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A Very Thoughtful Christmas Gift from theyasminshow!A Very Thoughtful Christmas Gift from theyasminshow!

ArdenorArdenor4 years agoDiary
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I'm over 18

I love this time of year. Christmas. New Years. There's a lot to look forward to and feel excited about. Gift giving is the greatest, isn't it? When I was a kid, it was all about waking up on Christmas morning to find out what's been left under the tree for me. But as I've gotten older, my whole outlook has changed. You see it's become less about me, and more about my dear friends and family members. Finding the right gifts for them and stirring up an amazing reaction as a direct result of it is what I like to aim for now. But if a gift or two were to come my way, you certainly won't find me protesting too much!

As much as I enjoy the holiday season, I haven't felt much like the Christmas spirit this year. The truth is I've been under a lot of stress at work, and I've also been experiencing some personal problems too. Some days this month I've felt more like Ebenezer Scrooge, like on the day of my workplace's annual Christmas luncheon. It's the one time of the year when all of my co-workers are happy and glowing for all different kinds of reasons. But despite the atmosphere of celebration and merriment, I just wasn't feeling it. I just haven't been feeling much like my usual self lately when it comes right down to it.

Last Monday, I received a package addressed from my dear friend on MFC, THEYASMINSHOW. She had given me no advance warning about this package or her intention to deliver me a Christmas gift, so I was quite surprised to have received it. With Christmas Day just a few days away, I decided not to open it just yet; however, I couldn't help but spoil myself just a little bit by reading her greeting card in the meantime. The envelope was addressed to me, "the mature collector."

Mature collector. Huh??? I never fancied myself by that title before, and I can't remember anyone else calling me that either. How strange is that?


Not really knowing what she meant by that, I opened up the card and read the message inside:


It reads:

theyasminshowHaha, I found something not on the database...

Since cute tote bags aren't really your thing, hopefully this will offer a more 'adult' experience.
Only time will tell...

Water is supposed to be relaxing, right? The capsule toy can be filled with water. And the rest... I'll let you decide if you want to wet them. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

Merry Christmas! Hope it's a good one!

Wow. To be honest, I was a bit perturbed by her message. To me, it seemed like it was full of cryptic language and innuendo. Consider words and phrases like: 'adult' experience; wet them; I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I mean Yasmin, I consider you a good friend and all, but I didn't realize we had that kind of relationship!!

For context, what she meant by that line about tote bags not really being my thing, she was referring to a mook I purchased in August. This one ITEM #241291, to be more specific. It came with an Akuma Homura-themed tote bag. I told Yasmin about it, and when I found out she wanted the tote bag and I didn't, citing something about how I wouldn't be caught dead with an anime-themed tote bag in public, I mailed it to her without a second thought. She was obviously teasing me about that...

But I really didn't know what to make of the rest of it, so I sent her a private message that very same day:

ArdenorI'm scared to open your gift...

Your greeting card is full of cryptic language and innuendo to the extent that I have no idea what could possibly be within these boxes... and it frightens me.

To which she responded:
theyasminshowOk I admit I forgot like HALF of what I wrote. I'm tired lol
I followed-up:
ArdenorDoes referring to me as the "mature collector"; hinting at a more "adult experience" than one offered by a tote bag; or "wetting" these items at my own leisure ring any bells??? :P
And she finally said:
OK SO LISTEN! LOL When you offered me that tote bag you were like, I'm a grown man I'm not gonna use an animu tote bag. So I found something that I GUESS? is more mature? than an animu tote bag! And the wetting involves WATER OK! LOL

Ok you know what that is all a lie, the snowflake box is a little book of animay tiddie pics (more or less) and the oblong box is a TENGA toy. Serious! If that's not your thing I apologize!!!!!! I guess I cannot ask you to take pics of your loot unveiling now...

WHOOOAAAAAA... Hang on a second, here... Anime tiddie pics? A freaking TENGA toy??? She got me a SEX TOY FOR CHRISTMAS?!?!

NSFW...View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://tuckcts.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/tenga_5iconwm.jpg

Oh, man. At this point, I didn't know what to think. Either she was sincere in her admission or trolling the shit out of me; but I wouldn't know one way or another until I opened her gift on Christmas Day. As the day drew closer I could hardly contain my wonderment. This gift was either going to be fun in a wholesome, family-friendly, Miracle on 34th Street sort of way, or fun in a really naughty, Santa's little helper, sacrilegious sort of way...

NSFW...View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://blog-imgs-47.fc2.com/o/m/o/omosiro529/201312250302099b6.jpg

I'd be lying if I said hers wasn't the first gift I opened at midnight. I targeted the capsule toy first, since it was the only one out of the three that wasn't wrapped and I could kind of make-out the contents within.


Okay. This is cool! Yasmin knows that my favorite Sailor guardian and all-time anime crush is none other than Sailor Mercury. This little capsule toy is kind of like Sailor Mercury's chalice or dome or stick or whatever you want to call it. As a huge fan of Mercury's, I approve! Now, on to the next two.

According to Yasmin's PM from before, the snowflake box is "a little book of animay tiddie pics (more or less)." More or less, huh? Okay, let's open it up and find out what's really inside:


Whoa! WHOA!! Hang on a second! That's not a little book of anime tiddie pics! That's an AKUMA HOMURA POCKETWATCH! Where did she even find this???

Of course Yasmin would also know that one of my more recent anime waifus is Akuma Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie 3: Rebellion, a sentiment I know she shares as well. Ever since I saw that movie I've been staking out all manner of Akuma Homura-themed merchandise, but I never knew there was a working pocketwatch of hers out there. Holy cow!! I was seriously humbled but equally impressed by this unforeseen development. Nice job, Yasmin. You got me!

But now we're on to mystery box #3. The so-called "oblong" box that Yasmin confirmed was a Tenga toy in our private messages. For those of you who don't know, a Tenga toy is sex toy designed to aid in masturbation. They don't much resemble anything like human anatomy. In fact, they're designed specifically to avoid sexual imagery to appear more stylish and accepting, and to lessen the embarrassment on the part of potential customers. Even still, it seemed really strange to me that this could quite possibly be that. Let's have a look and find out the truth about Yasmin's final Christmas gift to me:



In the end, the contents of the third and final mystery box did not amount to a Tenga toy as originally reported; but a Sailor Mercury-themed mini towel ITEM #245420 and drinking glass ITEM #253868. Congratulations, Yasmin. You totally duped me in the best way imaginable. LMAO!

After opening everything, I went back to her original greeting card message, and the meaning behind all the cryptic language and what I originally believed to be sexual innuendo took on a completely different meaning altogether. It all made sense now! Check it out:

I found something not on the database... | this will offer a more 'adult' experience | Only time will tell...
- she's referring to the Akuma Homura pocketwatch. "Only time will tell." That's really clever.

Water is supposed to be relaxing, right? The capsule toy can be filled with water. And the rest... I'll let you decide if you want to wet them. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.
- for those of you who don't know, Sailor Mercury has an affinity for water, so this last part is about her Sailor Mercury-themed gifts. "I'll let you decide if you want to wet them." Well, of course I could wet the mini towel and drinking glass, but I probably wouldn't as I consider them collectibles which I highly value. Although, true to her words, I'm sure Sailor Mercury probably wouldn't mind.

I really regret that I didn't photograph Yasmin's outstanding wrapping job. With the exception of the capsule toy, each of the two boxes were brilliantly wrapped in shiny blue, metallic paper with ribbons and bows. I would have never realized until after opening that the gift boxes were color-coded to resemble Sailor Mercury's colors. Just look:


She had gone through the extra effort to even WRAP these gifts with some additional meaning in mind. Wow!

Despite all the stresses and emotional turmoils I had been feeling recently, all of that suddenly felt like it washed away with the sheer amazement I felt after opening these gifts. This has to rank among the highest most thoughtful gifts I've ever received in my life, and I can't thank Yasmin enough for bringing some joy and relief to my Christmas this year. Thank you so, so very much for everything. You're a truly wonderful friend!
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Whoa, envious of your friendship here.
I want to send my friends gifts with cryptic messages, but they refuse. Guess I should stop asking and just do it, lol.
4 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
...Oh Lord. Once you lay everything out like that I see what a damn mess I really am. LOL.

In which case you - and everyone else who bothers - totally deserve it for dealing with me on the daily.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/oglQeCH.gif
4 years ago
Hahaha "The so-called "oblong" box that Yasmin confirmed was a Tenga toy in our private messages."

Also, that's one cool pocket watch. Will it become a family heirloom and be passed down through the generations? I wish my great grand fathers' had an anime character on it lol
4 years ago
All that innuendo is magnificent. Bless theyasminshow XD Nice presents indeed!

Maybe next year I'll go for a gift exchange with one of my friends on here.
4 years ago
It's always nice to get a small token for Christmas especially if we are not expecting it. And by small token I mean a really nice christmas gift. That was very thoughtful the theyasminshow. She is awesome.

= )

4 years ago
SweetIvy That dork that grew up...?
Lol Tenga troll

Very thoughtful and quite a funny post thanks fro sharing.

._ . I won't ask what you will use the mini towel for /joke.
4 years ago
whoa...those are some cool looking items. Again, another reason why I love this community.
4 years ago