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DrathfoxDrathfox5 years ago
Just jotting down some things going on and my thoughts:

Things are going at a slow pace for my figure collecting and I got to thinking of doing figma comics. I'm not sure how many people still look into them these days but hopefully I'm not late to the party. I did get a chance to see what other people have done and have inspired me to do the same. I've been building up a lot of ideas for skits to do, they will most likely be 4-6 frames each. I definitely have plenty enough figmas and accessories to work with however I don't really have the landscape / background to do justice.

Since I want to do this as a series and based on a school setting I'll try and find some way to get a classroom setup and anything else based around school for the most part. Pretty tight on moneys for the time being...unfortunately that makes it with just going cheese mode printing out backgrounds and constructing cardboard rooms. Got a couple of desk lamps, multi colored strobe and laser projector to help with any lighting/effects.

I wish myself luck and I'll keep at this project to hopefully bring comedy and enjoyment to contribute shortly.


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Still limited with props but we shall make use of what we currently got! Going 1 comic a week and possibly more if all goes well. Full speed we go!

First Comic: myfigurecollect...
5 years ago
Thanks for the support everyone!

@Stephie: mini chalkboard... That's a must have! Your setups are so cool too XD

I'll stop by at some shops around town and see if there is anything useful.
5 years ago
I don't know what classroom things you have, but Hasegawa makes 3 packs of desks for like 750 yen. I have about 9 of them. They are cute. Hasegawa also makes a teacher desk and chair, a lab table with stools, and various gym/track equipment. If you can find them on Ami Ami, the price is really good, though I've also ordered from Amazon as well for an okay price. I've also bought tiny art easels from Walmart for a dollar that are good for figma size. I also got some mini chalkboards from there for cheap to set up my classroom.

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5 years ago
Sounds like a fun idea, good luck with finding/making props!:D
5 years ago
I really love figma comics! I'd love to see what you make!
5 years ago
I'll be interested to see how they play out. Wish you the best of luck!
5 years ago
Live better. Play more!

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