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ALTER announced new Love Live! figuresALTER announced new Love Live! figures

TenoriLoveTenoriLove3 years agoNews
[I don't know if the right category of this article is news but I suppose it could be the one which fits the most: if I'm wrong, tell me and I'll change it!]


Today when I was surfing on the net I saw this tweet which said that Alter announced the next Love Live! School Idol Project action figures. For those who don't know, Alter already made some of the Love Live! action figure series.
View spoilerHide spoilerKotori Minami (Christmas ver.):
http://i.imgur.com/TId1wdY.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZsdGKm0gW3o/VU7aSdvdcpI/AAAAAAAAAHk/N6uC53CXW-Q/w800-h800/kotori29.jpg

Rin Hoshizora (Cat ver.):

The outfits come from the cards of the rythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival (avaiable for iOS and Android) published by Bushiroad and developed by KLab Games.

Inspirational CardsInspirational Cards
Sonoda Umi:

Ayase Eli:

Kousaka Honoka:

Nozomi Toujou:

Hanayo Koizumi:

Yazawa Nico:

Nishikino Maki:

So guys, what do you think? Are you happy about it or do you prefer other outfits? ~
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3 years ago
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I don't know how I feel about Nico-chan in a sitting pose, or wearing a hat, her hair is so signature after all. I didn't play the game so I don't know what other outfits the girls wore though so I don't have any alternative for her. I'm very excited that Alter is finally announcing all 9 though. I will probably buy this set.
3 years ago
DuchessBianca Lewd Loli Mistress
TenoriLove (3 years ago) #3056401Let's hope Alter will make us a discount if we buy the entire set, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah that would be great ^-^ haha
3 years ago
DuchessBianca (3 years ago) #3054985I'm probably one of the biggest Love Live! fans out there and it has consumed my life and I'm very excited Alter will be making all the girls! Kotori's outfit is by far my favorite it's absolutely beautiful. Nozomi, Maki and Umi's outfits are amazing looking too. Hanayo is probably the one I like the least but I'll be getting all 10 of Alters LL figures (Make gets two :D)
Though my wallet weeps so badly, I plan to get the entire LL Birthday set and now with this line my wallet weeps constantly T_T lol

Let's hope Alter will make us a discount if we buy the entire set, that wouldn't be a bad idea.
3 years ago
Lyncfs (3 years ago) #3055025Thank you for posting this! I'm so glad they're doing more LL scales in a variety of outfits (now I almost regret pre-ordering that Maki swimsuit outfit T.T). My favorite so far are Maki, Umi and Noizomi. OMG LL is becoming like the Miku Hatsune franchise as they suck our wallets dry!

You're welcome! I think they could have chosen a better Umi (for example the waitress version) but this isn't so bad! And YEAH, Alter figures cost pretty much D: Our wallets are going to die
3 years ago
jesmagicchild (3 years ago) #3055062I'm going to have no cash...
I NEED these...
God Bless/ Curse you Alter!

^i can relate to this so much, i feel your pain ;__;
3 years ago
pacificrimming (3 years ago) #3055870Agreed! She looks beautiful but I think they should've done Rapunzel Nozomi, maybe? Lovin' Honoka and Hanayo though they're so so cute omg

I love chinese Nozomi but also a Rapunzel one would have been perfect!
3 years ago
Tomoe (3 years ago) #3055121 Nozomi's is fine but it's not my favorite card of her exactly
Agreed! She looks beautiful but I think they should've done Rapunzel Nozomi, maybe? Lovin' Honoka and Hanayo though they're so so cute omg
3 years ago
oh wow i dont play this but their outfits are so precious!! i'd even be tempted to get figures of these girls haha
3 years ago
I absolutely love their choice of cards!! Takaramonozu Honoka, Oriental Nozomi and Event Halloween Maki definitely brings out their personalities but the Event Nico really is my favorite! I'm heavily expecting Alter to bring out their personalities and make their clothes shine as much as they did with Bird Queen Kotori and Cat Rin * v *)//
3 years ago
They sure are milking this series....
3 years ago
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