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Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie Kisaragi - Play Arts (Kotobukiya SquaFinal Fantasy VII - Yuffie Kisaragi - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Squa

I'm a bit disappointed with Yuffie, with articulated figures you generally lose out on in exchange for being able to have some fun by putting them in various put in this case her articulation is quite terrible and I would find it hard to put her in some poses that I would like to put her in.

The only good point was that the paint work is nice and the attention to detail is good, so much so that if they could have made her a bit larger and put her in a fixed pose, it would have been a much nicer figure overall.

The base is the standard FF PlayArts base. It's generic translucent grey plastic with a bit of intrusive clip-thing, thankfully Yuffie will stand up by all by herself, pretty nicely.

Packaging was rather bland, but it was small and conservative and that's a good thing when one never throws out their figure boxes and has them bursting out of the wardrobe.

Yuffie gets bonus points because I love Yuffie, but overall it was a bit of a meh figure, I would much rather have the poly-stone (I think?) Yuffie that was released years ago.

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