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Your Most Underrated FigureYour Most Underrated Figure

Hello everyone!
I was just looking at my figures and randomly thought, what is my most underrated figure? and before I go on let me explain myself, when I say underrated I mean a figure not many people talk about/purchased for whatever reasons.

Basically I knew the answer all along personally, for me it was Max Factory's Kotona Elegance figure. Personally I think she is a fantastic figure that came out in 2006. Considering her age I think that she looks fantastic and represents the character very well. The figure is bright, colorful, joyous and just a pleasure to have, and overall she is definitely one of my favorite figures! (You can pick up this 1/7 figure for just $15 nowadays!!!)

Before I leave you with some random pictures let me know what your most "underrated" figure is!!

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BlazBlue: Noel Vermillion Distortion Drive version - ITEM #190597
The only figure of Noel I actually like but it doesn't seem too popular. Despite being an exclusive, the price bombed in the aftermarket.

King of Fighters: Kula Diamond secret ver. - ITEM #5356
I love this prize figure of Kula. Has nice details and great paint. I don't really understand why, but looking at her makes me happy.
3 years ago
Jun Planning's Maria ITEM #2985 and Nagi ITEM #1584 from Hayate no Gotoku!

They sell for relatively cheap in aftermarket (under $30 ea for 1/8 scale). While they could be better, they both do a good job capturing the character.
3 years ago
She's not really underrated, but I never found many stuff about her.
I'm talking about Nendoroid Nyx: ITEM #59770
3 years ago
I would say my most underrated figure would have to be ITEM #8597
There are only a couple dozen people who own her but she's really fantastic! Her sculpt and paint are wonderful and the cast off is done so well it's almost seamless. Compared to a lot of newer figures with cast off she has such a better system. Overall a wonderful figure to have.
3 years ago
Underrated is a complex term :)
Here at MFC the majority of my collection is considered worthless, because almost no one else collects vintage dolls. Yet if you check the value (and speed of purchase) of those items at Y!J or Mandarake, you'll have a different perspective.
Speaking of prepainted PVCs, which are not so niche, I don't see much love for some beautiful sets that I own, like gorgeous Ibara figures s1.tsuki-board...., stylish Peto-Peto ITEM #3229 or I"s refined girls ITEM #6901 ITEM #6900.
3 years ago
These 5 comes to mind:

ITEM #812 Sekirei - Tsukiumi
- That snob facial expression is so Tsukiumi...

ITEM #103196 Shin Mazinger ZERO - Yumi Sayaka
- Call it ero but this is one nice Yumi fig...

ITEM #9778 G Gundam - Rain Mikamura
- That Rain battle suit...

ITEM #4443 Plawres Sanshiro - Sakura Hime
- 2 facial expression plus she's 1/1 scale if she comes to life...

ITEM #1079 Pia♥Carrot e Youkoso!! G.O. - Kunugi Ayano
- Intricate painting up to her under-skirt, food, name tag, etc...
3 years ago
Definitely ITEM #120934 . She's small, but so detailed and with a great paint job! I think so few people own her because she was a relatively expensive on release (an exclusive), but she's basically halved in price since then.
3 years ago
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Probably going to go with ITEM #166936, not the most well-known show, but Tsurugi is awesome. Not to mention this figure does a fantastic job of capturing her cuteness. =3
3 years ago
i guess i have a few! one of which is ITEM #246547, i was really surprised by how high her quality is for a pretty inexpensive prize figure ;; she's actually pretty big too and if you take away her boring black base, the rest of her base is actually pretty cool?
another is ITEM #118037, she's actually huge for a prize figure.. she was one of my first ever figures and she's actually a little smaller my 1/6 figure! she has one or two paint flaws but nothing you can ever notice unless you really look!
also ITEM #199672 ! she's tiny and has a pretty plain base but she's so cute.. it makes me want to collect the rest of the girls from the line! she's bigger than a nendoroid petite but a lot smaller than a regular nendo ;w; her paint job is perfect and i just love everything about her ;^;
lastly i'd probably say ITEM #130976 ! she's one of my all time favourite figures & i just love the way she looks ;; i was on the fence about getting her before because a lot of people had troubles with her sitting pose/chair, but i found a decent position for her and she looks wonderful! ;; her paint job is great and i just love how she looks among the rest of my collection ;;
3 years ago
I have a few figures which seem to get less attention than they deserve, some are quite old, some are prizes. Top 3 I can think of now would be

Mikogami Riko ITEM #33451, her outfit is a bit crazy but I love that cat-head, she's very colorful, positive and of a very high quality, MH at their best.

Iori ITEM #91375 definitely doesn't get the love she deserves, it's a lovely figure, cute outfit, changeable arms, good quality.

Sonico lovers, your collection is incomplete without this one ITEM #146644 ! Of all color variants this one is the coolest, and it's an amazing figure of a very good quality. Her base might look weird but you'll love it when you see how much space it saves on your shelf!
3 years ago
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