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June/July Loot

Hello MFC-Users! :3

Welcome to my very first loot entry. Actually, I wanted to make one in June already, but I couldn't find time to do it, so I will make a two months loot. Yaay C:

So let's begin! (Attention: Picture heavy!!)


My first packages were from Figuya and Imaginatorium.


Firstly, the package from Figuya.


An here he is: ITEM #236178


Ciel!! :D I really love this figure, I think the horse is one of the most beautiful bases I have ever seen *-*

Next one:


I ordered two puzzles because I love the artwork on it and they're glowing in the dark xD

My second package that arrived was from Amiami (unfortunately I don't have photos from the package...). In there was ITEM #236168


I really enjoy her. Hiyori is one of my favourite characters of all time and I'm glad to have a figure of her. :3

The last one that arrived was from Tokyo Otaku Mode:

I love that Clear File! Already got it, though.


It's Kageyama :D ITEM #248135
I already got Hinata so it was obvious that I get his boyfriend, too XD

Posed him while he is doing his Jump-Serve, but I think I will change it soon.

Now let's move on to July.


First order was from Hlj. It was my first time using them and I'm quite satisfied with their service, etc.
In there were ITEM #236575 and ITEM #236166.



Enjoy them both, especially Sebastian. :)

Second was again from Amiami.


A rather big package for a little item xD


It's the trainscene from 'Spirited Away'. I love that scene, the atmosphere and the music, so I thought having this scene miniaturized
would be very nice. *w*

And today I got three(!) orders, one from Amiami, Hlj and GSC.


Sadly, no Amiami card this time :/

(I'm sorry for the quality of the following pictures. I made them with my mobile phone.)


What I got:
ITEM #280432
ITEM #303637
ITEM #303002
and a stand mirror from Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

Next Hlj:



It's ITEM #288318

The Sebastian Plushie is soo cute and I had to have him. =w=

Aaaand the last one from GSC:


Snow Mikuuuu! :DD I'm so happy to finally have her. She is too cute and I really love her design.


And one last picture from the July part (only the 'big' items).


Thanks for reading my first loot entry. I hope it was interesting for you. :3
(And I'm sorry for any grammatical error xD)

Have a nice day~
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dorangonyoukai Vocaloid Fangirl
Kirenisa (2 years ago) #3207703xD I love the Sebastian plush , nice haul!

Thanks! ^^ I love him too. He's very cuddly *~*

baeblade (2 years ago) #3208576I love that ciel figure he definitely has one of the best bases :)

I was very impressed when I got him. The details and painting are amazing! Definitely worth buying it :D
2 years ago
I love that ciel figure he definitely has one of the best bases :)
2 years ago
Kirenisa I am a collector!
xD I love the Sebastian plush , nice haul!
2 years ago
dorangonyoukai Vocaloid Fangirl
tomoko (2 years ago) #3205965What a great loot, I love your collection!

Thank you very much! :3
2 years ago
What a great loot, I love your collection!
2 years ago
dorangonyoukai Vocaloid Fangirl
Seiidaishougun (2 years ago) #3205229I also really liked Hiyori from Noragami, but I didn't like her uniform much. All a dull grey, and no overknee socks :(

Yeah, I kind of agree with you. I also don't like her school uniform, but I really wanted a figure of her xD
2 years ago