made of soft plastic and can be broken pretty easily if you play around too much with it. It will not break if it falls, tough.

His bokutou looks realistic enough but maybe it does not look too much like wood. It holds tightly in his hand and it is easy to mount and unmount. Be careful for any possibility of paint transfer in this area and on this shoulder. You can also see Touyako's name painted on the bokutou.











This fork looks nice. It is made of soft plastic and it can break, nevertheless it gets the job done: to show Gin sweet-tooth side.

This item has no mayor details than the painting. Gin's name in Romaji was carved at the end of the fork. The same piece of advice as with Touyako, be careful with the risk of paint transfer on his hand and shoulder











Painting: 9/10

His painting is excellent; it has some issues but nothing really distractive. The shadows in his skin are beautiful and give him a nice effect. The gloss effect on his boots was a wise decision. Touyako and the fork were given the same treatment but maybe they could have improved it a little. Nevertheless, Megahouse did a nice work with Gin and I am happy with the final product.

Posing: 9/10

It is known that male figures do not have awesome poses but for Gin-chan standing there with his relaxed pose, his dead fish eyes and that smile is just enough. This posing works and the way he bents his killer back is precious. His kimono blowing in the wind is probably my favourite part of this figure but that is just my opinion.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This guy is pure enjoyment. I loved him when I first posed my eyes in the prototype and I will probably buy the variant as well if I were given the chance. I hope we will se more Gin-chan figures in the near future.

If you had doubts about getting this figure, I hope this had help you.

Next review will be PM figure Nagisa Kaworu so look foward to it!

Here is Mashiro Moritaka review BLOG #1753

Have a nice day!

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Nice shots. He is definitely one of my favorite figures. I love the colors on his kimono.
6 years ago
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