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RockGodItachiRockGodItachi7 years ago

Well it's about time someone said it and that is the title of this blog. In all seriousness are Amiibo's actually worth it?


At first glance I was quite excited for these as I thought that Nintendo had brilliantly come up with a way to make not just one game have replay value but many more but as far as I can see all Amiibo's really do is give you bonus stuff (apart from fighting for you in Smash Bros) which if I'm honest isn't all that great really. If they had said "buy a Captain Falcon Amiibo and you can play as him in Mario Kart, Mario Party 10 and other new soon to be released Nintendo titles!" I'm sure not just me everyone would have been super hyped as after all it makes sense right? Instead they're charging us money for DLC characters that are already Amiibo's! Talk about taking us for a ride! So to speak! Well what would we get for tracking down Captain Falcon and paying a large sum of money for him for e.g. is an extra costume for our Mii on Mario Kart 8 and bonus items in Zelda etc. I mean come on Nintendo! What are we mugs? It seems that Nintendo have won though as people are lapping up these little figures by the bucket load and even camping outside reatilers to get them! People can't part with their cash quick enough to get one! Yet I still ask why? One answer is the fact they're characters that have never had figures before so figure collectors out there are grabbing them for a basic figure collection the same for hardcore gaming fans. The other reason I think really is they're just a gimmick but a really popular one at that!


What really gets me with this though is the extortionate prices for some of them as you could quite easily buy a really good quality figure for the price of one or some cases 2 or 3 games! It's madness why anyone would pay these prices for such a small figure. For e.g. the new Mario gold Amiibo is on Amazon UK for £300 as it was limited! £300!? I could buy a Wii U for that!! I could justify it if it was from a proper company and the quality was worth it but compared to the promo shots the real one's don't look that good apart from a select few.


I can't lie there's still a part of me that wants to get more. Maybe they have some bewitching effect on people and Nintendo curse you the moment you get one into buying more!? Either way I still want a Palutena and Zero Suit Samus when they're released. In fact if I'm honest I would like a full collection of them! As it seems like the Pokemon mentality hits you as soon as you get one! Chances of me getting a complete collection of them though are 0 and getting Samus and Palutena are slim to none if I'm honest as the last wave sold out before most people could even get a chance to pre-order! Lucina sold out in 14 minutes on AmiAmi and was put up on the site in the middle of the night for me so no chance there! Same with Amazon.


Finally I thought these were mainly supposed to be targeted at children? I guess I was wrong. So if your a child of 8 and are in desperate need of a say a Rosalina Amiibo your in for a long wait as it doesn't look like Nintendo will be releasing any new stock soon. Plus your parents most likely won't shed out £40+ for a small figure and you aren't just fighting other parents for these your fighting again figure collectors and hardcore gamer's too! So good luck with that!

In closing honestly MFC do you actually think Amiibo's are worth the money or do you think they are just an expensive fad?

Thanks for reading! (*^v^*)
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So are Amiibo's worth it?

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I say Yes and No. Yes in the sense for if you find them for a price that isn't Outrageous Hell I would set the bar up to 25 but I am not gonna pay over a 100 euros on a Small figurine of a Nostalgic Nintendo character I mean we got better alternatives when it comes to that in which I have to say for the Outrageous Ebay/Marktplaats price that it won't be worth it..Sure you have that rare-ass Fire Emblem or Xenoblade character Amiibo but you'd feel scammed. I mainly would just get the Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade ones along with some of the characters of which I played their games like Megaman and Link but that's about it really. Amiibo Hunters are worth the laugh though.
7 years ago
Honestly, I don't wanna get all of them, i think they are worth when you get the characters that you want, for example, Zelda, i always wanted a figure of her and i found it fun to lv her (also Samus and Lucario) in game, so that part is pretty cool to me. Out of the next wave i'v only preordered Zero-suit Samus, for the same reason, because iv always wanted a figure of her.

Another thing would be amiibos are at their retail price, without or with their box, in England they range from about £10.99 to £15.99 at retail, but all the ones over that are really not worth, you guys know the reasons already why that is.

Moreover, Nintendo will always be for kids, but it will always have the adult fans too, which is why they can get away with selling them so high... Fun story to tell you, but when i was out looking for amiibos, someone had picked up a whole set of recently re-stocked Luigi amiibos ... sad thing was, a child next to me wanted this amiibo, So i went up to this guy and asked why he needed so many, he just kinda gave me one then walked off... pretty clear what he was gonna sell them for 2 times the price... which is really sad beause kids do want amiibos, thankfully tho this kid got the one he wanted since i wasn't looking for Luigi XD
7 years ago
No, no, no, and no. Amiibo are not worth it. They are game add-on's made pointless by the artificial scarcity created by Nintendo themselves. These things take the fun out of collecting and your money would be better spent on bigger, better figures of the characters if they exist, as they're somehow cheaper and easier to find than these 13 dollar wastes of money and time. Case and point, the Samus amiibo costs around 20 to 30 bucks to get new these days, while the figma Samus costs 40 new. Only twice the price for a vastly better product. In summation, if you can't get amiibo when they come out, don't bother.
7 years ago
Thanks to everyone who commented on this. It seems Amiibo's are just really an expensive fad and a lot of you feel that they generally aren't worth the money at all. I get the collectors mentality and that if it's a character like Mr Game And Watch for e.g. I can understand why people will go crazy but for what they do they just generally aren't worth the hassle for me personally so I'm now officially out of the Amiibo game as the final nail in the coffin was Amazon telling me Lucina was available to buy, yeah at just over £50.00! I looked laughed and put my set up on E-Bay! lol
7 years ago
Only worth it if you are a huge fan of the character! ;)
7 years ago
Happy Meal toys are cheaper and as good.
7 years ago
Yeah. I agree with most of the people it is not worth it unless you really use the in game function. The sculpt sometime lack a bit here and there and not to mentioned its not cheap. However it also depends on individual taste and needs.
7 years ago
Not worth it if you won't use their in-game functions. From the price of two amiibos you can get a lewd Sonico 1/10 Prize Figure by FuRyu, with actual quality sculpting and paint jobs, off mandarake plus the economy shipping. (26 murribucks ~ 3100 yen, not counting Taxes). One Amiibo is fine, but from what I've seen most people tend to buy more than just one Amiibo.

I can definetly see myself buying some, though, for the sake of cult-classic Nintendo characters with little merch like Marth, Ness or Captain Falcon, but that's a little more of a personal matter.
7 years ago
shalnark7 years ago#2896431The problem is, even pre-ordering them is hard as hell. Pre-orders close a few minutes after they open, and after that you'll be very lucky to ever be able to find them for the retail price anymore.
That doesn't happen with amiibos like Mario and Link, but for those less popular characters (you know, the ones that don't have any figure beside amiibos) it's exactly like that.
I was lucky to be able to pre-order the first couple waves on AmiAmi, but after that I gave up, I don't have the patience to go after them anymore... Which is sad, because they look really nice together on the shelf.

While that doesn't happen to happen with Mario and Link - they are now getting a bugger to find as-well.

I'm so happy I went on GAME this morning and nabbed my Green Yarn Yoshi and game, I'm tempted to buy the blue and pink ones as-well... but at that price I think I'll pass. (£19.99... /sad)

I hope Nintendo brings out them again and continues to manufacture the old ones.. I want to end up with all of them in the end, but not at the prices scalpers are asking for.
7 years ago
I think they're worth having if you actually use them as intended - don't just put them on a shelf or whatever. I enjoy getting them at retail, using them on games and building a Smash amiibo army. People who use bots to suck up all of the reservations take all the fun out of it. Really, scalpers can eat elephant dung. ಠ_ಠ

Don't get me wrong, I am salty at Nintendo's obvious supply vs. demand tone deafness. Really would like to see restocks of older-wave characters, though it's likely they'd be eBay exclusives too.
7 years ago