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S.H Figuarts Super Sailor Moon


Super Sailor Moon, though using a few of the basic mold assests from the original S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon release, has her own detailed and well sculpted elements that keep her true to the anime outfit style. This new release, as you will see, looks more mature than the previous release, keeping true to the idea that she has grown up since her awakening as Sailor Moon. I have been quite excited for this release and couldn't wait to review her. Like the others, this figure has both her good and not so inspiring qualities. With the recent release of this Figuart, we can remain positive that Bandai will also create an Eternal Sailor Moon.

This review will be picture heavy. I hope you enjoy!







As per usual, the packaging continues the theme of the Figuarts Sailor Moon line. The pictures are good quality and enhance the buyers excitement at the possibility of posing her. The colours of this box do make it a unique release as it differentiates from the original release, as you can see below.



The figure comes with instructions and is well secured in her plastic inner packaging. Her arms and waist come with extra plastic wrapping to protect the paint. This release also comes with the little pegs that the hands attach to to keep them all together. This can be handy if you've been prone to losing small bits in the past or are worried you may lose something.



I'm so pleased that Bandai included both her Spiral Moon Heart Rod and the Holy Grail Chalice. This gives the figure a lot more diversity in terms of how you can pose her, especially if you want to recreate a scene from the anime.


The stand is the same shape as the previous releases. We do, however, get a little butterfly illustration on her stand that relates to the butterflies that fly around her as she transforms into Super Sailor Moon. This is a cute little detail.


She comes with plenty of hands for a variety of poses. Her facial expressions are also great and the faceplates from her previous releases still fit this version. I've wanted a closed eyes face plate for her for a long time.


Comparing the original release (the left side) to the Super release (the right side) you can notice the subtle differences that make her look more mature. She looks more like a little girl in the first release, whereas this face plate makes her look more like a young woman.

The Figure Herself



With a side by side comparison, you can see that Super Sailor Moon stands taller than Sailor Moon. (SSM = 14.5CM SM = 14CM)


Super Sailor Moon has a more pearlescent paint job on her torso compared to the original release (the other release picture, her anime repaint version, is matte.) The hand that holds her wand looks more natural - instead of having a straight out hole going through her fist, her fingers are sculpted around the wand itself, making it look neater and nicer for photographs (although this is a subtle detail.) Her sleeves are completely re-sculpted and their clear nature resembles the anime version well.

There is one major downfall, in my opinion. Her bow tails don't move, and so severely limit her movement. I would really of liked to display her like at the end of her 'Rainbow Moon Heart Ache' attack, but this is nearly impossible. Her sleeves also limit her arm movement. This is a real shame.


Her hair has been sculpted longer and the detail on the ends is completely different (I find it more visually attractive.) The long twintail strands are also more transparent rather than blending from a more opaque nature to a transparent one. I find from some angles this can look a little strange as its such a contrast to her solid yellow hair on her head. I wish they had blended it a little better like the original release.



The colour of her boots and bow is like a blend of the two other releases whilst being made lighter.

Sculpt and Paint Job


Immediately I noticed the obvious line between her fringe and her head. The fringe is removed to attach the face plates but no matter how hard I pushed (and it is properly attached here), this is as far as the fringe will fit. Perhaps it is just a small defect on my figure? If not, I think this should of been hidden a little better like the original version's.


There are some really beautiful sculpt and paint details. The bow tails, for instance, are sculpted really well and the opaque to transparent nature on the tails is a really lovely effect. Her brooch on her skirt and bow is sculpted well, considering how small it is. As I have mentioned before I love the detailed ends of her hair. Such a small detail really makes the twintails all the more beautiful. In some very small areas the paint is applied well.


However, as you can see, in other small areas there are some not so pleasant aspects. The hair has clearly been touched whilst drying as you can see on one of her twintails is a smudge in the paint/ material itself. The skirt looks a little dirty on her right hand side also.



The Holy Grail and her wand are sculpted really well and the paint job is pretty great too. The pieces are so tiny and the neat paint job makes them look very appealing. It would of been nice to have a little fake crystal in the wand instead of it just painted silver.

Fun Pictures!




I recently completed this Garage Kit of Super Sailor Moon. If you are interested, you can see my blog about it here: blog/23049&...






Super Sailor Moon is another lovely figure that fits well with the other releases, if you are a collector of this range. Her accessories and face plates are great, especially since you can continue to use her older face plates with this release. My major concern is the lack of movement of her bow, which to me is a real drawback. Overall, she is a very sweet figure, and a must have for a Sailor Moon collector. If you haven't collected the other figures and are thinking about just purchasing this figure, I would recommend her, but be aware that her bow and sleeves hinder her articulation.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


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1esf6 years ago#3277222How would you rate her overall quality compared to the other posable figures you own? That gap in her fringe really bugs me now I've noticed it. Thank you for reading ;0

The two figmas I own are KOS-MOS (ITEM #27655) and Ultimate Madoka (ITEM #117907), and Super Sailor Moon's articulation is about on par with KOS-MOS' (Madoka's giant dress and wings kind of limit her posability, and she's also considerably heavier). I'm used to stands with pegs that go into the figure's back, so Sailor Moon's claw posing has been frustrating me, but otherwise she looks good with my figmas.
6 years ago
cereza6 years ago#3276819this is an a+ review! really good! i love all your pictures. i think you're the best person ever at posing figurarts too, lol.

Thank you! Haha thats so kind, I do sometimes get very frustrated when they keep falling over and I'm trying to take a picture... :P
6 years ago
rubylily6 years ago#3275707I got her today and she's so beautiful! Mine has the obvious gap on her fringe too and trying to pose her twin-tails has given me a lot of grief, but otherwise I really am happy with her. She's my first Figuarts, and I surprised at how compact her box was compared to the other posable figures I own.

How would you rate her overall quality compared to the other posable figures you own? That gap in her fringe really bugs me now I've noticed it. Thank you for reading ;0
6 years ago
iris-am6 years ago#3275029Nice rewiew - I like the transparent effect.
P.S. Garage Kit of Super Sailor Moon is so big!

Thank you - she is huge! haha :)
6 years ago
diamondburst196 years ago#3275014I received her today and she is gorgeous!!! However, I agree with you in regards to the limited articulation. I wish the bow and shoulder cuffs were made of a plastic material to enable more articulation. I really want to put her in the Rainbow Moon Heartache finale pose!!! D: Nice review by the way XD

Thats the main pose I was looking forward too as well! But, she still is beautiful :) Thank you for reading!
6 years ago
Ruben776 years ago#3274742Thanks for this review. Is great to see the comparison photos and realize how she really is different from the first release. Thus Super version is very nice. And your photos of the details are wonderful.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for reading!
6 years ago
tomoko6 years ago#3274719She looks really good~ I can't believe the amount of accessories she comes with!

She's quite lovely!
6 years ago
Miru_Mirt6 years ago#3274698I've been waiting for your review since yesterday! (^///^) Thank you very much! It's great as always. My favorite Sailor Moon form. Usagi grows up every season and we can clearly see it. Unfortunately, in Sailor Moon Crystal she is already a woman rather than a school girl. (=_=)'' That is rather annoying... Do you plan on getting other Sailors with Super form (after Mercury was announced)?

I'm glad you were looking forward to it! I don't think I'll be buying the Super versions of the other senshi as there is such a small difference in their sculpt. It seems like a lot of money to spend for such a minor difference. I think we'll get some villains eventually, which I'll definitely purchase :D
6 years ago
this is an a+ review! really good! i love all your pictures. i think you're the best person ever at posing figurarts too, lol.
6 years ago
I got her today and she's so beautiful! Mine has the obvious gap on her fringe too and trying to pose her twin-tails has given me a lot of grief, but otherwise I really am happy with her. She's my first Figuarts, and I surprised at how compact her box was compared to the other posable figures I own.
6 years ago
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