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KeripoKeripo5 years ago
So after creating the unofficial MFC Facebook page, I got a lot of requests asking for a Twitter equivalent. So I made one!

Like the Facebook page, the Twitter page will tweet the daily top 5 Pictures of the Day and top 3 Reader's Selection. Content is grabbed from custom Feed43 RSS feeds here and here (please do not edit them), and scheduled to post every day at 6pm at 30 minute intervals.

My Figure Collection - Unofficial Twitter page

So go ahead and follow the new Twitter page, and don't forget to also like the existing Facebook page! Enjoy!

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Keripo 「ケリポ」
Oh, the irony

5 years ago
Chidoru Selling some figures!
Awesome, followed! I don't user Facebook, so I'm glad to see that you made a Twitter equivalent! It looks great!
5 years ago
Now this I can actually get behind. Another good job Keripo.
5 years ago
Yay! The other MFC twitter posts random stuff that makes no sense, but this obviously will ^_^
5 years ago
Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
After the official MFC FB page posted "a popular figure on MFC" which was an Azone Dress that wasn't "popular" or anything.. I thought "NOPE!" and liked your site instead. Thank you for the good work!
5 years ago
Thanks. I don't do FB, but I do twitter. I'll give it a go.
5 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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