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SheliaShelia6 years ago
Hello MFC!
At the end of July 2014, I moved to a small town in Japan in Yamaguchi Prefecture to work and live as part of the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme. I packed away my collection back home and started a life without figures, or so I thought. (Who am I kidding?)

In the past 6 months, I have experienced the awesomeness of specifying exact delivery time, the ease of paying for items at convenience stores, the addictive drug known as yahoo auctions, and the joy of spending hours tucked away in a physical anime store browsing and hunting for goods. I've also learned to manage my money better due to my downsized paycheck and have curbed my impulse buying habits somewhat (rising figure prices will do that too).

So without further delays here's my MEGA half yearly loot of goods and figures! ლ( • ω • ლ)

WARNING! Picture heavy. BL doujins, fangirling and then some. Also length.

Let's start with GOODS
  • First are the adorable Gift Plushes and Bandai Capsule Rubber Straps. Konoe & Mizuki were gotten with the help of the wonderful Beani whereas Tetsuo & Sei were direct orders from Gift Online Shop.

  • Actually besides cat boy Konoe (best Nitro+Chiral character hands down) all the others were purchased just to complete my plush collection (since I'm a completionist whore like that lol) but once I received them I ended up liking them a lot. (^▽^)

I must say that I was surprised by the quality of the capsule rubber straps from Bandai. They are in no way inferior to the more expensive straps out there. Plus the designs are super cute so it really makes you want to get the whole set. o(≧∇≦o)

Here are the straps displayed on a corkboard sized 45 x 30 cm which houses 25 straps comfortably.
I've also ordered the Tokyo Ghoul and Diamond no Ace rubber straps so I'll be needing a new corkboard soon ♪


  • Next is this giant haul of goodies I acquired on my day out to Hiroshima. I'm normally not much of a misc goods person since I don't know how to display them properly but there's something appealing about browsing in a physical store which compels you to buy so this is what I ended up with. (´ω`★)

I was lucky to stumble upon the opening day of the JUMP Shop in Hiroshima where I picked up some Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket merchandise. The managa style illustrations on the Haikyuu clear files are absolutely gorgeous. ♥(ノ´∀`)

  • The Kuroko no Basket pencil boards on the bottom were from Animate. I'm planning to use them as backdrops for displaying the scale figures. (Still need to hunt down Murasakibara)
  • The Kuroshitsuji illustration at the back is actually a bookcover made from glossy paper which I picked up from Volks store. I'm on the fence about the Koto figures but will likely end up buying as Ciel = precious.
  • Cleaning Levi nendoroid was spotted in one of those rental cases where people can sell their own items.
    He was 5,000 yen unopened so I couldn't resist.


The first time I purchased anime cups and it turns out to be these 2 cuties.
I think I like these better than mugs because they are symmetrical.
It's hard to tell from the picture but the outside is actually 6 sided.
I probably won't be using them since they are too cute!


The Kuroko no Basket acrylic key holder was an impusle buy.
The chibis are the same style as the cup. They match!
Kaneki strap was a must get because Awakened ver.
I can't wait for Kotobukiya's figure of him. It better be great.

Next let's move onto GAMES
  • The first thing I did after buying myself a TV was to ask my parents to send over my PlayStation 3 so that I could replay Tales games in preparation for the release of Zestiria. Now that I have finished the game in Japanese I must say that although it's not my favourite Tales it's still a really solid and enjoyable game. (Also Mikleo is the true heroine I tell you).
    Better get back to finishing Symphonia remake to justify preordering Lloyd.

Right now I'm playing Majora's Mask on 3DS after just having finished Ocarina of Time and it's giving me so much Zelda nostalgia vibes. I think when the Wii U Zelda game comes out is when I finally break down and buy the console.

Next up are DOUJINSHI (Please ignore if you don't care for BL) ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

  • First up are Aomine x Kise doujins by the circles idiot, Sierra and 07KOUBOU. This pairing makes up almost half of my Kuroko no Basket doujin collection and is my fandom OTP (*´∀`*)

  • More books by Sierra which I got from Yahoo Auction. I just love the way she draws Aomine and Kise ❤

  • Next are Aomine x Kuroko doujins by the famous circle inumog. Her stories are just the right amount of funny, cute and sexy which makes them impossible to resist. (︶ω︶)

  • Here we have Kiseki doujins by Gunjou (hilarious story where members of the Kiseki switched bodies with each other!) as well as Kagami x Kuroko doujins by Uncomura and some Kise x Kuroko books.

  • Is there a circle that you like so much that you buy their works indiscriminately? Well hummel is such a circle for me. Although it certainly helps to like the series they draw. Shingeki no Kyojin and Diamond no Ace books.

I hope you're not bored yet...
Because now we move onto CHIBI FIGURES \(*T▽T*)/
  • Starting with One Coin Kuroko no Basket mini figures. I bought the 2Q and 3Q box sets for a good price in store and then proceeded to hunt down the first set on Yahoo Auctions. Right now I'm displaying them lined up underneath the TV screen and the rest in cases from Daiso.

  • Next we have Nendoroids. These little cuties will always hold a special place in my heart since it's how I was introduced to figure collecting. Sadly with their rising prices I must now hold back to only purchasing characters that I know and like.

  • Satsuki was a wonderful surprise gift from Beani and Wayfinder. Originally I ordered two Aobas but cancelled one at the last minute due to lack of funding. The Bakemono trio were snagged up when I visited Jungle's shop front in Osaka.
  • Okay I admit to buying Naruko and Kurumi based on design only but they are just too cute! Armin and Levi complete my Shingeki nendo group but I wished they all came with the cape even though it's fiddly as hell to pose ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

  • Haven't had the chance to open these ones yet since I have no room to display them! (Need to buy a shelf first) (┳Д┳)
    All of the nendoroids here were from yahoo auctions except for Saber Alter which was from Suruga-ya.

  • Finally my Snow Miku collection is complete! I swear they just keep getting more and more elaborate each year.

Last but not least are SCALE FIGURES

These days I've become quite picky when it comes to scale figures. Not only does it need to be a character I know and like, I must also consider how it will fit into my existing collection before making a purchase. This means that I'm clearing out a good portion of the scales I purchased previously in an attempt to better organise my collection and optimise display space.

  • Funny I just noticed I haven't purchased a scale by GSC in a long while. Originally I didn't plan to get the rest of the Kuroko no Basket boys but when their prices dropped so much it was hard to resist.
  • For some stupid reason I had cancelled my Haruka & Makoto preorder from BiJ but luckily I managed to get them on HLJ after release before their prices went up. I know some people had issues with theirs but mine were perfect.
  • I also lucked out with Natsume's tree trunk firmly attached to the base (๑>ᴗ<๑)

  • I missed out on PO for Devil Homura but managed to get her on Yahoo Auctions for slightly more than retail. Here's my two cents on how she turned out. Despite some minor flaws I would say she is a sight to behold.
  • Mine doesn't have any tilting issues thankfully. The biggest flaw is on the fringe piece, a small dot of grey paint is on her ribbon, and where the ribbon meets the hairband there's a small bit that's not painted. I'm considering contacting Aniplex to see if I can receive a replacement fringe piece, although when displayed it's not noticeable at all.
  • If anything I wish the paint job was slightly more vibrant, although I already expected it to be how it is after Haregi Homura so I guess it's just Stronger's production style.
  • Also Kyuubey it's so small that the painting is not an issue at all unless you put it under a magnifying glass ヽ(ー_ー )ノ
  • Overall I'm very glad to have her and can't wait to take her home to be displayed together with Madokami.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this massive loot post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

======= THE END =======

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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kawaii-lurve6 years ago#2779581That's true. But you get to go to the physical stores in Japan = much more items to buy.

Maybe for people having a hard time controlling their urge to buy xD it happens to me sometine in a store where the goods are relatively cheap, and end up buying loads of straps towels and key chains I never use or display, however nowadays anything goods you can find in japan is available online
6 years ago
suuuppperr jelly of you xD I loved reading this!

Have fun with your stuff, and those doujins have nice cover arts!
6 years ago
Wahhhhh you have no idea how jelly I am of you right now. I was scrolling through your post and assumed it would end right around when the first pic of nendo lineups came up, but out popped up more!! T^T Just curious though, why would you want 2 Aobas? ≧﹏≦ I have him as well and he's actually my first nendo so he holds a special place in my heart HAHAHA. It's a pity my country doesn't have that JET exchange programme thingy you Aussies do, I can only hope that I work hard enough to study there when the time comes. As someone mentioned before, really sweet job with the bbcoding, that stuff baffles me. Really awesome loot post overall!
6 years ago
Aesthetically pleasing entry and nice loot! Some of those nendoroids are still in the mail or on pre-order for me, so I enjoyed seeing your pics of them. Can't wait for 2015 Snow Miku to come. *-* I also bought the Naruko nendo based on her design alone. She's so cute and the paint job on her dress is freaking perfect.

I'm like that with the themed cups, too...have like 5 of them but could only bring myself to use one so far. They are too nice to use for their intended purpose. u.u
6 years ago
amazing! dude you're such an inspiration rn to me, i'm almost done with my bachelors and was hoping to be able to apply to the JET program, but was worried about the hobbies.. :)
6 years ago
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
akarin6 years ago#2779569This is an amazing loot ;A; I LOVE IT. Very nice template entry too. I like how you set up the photos along with the text- so pretty~Thank you so much! I spent waaaay too much tweaking the formatting haha because I'm fussy like that but I'm glad you liked it!

damedanbo6 years ago#2779642Waaah great haul! I think my trip to Japan is a few years off still (still in college right now, unsure if I'll be able to do the exchange program with our sister universities) but this is one of the things I'm excited for... no shipping costs and no waiting... *w*Thank you! It would be great if you had the opportunity to go on exchange, I went for 2 weeks back when I was in high school and enjoyed every moment! Haha the no waiting part is true but I'll be spending a small fortune to ship them all back home when I leave :x

Kosura6 years ago#2779894I have to wait until next month for my Devil Homura :(
so jelly XD
Aw don't be! You'll have her in your hands soon enough ;)

sandigabi6 years ago#2780091Amaaazing O:
I had doubts about the Kuroko scales but seeing them together makes me want them now. I love how dynamic they are side by side! And I love all the BL goodies and ugh, it is all so great (lol I see Kuroko in a school gir's uniform teehee).
Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!
Thank you so much! :3 Like you at first I only planned on getting Kuroko, but now that I have the others they do go well together, like in PICTURE #1239008 ! Glad to see another BL lover hehe Kuroko is a tease in schoolgirl uniform >.<

Soreni6 years ago#2780152HOLY SHITE I CANT IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF COBWEBS IN YOUR WALLET RIGHT NOW. Very nice loot 10/10 would read againI KNOW RIGHT MY WALLET HATES ME. Haha I actually just got a new wallet but these days I'm too lazy and just carry around money in my pockets. Thank you for reading!

King_of_MFC6 years ago#2780181you're too rich ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
i'm too poor
Noooo I'm not rich at all haha just at an age where I can spend my disposable income freely without worries ^^;;
6 years ago
you're too rich ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
i'm too poor
6 years ago
6 years ago
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
hikaridranz6 years ago#2779341your text format looks neat and so are your photos, it felt oddly pleasant reading your entry.
I wonder how my spending habits would change if I stayed in Japan (゜-゜)
Thanks! I'm glad you found it pleasant to read, I used to play around with web-design so I have a habit of wanting to make things easy on the eyes ^^;
That's an interesting thought, I was prepared to curb my spending habits in Japan since I would eventually have to move back so in consideration of eventual shipping costs etc I have changed to buying less figures and more goods and merchandise. But all rational thought tends to go out the window the moment you step into an awesome anime store >.<

Rychi6 years ago#2779376Woooow! SUPER great haul !!! Love it, very nice and bright pictures as well :DSUPER thanks! Haha. I'm glad the photos turned out okay quality since I used my phone to take them.

pacificrimming6 years ago#2779467Amazing!Thank you!

hulipas6 years ago#2779504Awesome haul! Huwaa! <3 Looking at your photos make me so happy! <3Aww thanks! I'm happy my photos made you happy :D

M-Linfa6 years ago#2779540I think wallet-kun will suffer more if you don’t live in japan, expensive shipping fees, taxes, proxy fees for exclusive products, any anime good collector can relatekawaii-lurve6 years ago#2779581That's true. But you get to go to the physical stores in Japan = much more items to buy.I agree with both of you. Either way as collectors our wallets will suffer no matter where we are! It's the doomed fate unavoidable for all haha.
6 years ago
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
Thanks everyone for your warm comments! I'll try to reply to everyone :)

Carmina6 years ago#2779223That's some nice loot! I have both those Homuras on order, so its nice to see some real life pictures. Those doujin look pretty hot too!Thanks! Wow both at once that must be a hit to the wallet hehe. But for sure you will love them when you receive them. I'm a sucker for nice art so the doujins I get must be hot *ω*

LovelyIdiot6 years ago#2779224Oh my gooosh I'm so envious of your Doujin and Akuhomura figures!!!! I really wanna do the JET programme too although I'm not sure if I'll manage haha xD Can I ask what it's like first hand?Ahhh thanks! I'm jelly of your Alibaba shrine though! *o*
The JET programme is a great way to experience Japan that's different from the usual tourist/big city trips people take. You don't need to be able to speak Japanese, heck you don't even need to know how to teach, and the workload is fairly relaxed. Just be prepared to be situated in a smaller town in Japan although experiences vary greatly depends on where you get placed. For me, I'm in a medium sized town and close enough to a big city. You'll also get many chances to travel around Japan. Living by yourself in a different country might sound daunting but it's a great opportunity for personal growth and I highly recommend you apply if you get the chance!

kawaii-lurve6 years ago#2779230Awesome loot! I can't wait for my Akuma Homura!
It must be awesome to be able to live in Japan but wallet-kun will suffer XD
Thank you! Hope you get yours soon! I think she's a fantastic piece that you'll love. Living in Japan is great that you can get things sooner and more accessible sellers but you're right in that my wallet is suffering >,<

ghirahim6 years ago#2779255That's an impressive amount of stuff! Akuma Homura looks fantastic, I can't wait until mine arrives!Thanks! At first I didn't think it was much until I started taking photos and writing up the blog post lol. Better start clearing out space for her because you'll need it! Hope you get her soon :)

escape_rope6 years ago#2779270Awesome loot!! That's a great haul in 6 months!
I feel I really should have started collecting those Snow Miku nendos. I missed the Ichigo Shiromuku ver. I love the most and because I couldn't get it for a reasonable price I kinda gave up on them. But the 2015 ver. came out so nicely too.. I really should have gotten them all ;__;
but moreover, how did you get that onleft/onright code to work? I wanted to use it for my latest blog too but when I wrote some text it didn't work anymore. It only worked with pics and that wasn't what I needed. Surprisingly my forum signature works with a pic and text.. I'm ????

Now if you don't mind I'll take those 3 Midorima and Takao gacha straps and run away!~
Thanks! Most of the stuff was actually acquired recently when I went on a huge figure shopping spree retail therapy haha >.< Yeah I'm surprised by how high the market price is for Ichigo Shiromuku still. I hope you can get them one day! Oh I checked the prices for the individual Midorima/Takao straps and they are so expensive! It's actually cheaper to get the entire set! o_o

Oh here's my coding for the left/right section, it's a bit messy since I had to use it in combination with lots of spacing to get the desired layout. View spoilerHide spoiler[onleft][url=http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/1240119][img=300x287]http://i.imgur.com/sUjQGNg.jpg[/img][/url][/onleft]

[center]The first time I purchased anime cups and it turns out to be these 2 cuties.
I think I like these better than mugs because they are symmetrical.
It's hard to tell from the picture but the outside is actually 6 sided.
I probably won't be using them since they are too cute!


[center]The Kuroko no Basket acrylic key holder was an impusle buy.
The chibis are the same style as the cup. They match!
Kaneki strap was a must get because [b]Awakened ver[/b].
I can't wait for Kotobukiya's figure of him. It better be great.
6 years ago