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Macross Frontier - Sheryl Nome - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Macross Frontier - Sheryl Nome - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)

AshlotteAshlotte9 years agoReview
So how is everyone...Getting ready for Christmas right...Mmm sure is cold this time of year...winter and all........Yea ok so here I am reviewing again and it isn't December no matter which way you look at it. >_>

Ahah well this time I'm doing one by request, so it's going to be abit less comprehensive then the usual "Out of the box" review...

I had passed on reviewing Sheryl when I first got her as I knew a ton of people were going to review her (and did), but I guess second...Or in this case twelfth opinions are still wanted by some. *cough*

So yea this is Sheryl...If you don't know Sheryl click the little handy Youtube link above and then go watch the whole series afterwards...I mean it...Watch it your missing out... :p


Mmm moving right along we have our lovely figure here. I can't really comment on the interior of the box anymore as I long ago threw it away, but I also don't especially remember it annoying me so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't terrible.

The actual box that I kept I can comment on though...It's a nice suitable size (Must have been MH's influence...). The outside is kinda...Well ugly. We get some rather "Macrossy" stylized text, a few oddly shaped windows, and the requisite product shots all done up in a variety of pink / purple hues...Not really much to look at. *shrug*


Now for the frustration part of most cast-off figures, the unwrapping! Yea AxO didn't feel the need to give you any instructions so you get to fumble about with that for awhile...Sadly I'd provide instruction, but I can't really remember too well how I did it and I'm not about to go through that nightmare again...

Eh needless to say she's probably one of THE most annoying figures to cast-off I've yet come across not just in taking her clothes off, but putting them on. It's actually so annoying I don't even have her clothes completely reconnected at one seam...Thankfully it's in a spot under her arm thats extremely hard to see.


Alright then lets get to the good as I'm in an unjustifiably optimistic mood and if were talking good with this figure it's all about the hair! My gods the hair...It's somewhat typically blond at the top, which slowly gives way to a cotton candyish semi-transparent pink by the time you hit the end...Really just absolutely yummy.

Second of course would be her outfit. I'm not entirely sure what the PC term is to call this type of getup, but whatever it's still incredibly hot. All the little folds and bits on it are well sculpted all around. The paint isn't quite as nice though with lots of mess on the gold trim (More then usual...Worse then both Isoroku or Kenshins) and feels a bit plasticy in areas like the buckles near her thighs or her belt. The boots are extremely well done though both in paint and sculpt.

Underneath all this she has a really incredible body sculpt and a great form fitting outfit. The suspenders are a little annoying to get attached, but that's about it...I had contemplated just leaving her with the outfit off honestly when I ran into so much frustration putting it back on as it looks pretty nice in and of itself.


Onto the negatives now I suppose...Continuing with her outfit as an obnoxious side-effect of the cast-off she has several large and ugly seam lines in her costume. The one on her right shoulder is mostly hidden, but the ones on her left arm, belt and back are all pretty easy to see even from a moderate distance. Her left leg also doesn't sit completely inside her boot on mine so if you look close at certain angles you can see a small gap there.

Lastly she's well...lifeless. This is a pretty subjective thing from me and if the sculptor was going for a look that made her seem like she was posing for the picture on the front of a magazine then I guess its fine...But as a representation of her in full concert regalia with Mic in hand she has no energy whatsoever.

Her overly placid expression paired with a sort of blase pose makes her feel rather disinterested and light years from the passionate woman who devotes her life to music giving it 110% every time...Meh I don't know I feel like I'm being a whiner now, but this isn't the Sheryl I know and love...

As for the base its surprisingly fitting...A nice simple clear plastic (Oh please please figure makers more clear plastic...I get it...your lazy and can't be bothered to make diorama bases every time so you shove a plastic disc under them instead...fine...Just make it clear for the love of all thats holy!) with her name written as well as her trademark signature in gold.

Final Score

Sculpting - 6 - The hair is fantastic and the outfit is generally well done, but the cast-off function adds unnecessary seam lines not to mention that boring face...

Painting - 7 - Again fantastic on the hair, but downright sloppy on the gold detailing and a few of the finer details.

Posing - 3 - Meh...I like the heel lift on one of her legs, but otherwise she's just sorta...there...Sheryl deserves to have more presence and expressiveness then this pose afforded her.

Base - 8 - Pretty nice really and suits her well!

Packaging - 7 - Ugly, but at least it's not unnecessarily big and for me that counts for a lot.

Enjoyment - 5 - Indifferent....I love the hair and outfit with the general quality being pretty high, but she just feels like she coulda been so much more...

Geh this really does sound like a whiny review...Well admittedly most of the major flaws I find in the figure were things you could see plain as day in the original promo shots like pose and facial expression. This figure was one of my very early pre-orders back when I was just getting into figures and didn't have much of a clue about what it was I liked or wanted really...I just saw "AxO Sheryl Figure" and didn't really think much about it at the time.

So she's defiantly a "Get what you see" type of figure, so if you happen to like her pose and expression I say feel free to go for it. For me though...eh wake me when somebody makes a figure of her that does justice to the passion and intensity of her music...

One last aside this is my first review with the "new" harsher rating system in place...I say harsh but it isn't really. I'm mostly basing it off how the regular non-review score system is setup. For those who can't be bother to click out and check that yourself it's :

0 - Garbage
1 - Make Puke (Honestly Kuma this one sounds worse then garbage haha...)
2 - Horrible
3 - Very Bad
4 - Bad
5 - Average
6 - Fine
7 - Good
8 - Very Good
9 - Great
10 - Must Have (Or in the perspective of these reviews "Near Perfect" or some such)

So if you look at it like that I don't think I was really too horribly harsh...

For any number of far more positive and less depressing reviews click any of the below links though.





*On the photos*

Meh...As you could probably guess from the tone of the review my motivation factor was pretty low...I just threw up a background and took some shots didnt even bother with my secondary lighting...Was trying to highlight the one part of the figure that was perfect to me...Her hair. :p

Actually I don't even know what settings I had the camera on...eh...Oh well I promise I'll try to do a nice proper shoot for the next one. >_>

*slips out the back before anyone rages and kills him*
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Haha oh god these terrible old ones...Glad you atleast liked it. :p
7 years ago
I was enjoying the review but when I read the comments I was like...w00t? w00t? what's this drama? lol
Thx for the review!
7 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Yea...I actually had just as much trouble on her other side too, but by some miracle managed to get it to connect, but the other one...ugh...

Glad you enjoyed it Tori. ^_^
9 years ago
"It's actually so annoying I don't even have her clothes completely reconnected at one seam...Thankfully it's in a spot under her arm thats extremely hard to see."

It happened the same to me. In fact, I couldn't reconnect both sides... I ended up so frustrated trying yo put her clothes back on...

Good review :)
9 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
lol all that grumbling of mine made you think like that eh jin? I'm amazed. :p

Yea the embed thing is disabled for this video for some dumb reason...I encourage everyone to click it out to YT just the same as it's a really nice one for her. ~_^
9 years ago
jintoo Where is my mind?
Hey dude : do not try to make me buy her ! ... because I have already her :P
The video is really cool... nontheless the embedded player doesn't work T_T
9 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Well I can't blame them she is very pretty, but so very lifeless. T_T

But I'm glad you liked it angel...Kept imaging people trying lynch me for giving such a low score to a universally loved figure. >_>
9 years ago
very nice review, everyone is saying she is absolutly perfect till this review. :D
I don't think your being to harsh though.
9 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
LestterI guess I'm guilty too. I'm starting to question myself. Have I been bias when reviewing? I'm happy with the score I gave Guernsey but I didn't think Rei would amount to such a high score after I reviewed her. I'll be a bit stricter next time. I can't let these companies slide so easily.

Haha well just try and keep it within moderation there Les and cut em alittle slack where it's deserved. ~_^
9 years ago
I guess I'm guilty too. I'm starting to question myself. Have I been bias when reviewing? I'm happy with the score I gave Guernsey but I didn't think Rei would amount to such a high score after I reviewed her. I'll be a bit stricter next time. I can't let these companies slide so easily.
9 years ago
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