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Unboxing Gundam Girls!Unboxing Gundam Girls!

DaevaDaeva3 years agoLoot
Ah, economic shipping during Christmas time, pain and delight!

After almost a month, I started to get some life sign from the Italian Post, receiving this joyful packet that contains some of my recent purchases from Japan.
http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-001_zps2a472a5d.jpg--Obviously some damage was expected XDhttp://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-002_zps79e8c055.jpgBut the important thing was for the contents to be safe :D http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-003_zpsa485b110.jpgAll these loads of wrapping paper is always reassuring to see, expecially because two figures came without their box: http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-004_zpsde29d8ad.jpg
--I was shocked to see that their tiny, pointy swords (??) were safe and sound!

A little introduction!
The girls that I'm about to show you are some kind of mascotte characters derived from an arcade game, "Mobile Suit Gundam Card Builder".
Their names are Reiko Holinger, the Feddie, and Catharine Blitzen, the Zeek.
I'm not a fan of moe or bishoujo figures, but I made an exception for these 'cause I just fell in love with the designs (here you go, Mine Yoshizaki XD) and since they are fun tributes to some of my favourite characters from Gundam I just had to get them ^^
I acquired them from some Japanese auctions at quite a decent price, as I managed to find both sets on sale together.

The first set dates 2006 and it shows Reiko and Cathy in their "0079 version", featuring the revisited uniforms of Amuro and Char:



It was nice to see the logo of the game on their back ^_^

Even if some may find it a bit redundant, I'm always glad to have further infos on the identity of a piece :3

These same figures were re-released the next year in alternative colours: pink for Reiko ("Sayla version") and purple for Cathy ("Kycilia version"). Both figures are also available in metallic finish... In my opinion this is a case where the original version is more valuable than the alternative versions ^_^; !

Going on with our unboxing, next is the "0083 version", released in 2007-- Those were received in their original boxes ^^
http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-011_zps9645bb1b.jpgThe uniforms are a tribute to the protagonists of the series, Ko Uraki and Anavel Gato: http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a543/daevakun3/daevakun3015/0-013_zpsa7b6b1ca.jpg



The prints on the backs were here too:


In the end here are two "group pics", front and back ^^

And that's all, it's a short report but I hope that you enjoyed it ^^
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It's nice to see some more older figures here! Personal favorite is the federation girl! ;)
3 years ago
omg i LOVE these, i had no idea they even exsisted. i especially like the 0083 federation girl! thanks for sharing. amazing pickups!
3 years ago
Nice figures it feels like they represent the artwork of the time very nice,i absolutely love the (Beam Sabers?)that they got
3 years ago
jkb (3 years ago) #2607934This is actually nice tribute. Old school figures always have special feel.Yeah, my exact feelings!
3 years ago
This is actually nice tribute. Old school figures always have special feel.
3 years ago
Moro (3 years ago) #2607843I snorted at the translucent skirt on moe-girl Char. I feel he wouldn't approve XD
Ahah, yeah, neither would Gato at his XD
3 years ago
I snorted at the translucent skirt on moe-girl Char. I feel he wouldn't approve XD
3 years ago