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Review: Orihara Izaya 1/8 -Altair(Alter)Review: Orihara Izaya 1/8 -Altair(Alter)

oh-keisukeoh-keisuke8 years agoReview

Hello, I've decided to do a review of the 1/8 scaled figure of my god, Orihara Izaya by Alter. Izaya is the human loving informant from the manga and anime title Durarara!! who has a hobby of messing with people's lives. He is, for lack of a better word, crazy and I love him~ lol
Well anyway, on to the details of the figure, starting with the Box:

I absolutely love his box. Could be because I'm borderline goth but, I love the color choice of black and red. I couldn't imagine a better set of colors to represent Izaya and his darker character.

Front view
His name, the figure scale, company and artist name are listed on all sides of the box including the top.
Two different side views
I love how the image of the figure looks against the city scene in the back. It goes well with Izaya and his habit of looking down on the humans below from atop buildings.
Back view
Top view
They used a nice caution tape effect over the clear parts of the box with Izaya's name in between on the front and "Drrr!!" in between on the back.
I would say his box is my favorite out of all i've seen, not even just saying that because it's Izaya. Well on now to the figures Pose:
As far as his pose in general goes, I feel his pose is very suited to his character. The pose is fairly basic, with his flowing coat being the most dynamic aspect. I dont mind this at all, because Izaya isnt really the type of character to pull off a lot of action-packed poses. When he attacks someone, he normally does it psychologically as opposed to physically (not to say he wont pull his knife on someone when he wants to). The way his weight is shifted and he is tossing his coat around, is befitting of his random acts of insanity whether he is balancing on street displays or skipping through the city.
While his legs and left arm are fixed, you can display Izaya with either his cellphone or his lovely knife in his right hand.

Pose with knife
If you are Shizuo or anyone unfortunate enough to push Izaya too much, you know that Izaya is always equipped with a knife, and he is pretty darn good at using it with that speed of his.

Pose with cellphone
Being an informant, Izaya's phone is a very important tool for him, whether he uses it to make a call that alters the entire situation, keep up with gossip and people's information or to just piss a certain someone off(which seems to be the case here), its important that he always has it on hand.


Fortunately I don't have to choose which way to display him 'cause personally I feel his pose looks great with both his cellphone and his knife.
Personally, I only own two figures by alter at the moment(not counting the multiple Izayas), but I hear they are known for having great quality and it is certainly evident in Izaya's figure.

http://i1046.photobucket.com/albums/b466/kandis1/io10.jpg The various creases and folds in his flowing coat are done so well. The shading in the paint showing the different depths in the lines and emphasizing the waves in his coat is done flawlessly.
http://i1046.photobucket.com/albums/b466/kandis1/io17.jpg You can even see very fine lines and creases in the area around his pocket where his hand is inside.
http://i1046.photobucket.com/albums/b466/kandis1/io14.jpgThe legs are really long and thin and he is very NOT curvy lol which stays true to his actual character design.
I love the detail and the textured effect used to create the fluff on the edges of his coat, the method they used really looks amazing.

The shading and long lines used to show how his weight is shifted and show the pull from his shirt being tucked into his pants was done nicely.
You can see where his belt ends and it isnt just a continuing halo around his waist, also you can see plenty of creases in his pants(they look really tight in that area lol..) the white on his buckle is a glare from lighting not an actual mark on the figure.
One thing, judging by the way his shirt is hugging his hips, it looks like they made his shirt a little tighter than he actually wears it, but not that big a deal.
You can see that he is really flat like in his actual design lol, but he is pencil thin what could you expect?

Here there is a very small area where some paint is gathered, but it isn't noticeable unless you look very hard. Out of all of my Izaya's he is the only one with any type of paint flaw, so I wont count that against Alter, I'll just consider it one of those random things that happen sometimes.

For the base Alter chose a simple round base, which I actually prefer because it doesnt distract attention from Izaya. While it is simple, I still find it very appealing. It has the series name across it as well as the shadow theme that Durarara uses a lot. Also my favorite color combo appears again.

When it comes to the face, I think it is a very nice representation of Izaya


Just like Izaya's, the eyes are small, piercing and devoid of normal human emotions

Also he is sporting one of his signature smiles that he often wears while or before he ruins someone's life


Izaya wasn't designed to be a "cute bishie" style character. Unlike the boys of say starry sky or Uta no prince, Izaya was designed with a more realistic appearance as opposed to being designed for eye candy so his design is actually pretty bland with "shades" rather than "colors" dominating his design. While I wouldn't really call him a villain, he is certainly there to cause conflict so I say it suits him pretty darn well (and looks really good on him). I say all that because, someone who isn't really familiar with Izaya and would prefer to collect figures based on appearances or poses may not want to get this figure 'cause he probably wouldn't be that interesting to them, since his pose is pretty basic and his colors and features don't really pop out. However, if you are a fan of Izaya or even just the show Durarara I would highly recommend it since the character behind the figure really completes the atmosphere of it. Even so, it still comes down to the individuals taste in figures (or guys whichever). I personally find the figure very appealing it catches his character perfectly in the pose and looks exactly like him as well (and I like skinny men in black). I think it would suck hard for anyone who is considering getting him to wait and miss him, so if you are thinking about buying him, and you can find him I recommend you buy him now.
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oh-keisuke ☆*Pancake Massacre*☆
Thanks everyone! It's my first review so im glad it helped some people. It was really fun to do 'cas I care so much about Izaya lol


Lol yea I'm gonna! Can't wait to have them all. Think im gonna post a picture of the ones I have at the moment too.
7 years ago
evilnekohilda eternal procrastinator
Can't wait to get mine~ I feel like his expression gets a little derpy from some angles but he's awesome overall :3
8 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
You should take a picture of all your Izayas together :3
8 years ago
Nice review. I actually didn't realize he got released, heh.
I've only watched the first 2-3 episodes of Durarara, though.
8 years ago
He looks even better than his anime self :D
8 years ago
Nice Review !
8 years ago
This makes me even more disappointed that I didn't get him :<
Great review!
8 years ago
Great review on these guy! I love him and I especially love that sexy shirt of his. It almost looks like his skin is painted black, that shirt is so tight!!
8 years ago