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GSC Fate/Stay Night - Saber Alter - Vortigern ver. - 1/7 Review

Damn, here we are again. Welcome guys and gals of all ages. I didn't think I'd make another review, but hey, "there's a 2nd time for everything"...? Wait, that's not how it goes. :x

A little bit of background:

So I was looking for people selling this particular figure (one of my holy grails, btw) at a nice price for over 2 months (started collecting figures seriously around May, during Anime Central lol) and I found this one guy who's selling it for 250. That's a really, REALLY good price, right? Of course it is. I saw people selling it for 300+. I ain't going nowhere near that! I just started collecting and I feel like those prices... are something I deem too valuable for me. So 250. Sadly, at that time, I was cash-strapped too. Only had about 200 to spend. But see, the guy was REALLY nice. I asked him if he could sell it to me for maybe around 230 instead with free EMS shipping still in play and he AGREED. You guys probably have a good idea of how happy I was at that time. Now all I needed to do was procure that 30 bucks and get on with it. Eventually, I was able to buy this holy grail! Yes!!

At first I was skeptic. Like, is this guy for real? Basically unopened for 230? That can't be right, can it? Yes. Yes it can be right. This guy was unbelievably real! Looking at his reviews, he's definitely made a bunch of customers happy. And so I did it. I finally "acquired" one of my grails. Well, I've truly acquired it now, now that it's in my possession. But yeah, this felt so unreal! So now here we are, in this silly review of mine, trying to figure out why I'm still bothering even though the last review was pretty lackluster.

Well anyway, moving on. Same deal as before: Please let me know if you see mistakes. I love constructive criticisms, so don't be afraid to let loose! But putting all those aside, let's get the show on the road, shall we?

Introducing the highlight of this review: Good Smile Company's Saber Alter Vortigern ver. 1/7 Scale Figure!

As always, we'll be starting with the box!

..:: The Box ::..


Here's the box that came in... right after I opened it out of excitement. I forgot I'm supposed to make a review of this! As you can see, the box is from Mandarake, but I didn't buy it from there.


This is where I lost it. I'm sure you guys know the feeling, so you can imagine the joy that I felt as I looked at that thing of beauty. Well anyway, she's packed well with bubble wraps! Poppity-pop, my friends!


Ample amount of packing paper. Box never moved when I shook it a bit. Thanks for taking care of the packaging, seller-san!

Next up is...

..:: The Figure Box ::..


This box is definitely the biggest box I have right now. Will I ever get a bigger box? We'll find out someday lol. Anyway, let's begin with the front shot. I like its clean looks, but the cutout doesn't do her justice! I honestly think they could do better with this to make her look more unique packaging-wise. Side cutouts don't make any sense either. I'd rather they just enlarge the illustration. The top cutout is fine, but it doesn't really add that much aside from being able to peek at the base and possibly the huge sword. The back is alright though, showing her signature pose and the different styles she goes with.

Now let's take her out of that box!

..:: The Figure in Plastic Casing ::..


Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe what I saw at this moment. Seriously though, she's definitely the best-looking figure I have right now! I took a picture of her with flash and without. She looks mesmerizing in both! There's another layer of plastic casing behind the figure that houses her Excalibur à la Vortigern. Damn that sword is HUGE. Also, the base definitely made me feel even more excited, although looking from the underside, it's not painted the same as the actual visible base. I kinda wish they also colored the underside a bit to match the top.

A closer look at her base is needed!

..:: The Base ::..


This base, I reaaally like. It fits the character, mood, and style! You can see the pegs that are going to be used to stabilize and assemble Saber on top of this wonderful base. It's the best base I have at the moment. Well, maybe I'll be retracting those words at some point when a figure with a better base shows up. But as for the figure itself, it's gonna be really darn hard to beat.


The added logo is also a nice touch! Gotta love those small details that make something even cooler!

Shall we move forward to removing her from her plastic shackles and assembling her?

..:: The Assembly ::..


Just got her out of her confines. Plastic on her feet still intact.


I put her on top of the box to get a better shot. Didn't install her sword yet, but she already looks cool (and without her sword, she looks silly as well :p).


This time around, I decided to go with the smaller Excalibur first. Aside from that, there are 2 other parts for that style change you might be after. One Excalibur on Vortigern and the other is her headpiece.


With her headpiece + regular Excalibur.


With her headpiece + Vortigern Excalibur.

Oh, and don't mind the laundry basket in the back. Gotta separate those whites!

..:: The Miscellaneous Shots ::..


"Beautiful! She looks beautiful in every single angle!" - hitagicrab27 2k15

..:: The Conclusion ::..

Wow. What can I say? She really is worth every single penny spent! Awesome base, well-thought-out pose, amazing weapon details, everything (Well, maybe not the box, but it's really only the cutouts that bothered me). And for 230USD? That was the best price I could've paid on a freakin' expensive figure. All in all, it's a HUGE thumbs up for me.


The thumb doesn't look as big as I thought it would be...

Anyway, thanks for reading this lengthy review (lengthiest I've made so far!). I hope you enjoyed your time and I hope I helped a few minds make some decisions about getting her OR avoiding her. The latter makes me a little bit sad though, but that's fine. That's what reviews are for. Till next time!
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Comments23 comments

very nice and informative review of this beauty! Btw, how were you able to attach her to the base so perfectly? The pegs on mine don't fit very well, the way they fit is very similar to what is shown in your 20th photo (the pegs are not even halfway in, except for the one at the heel on her left leg). I am very afraid of forcing it and breaking something in the process..
1 year ago
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
khmergod (1 year ago) #9545542Just gonna leave this here >;)

I'll only ever need triumphant saber hahaha. I already have distant avalon on preorder. Maybe I'll get cuirasser too. Hahaha.
1 year ago
Just gonna leave this here >;)

1 year ago
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
khmergod (1 year ago) #9536141http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/khmergod1462289710.jpeg
It isn't a tight fit, but it isn't wobbly. It should be fine hehe. Can't even tell. Luckily I didn't break the peg. I heard a crack and thought I snapped it lol.

That's good then haha. I'd have had a heart attack lol. Well if it's a bit tight then you should be fine.
1 year ago

It isn't a tight fit, but it isn't wobbly. It should be fine hehe. Can't even tell. Luckily I didn't break the peg. I heard a crack and thought I snapped it lol.
1 year ago
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
khmergod (1 year ago) #9533361http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/khmergod1462289716.jpeg

It doesn't look so bad. Did it turn loose? If it did, then i don't think you can keep using the big sword in longer periods.
1 year ago
1 year ago
hitagicrab27 (1 year ago) #9505044Oh no. I hope its fixable. Did it snap or just bend?

Will take picture of it tomorrow. I put it back on without a problem. Her Hand had a peg that fit into the wrist. It was like I never removed it, but it isn't a stiff lock, I think the only way to keep it stuck is to glue it together. She's beautiful, though. I almost cried at the sight of awesomeness.
1 year ago
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
khmergod (1 year ago) #9489379I think I dislocated her left wrist while placing sword in her hand.
Oh no. I hope its fixable. Did it snap or just bend?
1 year ago
I think I dislocated her left wrist while placing sword in her hand.
1 year ago
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