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Zoku Satsuriku no Jango ~Jigoku no Shyoukinkubi~ - Lily Salvatan

LCLC9 years agoReview
The box is quite average in size, not too big nor is it too cramped for the figure...It has 4 viewable windows: front, back, left and right, so you can inspect the figure without having to take it out of the box...The western style fonts are a nice touch, but the character artwork is missing...

Costume, Pose and Expression:
Ok, the pose of Lily is quite a teaser, with one arm under those big melons of hers, perhaps to distract a would-be assailant while she holds a gun on her other hand...Her expression is naughty-like, seemingly inviting for one to stare at her assets... *_*

Lily\\'s clothes are (whew) not the type one would want for protection, she\\'s wearing a coat that covers only the upper half of her busts, and her pants fail to cover her undies...One gripe, I wish her hat could be removed...

Sculpt and Paint:
Sculpt is superb as expected from Alter, there are no visible seam-lines from the PVC molding...The curvaceous gunslinger is well-sculpted, from the hair, to the pretty face, to the body curves, to her accessories and even to the folds of her clothes...

The paint and colors are also accurate based on Lily\\'s character design...The skin tone is Alter-quality (top notch), and colors of the clothes are expertly finished...

Hmm, as much as I would have wished for it, there is no cast-off gimmick, typical from the figure-maker Alter...The accessories consist of one gun and 3 pairs of glasses (which are actually just made of wires)...Putting the \\"glasses\\" on the figure was quite troublesome, I had to cut-short both ends of the glasses so it can fit neatly on the almost non-visible holes on her hair...

The base is simple enough with three pegs to support both feet, and just the right size to support the figure...But the base could have been nicer with a colored design, or even better with a diorama-style effect...

Overall Appeal/Enjoyment:
Alter\\'s Lily Salvatana is a very good statue with excellent details accurate to the original character design! The overall look of the figure is mesmerizing, but I find it lacking in some areas like a cast-off gimmick and the irremovable hat...Also, taking pics of the figure is limited in terms of angle, the hat limits me from taking a good overhead shot, and from the side, Lily looks very skinny...
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