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Akemi Homura Figma Review

SazakoSazako6 years agoReview

**This review contains mild spoilers from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica**


Akemi Homura.

Hi everyone this is my first figma review and hence I have a long way to go with posing and photography so please go easy. I really want to do Homura justice though!

The Figma, 115, was sculpted by Asai (APSY) Masaki and released by Max Factory at the end of November 2011.

Homura's Concept art.

Now a brief introduction to Homura in the manner which tries to be as vague as possible towards spoilers. As many of you would know Homura is a Magical Girl from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica. Originally she was very timid weak and caring person. However as events unfolded she overcame these weakness to protect her friends developing into someone who was determined, strong and seemingly stoic. This includes her having an extreme make over which involved her losing her braids and glasses which gave her the name of “Moemura” by fans.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lhx17orZf21qds33eo1_500.jpg
Visual Illustration of the storey of Homura

Homura’s magical girl weapon is a shield which bestows her with “defensive powers” and hence she has to rely on normal conventional weapons such as a Beretta pistol for offence. This subverts her of the stereotype of magical girl who purely relies on magic. These two facts about Homura’s personality and character design really endear her to me to make her one of my favourite anime characters. Here are angle shots

Homura's goes for a spin

Now it is Moemura's turn to spin!

Please ignore the tape anchoring me to the ground!

Features and Accessories

Homura comes with the standard 3 faces which are her standard stoic face, a smiling face and a shouting angry face, which allows you to create most of the scenes from the anime. She also comes with a forearm which has her magic shield attached to it. What I really like with the figure is that Asai nearly went all out her accessories compared to the other figmas I own. These include her golf club, pipe bomb, Beretta M92F and M136 AT4 rocket launcher.

4 Faces of Homura

Homura comes with her normal and braided hairstyles in magical girl forms and red glasses. I believe that the figma faces have to be specifically created or modified to be compatible with the glasses. This allows you to recreate “Momura” in magical girl form. The glasses are not as fragile as they seem however I am not tempting fate with rough handling. Her left hands in the set which she comes with has her purple gem embedded in it.

Homura's Weapons.

Homura's other accessories.

Even though I know that GSC was holding back others for her exclusive school uniform figma,myfigurecollect..., I give Homura’s features and Accessories a 10/10. This is because you can display her as what arguably are 2 different characters and combining her accessories with other figmas opens ups lots of creative opportunities.



Homura comes in as standard figma box which is quite surprising given the number of accessories she comes with. All of these are in clear view except her additional hair style. It is done in traditional magical style with styles and stripes finished in Homura’s purple colour. There is a balance between usually Homura looking baddass as usual and Moemura looking happy that she made a bomb. On the back is Homura using all of her weapons? The packaging scores 9/10 as there is nothing to draw your eye away from other figma boxes.


Homura's box.

Plastic blister and cardboard insert.


The sculpting with Homura is excellent. There is nothing kept out of proportion or out of the ordinary while remaining true to the character design, remembering little things like her heels and the gem on her hand. Special mention goes to the engraved lines on her magical shield.


Her uniform is made from the soft figma plastic while the bows on her front and back are made from flexible plastic. You must keep in mind that Homura is 14 years old so is rather short by adult standards, this is reflected in her figma being a head shorter than the generic figma. At 12.5cm tall I believe she remains true to the 1/12 scale of figmas.


Luka here I define as generic as she is the figma which I can compare against and which most other would own.


For your reference

For the figma there are no visible unnecessary seamlines. However I detected quite a prominent one down the length of her Berretta’s and it lacks a hole for the bullet barrel.


More importantly is her hair which I knew turned many people off her. Instead of making her hair one piece Max Factory have made it three with two visible joints. If you are looking casually you will start to notice them at 45 degrees either side of her centre, if you’re giving a thorough inspection her hair will appear un-continuous at 30 degrees. Sculpting scores 8/10 because of this.



Compared to most of the figma’s I own Homura has slightly above average articulation compared to that of the regular figma. I play a concession with her hair as it allows her head to turn unimpeded by where the figma stand connects to her back. It also allows her hair to be expressive as well such as if she is standing near a major explosion.


Sliding pose the best which I can manage to show her articulation, I don’t think there are major flaws with her articulation. It gets 10 out of 10 as her normal hair can move a quality you don’t see often on other figmas.


I’m a BRS now.


Below are a series of photos taken while circling Homura, in a pose which I believe shows the limits of her flexibility.



I can’t really say much about the paintjob except that it is quite vibrant and true to the character. I am especially impressed with the crispness of the purple diamond pattern on her Stockings and the painting of the gems on her left hands.


For paint defects there is some red paint missing from her glasses and hence and there are small amounts of paint transfer between its black and white parts of her collar. Her rocket could use a few more black lines to match what was presented on the anime as well. Painting score 9/10 as it has one flaw on the main figma.


I give Homura 10/10. With a high quality sculpt and paintjob there are no scarring flaws besides from the hair to detract from my enjoyment. I guess I have kinda come to accept the hair and display her only from the front. However what pushes it to a 10 is that she comes with a large range of display options. As stated above I really like the possibility her unique items open up to other figmas. And she can be displayed as two characters. Moemura’s face gives off a great sense of warmth and happiness.



Aggregating Homura’s score I give her a 9.33 which is bumped up to a 9.4 if you leave out the packaging. Simply I am extremely happy to own her and look forward to posing her in the future. I would recommend it as an excellent purchase for any fan of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica if you don’t have her Nendoroid or figma collector. At the time of writing Moemura is not announced as any prepainted scale figure hence this figma is allowing this figma to act as a stand as a stand in for her.


Ride the/人◕‿‿◕人\

Now some more assorted photos.

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Thanks all, I hope that you enjoyed reading it!
6 years ago
Nice review, i hope you make a review of the new homura figma when you get it!
6 years ago
Nice review! I am not into girl's Figmas but all of the Mahou Shoujo are really awesome!
6 years ago
Nice review. Makes me want her even more. Maybe one day the shop I tend to visit will have more of her in stock.
6 years ago