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Free! X Shining ResonanceFree! X Shining Resonance

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I'm over 18

Hi everybody!
I had so much fun during my last shot session that I decided to write a short story to come along with the photos. Yeah, this Free! and Shining Resonance crossover inspired me and I hope you'll enjoy reading!

Be aware that the story deals with seduction and includes NFSW pics (nothing that could rip your eyes apart though!)


"There are so many days that we're standing on that shelf, I even can't count anymore... And this summer is so hot. Shouldn't French weather be cooler than Japanese one?... I start feeling a bit dizzy... She's so near and so far at the same time... I can't bear it anymore: I want to get closer to her!" So are Makoto's thoughts towards the pretty elf female who's displayed on the shelf only some centimeters far from him. Though she comes from a video game called Shining Resonance where she acts as a priestess, she's wearing a white and blue bikini with a tiny pareo. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed girls are definitively his type, but Makoto'd never thought that pointed ears could be that much sexy.


Makoto: Ano, Aruma-san? May I talk to you?
Kirika: Oh! Tachibana-kun, your friend is not with you?
M: You mean Haru? No, he must be swimming somewhere. He's like a dolphin, you know, he feels better in the water.
K: I see, that's why he disappears every day. Usually you end up joining him for training, don't you?
M: Ah, ah! (embarrassed smile) Well, I thought that we could go out today instead.
K: Go out?
M: Yes, but we don't have to go anywhere in fact. That shelf is fine too. Honestly, I feel uncomfortable standing by your side like this, we can't talk to each other and I only see your lovely back. Aruma-san, may I get closer to you and look at you straight in the eyes?

Makoto doesn't wait for Kirika's answer and steps forward.


K: Tachi...Bana...Kun?


M: I've heard that French people don't use their family names when they're close. Please call me Makoto. Ne, Kirika-san?

Finally, Makoto reaches the girl whom he's longing for. He knew he could drown in these sea-like eyes. His head turns blank while he's hearing Kirika's sweet voice. The elf girl admits that she's a bit jealous of Makoto and his friend, because there is no other Shining character around.




K: I know I shouldn't, but I'm feeling kind of lonely. ["She's blushing, how cute!" Makoto's thought] You seem alike with Nanase-kun and soon an other swimmer will come and join you. His name is Matsuoka Rin, isn't it? First I thought he was a girl.
M: Well, we all have girly names though we're all boys. Would you feel relieved if Rin was a girl?
K: No, that's not what I mean. If I used to, now I don't anymore. Because Makoto-kun is my friend now.


Makoto's heart starts beating so fast that he can't hear or see anything else but Kirika. "Should I confess? Or dare to kiss her?"




Hey, Makoto! Look behind you, someone's approaching!



Haru: Makoto! What are you doing?
M: Ha-Haru?! What time is it? Is training already finished?
H: No, I came to take you since you didn't show up.
M: How mean, Haru! I was just... spending some time with Kirika-san.
H: Kirika-san? What for?
K: Should I leave?
M: Of course not! (and joining his hands:) Please, wait a moment! (To Haru and lowering his voice:) It's not the right time to make a fuss.
H: Who does?
M: Don't you understand what's happening here?
H: She wants to join? Does she swim the free?
M: Who cares? Haru, don't you see how attractive Kirika-san is?
H: Of course she doesn't. No one can swim properly with that kind of swimsuits. And her chest... Makoto, did you get aroused?
M: Hey? Haru? Where did you learn that word?
H: Rin taught me few things.
M: Rin taught... never mind, don't explain.
H: With your swimming trunks, if you get a hard-on...
M: Haru! I'll do anything but please stop talking dirty! ("And reading in my mind, idiot! That's too scary.")
H: Good, go and train. Iwatobi swimming club has already signed up for the medley in the next contest. Do you plan to give up?
M: You ask when you know that I don't.
H: Yeah, if we want to win, we need to focus on training. That's also what Rin is doing.
M: What's the deal with Rin?
H: We said we won't see each other before the trials. No matter what.
M: O-ok... Kirika-san, I'm sorry, I must go. Maybe we could continue later?
K: Do you mean that I can't be your friend right now?


Makoto holds his breath: "That's not true! I want to be your friend and boyfriend from now on"
H: Aruma-san, our club already has a manager, but if you'd like to cheer us, just come.
M: Haru?
H: We're displayed on the same shelf after all.
K: Thank you, Nanase-kun. I promise I won't disturb you.
H to himself: I'm afraid you already do... Ne, Aruma-san? Can you swim the free?

For the fans, two pictures without the pareo:



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2 years ago
I enjoyed reading this aaaalot XD I can't stop laughing lol. Thanks for sharing!
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Hahahaha that was funny xD Haru is so sincere xDD
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I'm suddenly so jealous of Makoto...
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