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darkmieldarkmiel3 years agoDiary
I've been taking photos of a bunch of boxes from difference sources, and it's interesting to see the differences in packaging.

HobbyLink Japan
HLJ's usual shrink-wrap method to keep items from moving around which is good enough for figs.
Btw, Amazon.jp does this too so if you're ordering cds they will all freaking break! ^___^

Mandarake Sapporo
"Wonderful" packaging from Mandarake Sapporo here. You'd think a big city branch would do better than this ._.; Box was slightly beaten up. There was some small amount of newspaper on top which I removed. Figure has a sheet of bubble wrap "put" around it which was falling apart; small items were just thrown on top LOL.

Mandarake Umeda
I thought I was going to be greatly disappointed again but wow I'm super impressed. Tons of plastic wadding, bubble wrap under the items and around them, and each item is individually wrapped in bubble wrap! No wonder my shipping cost so much. LOL At least I got what I paid for.

Mandarake Nakano
One large piece of bubble wrap. My items survived the beaten up box, so I don't have any complaints.

The one you're most familiar with. Newspaper padding with small items thrown on top as usual. But they make up for it with a super sturdy box, which is great. My cat also loves Amiami boxes the most. LOL.

Crappy box, but can't be helped because they ship domestically only. Jap text says Fragile, but apparently no one outside Japan can read Japanese. They shrink-wrap the items as well. I usually forward these through BiJ without paying for repackaging. 100% of the time the box will arrive beaten up but the items usually survive. Will recommend you pay for the repacking fee if your items are extra large or fragile though.

And a random loot pic to end this post.
Daga kotowaru!
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Interesting comparison and nice loot! //runs away with giorno
3 years ago
Tokyo Otaku, Amiami, and Mandarake, and Jungle are awesome. HLJ is a mixed bag. Sometimes it has a lot of protection, sometimes they shove everything Tetris style and only a little stuffing.
3 years ago
Nice article for references.
3 years ago
Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
everytime Ive recieved something from surugaya my items are individually wrapped (sorta) but always in a way too big box with nothing else around them so they fly around on the trip to me and the boxes are often very dented ;-;
3 years ago
My cat also prefers the AmiAmi box XD
I just got a package from GSC Store and they're shitty (weak cardboard box) -_-. I still prefer AmiAmi!
3 years ago
Nice jojos! I need to get on collecting more SAS. Great post. :3
3 years ago
I spot lots of Jojo, hehe, the photo at the end is very nice!! :D I like my items to arrive in lots of bubblewrap otherwise I worry about damage ><
3 years ago
Very nice post :)
I prefer AmiAmi i think if i had to pick!
3 years ago
kawaii-lurve (3 years ago) #3202602It was shipped directly to me through DHL. Even though it reached me in 27 hours, ANYTHING could have happened within that 27 hours >.>
As if filling up the empty spaces with just that few pieces of paper is gonna help ._.

Wow .-.;; I've never experienced this before. Guy doing the packing must've been drunk.
3 years ago
darkmiel (3 years ago) #3202571LMAOOO omgg! Did you forward or ship it directly overseas?
It was shipped directly to me through DHL. Even though it reached me in 27 hours, ANYTHING could have happened within that 27 hours >.>

As if filling up the empty spaces with just that few pieces of paper is gonna help ._.
3 years ago
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