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The curse of putting stuff back in boxesThe curse of putting stuff back in boxes

ArchetypeArchetype7 years agoDiary
I couldn't have picked a worse topic for starting a blog post.


Since today is the big cleaning day for my room, I spontanously decided that perhaps it was better for the overall view of my room to shelf some of my older figures back into their boxes to bring them out again later once I had more display stuff. Amongst those figures that fell victim to this procedure was my Saber -Casual Clothes- figma (ITEM #13750) as well as the figma of Canaan (ITEM #12023).

So, I sit on my couch, taking the figures apart to get them back into their boxes the way they came and the obvious happens: something breaks. I was initially afraid I would break Canaan's trigger finger hand while trying to remove the gun, since her index finger isn't molded in very bendable plastic, but it worked out fine. Instead, it's Saber that breaks. I had this particular Saber displayed holding the Shinai training sword she comes with and the appropriate right hand, angled down. I pull very, very gently on her hand in order to pop it off, and I can see with my own eyes how the entire connection of the hand to the arm slowly rips off, until I have the hand with the sword in the left hand, and the now one handed figure in the right.

"Damn, I should have known" is the first thing that comes to my mind. This kind of stuff ALWAYS happens when I want to shelf something back. Not to mention that, despite this being a later figma than Canaan, if only by a month, Saber still had those annoying balljointed hands while Canaan was already using the simple peg hands. Those balljoints always were a pain in the butt to get out.

I grab my modelling knife in a futile attempt to kind of carve out the old-style figma balljoint, hoping to get it out and glue it back to the hand, but it takes less than 30 seconds to realize that's not going to happen. Instead of carving out the stump of the balljoint, I slowly take it apart with the blade. Great, I think, I'm ruining this even more and more as I go.


Frustrated, all I could do now is to carve out more of the balljoint until there was enough room to take another of Saber's right hands and push it in as best I could, so she wouldn't end up like Anakin Skywalker. I worked, sort of, but you can still tell something's not right, since the hand sticks out a bit more than it does on the undamaged arm. Still, this Saber will never be able to wield a sword again with her right hand. I guess I shouldn't be as mad as I am right now, given that a) I wanted to shelf her anyway and b) have enough Sabers anyway, but it still hurts no matter what. Had this happened with, say, regular figma Saber (ITEM #172), I would have gone on a rampage.

So, today's lesson in figure treatment is:
NEVER put something back into its box if it requires the removal of delicate parts. No matter how careful you are, something is going to break, especially if it has balljoints.
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One of your figures breaks: What do you do with it?

  • 74%I (try to) repair it
  • 2%I shelf it, never to be seen again
  • 13%I (try to) get a new one / replacement parts
  • 2%I throw it away
  • 9%I eat it
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Needing to box up your figures to move or sell them can be super "dangerous" ... I think pieces just get really stuck together, so when you try to take them apart there is a high chance of breaking. Also, when moving, it's easy to drop things when you're putting them away or taking them out again. It's kind of a bummer. I've had a couple figures break. If it's not noticeable, I just say oh well, but I usually try to glue or fix in some way. I've only had small issues, though.
7 years ago
Depends on the break. I broke one of my figures, a resin one, on unboxing, but it was on an accessory with a lot of line detail, so it's not obvious at all and doesn't bother me. If god forbid it was something like an arm or head where no matter what it's not going to look right, I'll throw it out (if it's a small item) or sell it as damaged and let someone else do the repair and enjoy it, because at that point, it's done for me.

It's a reason I will avoid Polystone/resin whenever possible, that stuff is just asking for trouble.
7 years ago
I eat it cause why not?
7 years ago
>_< I share your pain...the situation of a broken joint was my nightmare until now, it just came true TT-TT... I was taking pictures at a figure and sudenly the joint just came off like that.. it pains me because of how much it cost me and that it was brand new, I just got it out of the box once the day it came to see from the plastic tray everything was fine...but now I accept the challenge of fixing it leaving it better as ever as I've had experiences fixing other things and making them even better >:|
7 years ago
Poor Saber ;_;

The same thing happened to me when I was changing my Append Miku figma's chestplate, it broke, I was so stupid I thrown the broken part away, and used the another one, I want that so much now, is there any comunity like Let's split figmas ? Or something like that xD
7 years ago
One of these days this exact thing is going to happen to me... although, currently almost all of my figures are still in their boxes since I have a total lack of display space. I have accidentally broken a large piece of a gunpla during construction. I had assembled a particular piece of the backpack inverted and was attempting to pop it back out and... well you know how things go when you have to apply a bit of force. Before I knew it one of the large plates snapped in two. I was so upset I wanted to throw the Gundam away. After more work I was able to extract the rest of the piece, resculpt the interlock point and glue it back together. Unfortunately it doesn't pivot like it should... but I've still got it displayed. I probably wouldn't ever throw a figure away and I would spend hours trying to fix the damage no matter how bad. After all, I like my figures that much, I wouldn't buy them otherwise. On a side note..., stories like this also remind me a lot of the Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story.
7 years ago
Kaichi ☆☆☆
I throw them away
already happened once with one Kagami figma
she broke really bad couldn't fix it
7 years ago
I've had some really bad figure breaks--my Alter Ver. 1 KOS-MOS was dropped and her leg snapped off, my cat knocked Koto's Seena off the table and her boot came off, Shin Sonic Fate's swords broke at the hilt during shipping, original BRS' pegs all broke, etc etc. It doesn't really bother me anymore--breaks are pretty damn easy to fix and for the most part are totally invisible once they've been glued. Scratches though really suck as they're hard to fix, usually I just try to ignore those figure injuries. ^^;
7 years ago
Yeah this is pretty much my reason for not collecting figmas, they're far too flimsy. I prefer my figures larger, sturdier and more detailed. I'm not that into posing.
Sorry to hear about your figure :( one of my first PVCs resulted in a breakage.
It was Ignis ITEM #2896 and I tried to force the uzi into her hand - I didn't realise I could take the handle off - and it snapped. I was devastated and desperate so I glued the gun back together - out of her hand. Now I have no way of getting it into her hand without breaking it so it sits unceremoniously on her base. Oh well I didn't think Ignis used a gun anyway. Luckily thats my only breakage to date.

I REALLY panick about unpacking and assembling figures sometimes though. Like Dizzy ITEM #42026 you really have to press hard to get those wings in and I though she wouldn't survive it. Good thing Alter make good quality figures.
7 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Damn, you gave your account so well it felt like I was reading a book!
I feel your pain though; when figs have been in a certain stance for a prolonged period of time the joints can get incredibly stiff and the worst can happen :/
7 years ago
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