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murialitamurialita8 years ago
Hey everybody, Murialita here. So as 2014 is coming to a close, I feel it's a good time to take a look back the year and see how I came to where I am today. I'll spoiler/tl;dr stuff, so if you don't want to read everything you don't have to.

Boring Past History/Personality Stuff
View spoilerHide spoilerI've always been kind of a miserly person. While I live comfortably and every now and then I would treat myself to something nice, I've never really spent a lot of money on myself. This style of life is not necessarily a bad thing. I've lived on my own for 8 years, and I have $0 debt. I've paid off student and car loans. I've never had to ask anyone for financial assistance (and have even loaned family money at times). And I've saved a decent amount of money.

It's not all sunshine and wads of cash though. It's hard to see what you are working for when it's not really tangible. As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to not get burned out. This was happening to me, when a very simple thought popped into my head. Money exists to be spent on things that make you happy. I've taken this to heart, and have spent more this year on things for myself than I have in the past 10. Not irresponsibly, mind you, as I did also manage to save a decent amount too. One of those things that I've splurged on this year is scale figures.

TL;DR - I never really spent money on myself. This year, I did.

Figure collecting story
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Back in 2010, I went to a convention, and wound up buying Ami (ITEM #4863) as something to remember my time there. Later on, I bought Jubei (ITEM #6424) as a birthday/Christmas present to myself because I fell in love with her character. At that point in time, I figured I was done with figures. And I was, until this year.

I had seen articles, reviews, and pictures of Hyperdimension Neptunia before, and I really liked the character designs. Then they came out with the anime, and I really enjoyed it. I thought that I probably wouldn't mind owning something from the series, so I looked around for figures for it. At the time, only QuesQ's Purple Heart (ITEM #96486) existed, and I just did not like it. I looked at video's on youtube, and one of them, the guy also had a Let's Play of HDN Victory. I watched that, and the desire grew stronger, but I just couldn't make myself buy that figure.

One day in February, I was browsing the internet as one does, and saw an article posted about Wing's Purple Heart (ITEM #166975). This was THE figure I was waiting for. But it was so expensive. I was going to pass. I posted a comment on the article about how I wanted it, but my wallet wouldn't let me. A few people replied to look at the Japanese stores, with the prices in yen instead of dollars, and they would be cheaper. That they were, by about a hundred dollars. I was still battling with myself, when I had that life changing thought I mentioned before. I went ahead and hit the pre-order button. At the time, I thought was was going to forget about the pre-order, and then one day it would just show up at my door. What I didn't know was that the switch inside me was flipped.

I decided that now that I would have 3 figures, I would go ahead and sign up for MFC, which a few of my friends had tried to get me to do a few years ago. Next thing I knew, I was checking MFC a couple times a day looking for updates, and just browsing around. Things started catching my eye. I did not forget, I got consumed.

A couple months later, I got frustrated at work because I could never find a tool for what I was working on, so I decided to buy some. I didn't want to just buy the tools though. I wanted to get something for myself. That's when those pictures on MFC popped into my head and I knew I wanted a figure or two. That night I spent a few hours browsing around on Amazon and watching unboxing and review videos on youtube. I wound up ordering two, plus the tools. I had it in my head that I would go ahead and record my own unboxing when they came in and that it would be so great (spoiler, it wasn't). Well, they came in, I set up, and opened them up. That first wiff of plastic fumes and the joy of seeing these figures made their impression. It didn't matter that they were Griffon figures with a bunch of flaws. I was hooked.

My collection grew this year from just 2 to a modest 22 with one pre-order still pending. I made my first trip to IKEA 2 hours away and bought a couple detolfs. I'm trying my best to slow down because I am seriously considering buying a house next year and need all the money I can get for that. But I am still keeping an eye out for the next sister to join my collection.

TL;DR- My collection grew from 2 to 22 with one pre-order still pending. The hook is firmly in my jaw.

Unboxing videos
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On thing I always do if I'm thinking about ordering a figure that's already been released is to look around for any pictures or reviews I can find to see if I really do want it. I really do enjoy the unboxing videos and loot hauls, especially if there is a figure in there I am interested in. Unfortunately, there is not always a video for a figure. I find that disappointing.

So I thought I would record my own so at least these ones would have a video. I'm no artist, and am no good at talking about things, so it turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. Plus, editing can be quite the pain (only 2 or 3 have any editing done on them because of this). Still, I recorded an unboxing for every figure I got this year, and a couple loot hauls for the heavy months.

Honestly, they are not that great, and I wasn't sure if I would ever post them, but hey, why not. Maybe someone will see one and look past the cellphone quality, my awful laugh, and see something they like. So I uploaded them, and thought I'd put them all in this post. I do tend to ramble in the beginnings of them (like I'm doing in this blog), so feel free to skip ahead to the juicy bits.

Playlist for all videos

ITEM #166043: Yaya

ITEM #179035: Kurumi

ITEM #126835: Asuna

ITEM #117937: Leonmitchelli

ITEM #96545: Charlotte (AlphaMax)

ITEM #166975: Purple Heart (the goddess that started it all)

ITEM #78382
ITEM #117970: Astraea and Lucy Loot

ITEM #117970: Lucy

ITEM #78382: Astraea

ITEM #178922: Leafa

ITEM #12045: Naoe

ITEM #166936: Tsurugi

ITEM #178922
ITEM #12045
ITEM #166936
ITEM #144515
ITEM #167064: September Loot 2014

ITEM #144515: Rinka

ITEM #167064: Houki

ITEM #184408: Charlotte (Griffon)

ITEM #289
ITEM #144275: Birthday Loot 2014

ITEM #289: Ignis

ITEM #144275: Caster

ITEM #184408
ITEM #289
ITEM #144275
ITEM #167032
ITEM #198605: November Loot 2014

ITEM #167032: Takao

ITEM #198605: Alisa

ITEM #118058: Nymph with Astraea and Ikaros

ITEM #186894: Astaroth

TL;DR - I recorded unboxing videos. Decided to upload them. Playlist for all videos

So anyways, that's my year in review. My collection grew to a modest 22 scale figures from a humble 2. Who know's what next year will bring. Hopefully Kongo (ITEM #166962) will finally come out though.

ps: Just found out I can only link 10 items, so I tried to get the ones that don't have a linked blog yet, since bringing attention to them is kinda the point.
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Congratulations man! As long as your enjoying yourself its worth the money
8 years ago
I admire your discipline with money, the way I've seen it is it doesn't really matter; it's just money. But, I realize that way of thinking is naive. So while you've come to the conclusion that it's okay to spend money on yourself, this year I've realized I should only reward myself with a figure when I've accomplished a goal.

You've acquired quite a few nice figures this year. It's good to have a hobby you're able to enjoy, I always wish I could do reviews because I love talking about figures, especially if other people haven't said anything about them. Unfortunately I'm terrible at taking pictures.
8 years ago