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Oh Bleach, you never fail to make me laughOh Bleach, you never fail to make me laugh

*WARNING!* Contains some *minor* spoilers of the (for now) last Bleach ep! Don't read if you haven't watched yet!

Ichigo 17 years old at the "end" of bleach the anime? My ass XD
He's atleast 19 or 20 now so don't bullshit me xD
Even if you take all the fillers out and only take the manga arcs it's total bs xD

Or they mean to say that he became a soulreaper, did all that stuff with rukia, learned to control his powers, saved rukia, infiltrated hueco muendo, saved orihime, defeated aizen, lost his powers, regained his powers and defeated ginjo all in the span of 2 years?

And since we're not talking about the manga but the anime and we also have to take into consideration the endless filler arcs...

REALLY?! How dumb do they think we are XD?

Overall it was a good ep, they actually managed to turn a cringeworthy end of that arc in the manga into a decent and rather enjoyable ep.
I expect them to come back in a year or 2-3 to do the final arc of the manga, but I did feel a bit sad. I've been following this almost from the beginning.
Bleach hasn't been an AMAZING anime for a long time, but still it was one of the first for me and I remain loyal to the series, even though I could hardly stand the fullbring arc. I really liked the arrancar arc, I loved Aizen as the bad guy and I couldn't believe they followed it with something like *that*
So yeah, I did feel a little sad, it had some very good moments. It has good memories for me.
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I believe you on your word, but I just think it's. I don't wamt to say unrealistic because bleach is a "supernatural" anime, so you can't get 100% realism. I just find it really unbelievable that a normal higschool student, who practically stumbled on his powers by accident in the form of Rukia (no matter if he might have had something in his genes cause of his dad) can get this strong in such short time. That's just overdoing it. He's a normal human.
I would've maybe accepted those 2 years more if he had explained alot more about soul society's time difference, but even then I just find it farfetched. It's one of those things where the hero is way too overpowered while with captains who are as strong as him, it took decades to get where they are now.
Also, the pacing is just wrong in my eyes. If they really wanted it to only be 2 years, they should;ve done it differently.
I'll give you an example. When Orihime got kidnapped, Tatsuki almost ripped ichigo's head off, as if she had been gone for a week. If it was infact just a day or maybe 2 before they went to hueco mundo to rescue her, then took about a week to get her, Tatsuki's reaction was way way way over the top. She could;ve just normally asked where Orihime was instead of almost murdering him which gave the impression she had been gone longer.

Also what bugs me is Tite kubo introduces all these new characters and then hardly bothers giving them any depth. We hardly know anything about Uruhara except what has been said in turn back the pendulum, we hardly know anything of isshin (actually we know NOTHING), or uryuu's dad, or even chad. We know his power is fullbring now, and we know he was close with his grandfather. Jeez talk about character development...
Yet tite kubo takes the time to think of useless characters like Ichigo's boss at work.. why is she even there, she adds nothing to the story. I'd rather see more about characters that have been there since the beginning.

Also in the beginning of Xcution Ginjo kept asking Ichigo if he could really trust Uruhara. Now I understand it was just to get him to join in the end, but he just did nothing with the idea. He dangled it in front of our noses then in the middle of the story just kind of went with "oh scratch that"
He could've told more about what Karin did. But yet again another character we've known for years gets ignored, and she's only there when Ichigo needs to play big brother..

When you have a story like Bleach, you need something that differs it from it's genre. Or people are just going to throw it on one pile. Bleach had that in my opinion but gradually lost it overtime and completely butchered it in the Xcution arc.. (And I'm not even mentioning the design of the fullbringers this time but it still pisses me off..)

Regarding your question, I seem to remember that in the beginning they went with if you die in SS you will reincarnate back into the human world and it's a circle. But they seemed to have forgotten that overtime...

*looks for the spoiler tag regarding your comment about funerals*

View spoilerHide spoilerI'm not sure how far you are in the new arc, but it's an odd thing indeed because they have cremated that vice captain of the Old man when he got killed. So they seem to do something different everytime.
Thankfully, I like the new arc better since alot of my favorite characters have returned.

Oh I'm not mad and I respect your opinion btw, but I just feel a little.... taken for a fool I guess. He makes money of loyal fans, I except him to do his best and atleast give his characters some depth and originality, which especially in this last arc they lacked completely.

And I'm sorry, it's just too over the top for me, that it has been done in only 2 years.... even for a manga/anime like Bleach. I just can't imagine it at all. I need to have some sort of imagination connection with stories, that I can imagine it all being true, but this is just too much, it makes it too unbelievable.
I hope that makes sense. I just can't connect with it.
5 years ago
That's what makes ichigo so cool, that he learns fast :D.... It was mentioned that Rukia was saved in ten days or so, because of the dead penalty on her (remember Aizen killed and replaced room 46 to do so) and the time in hueco Mundo can only be inferred by the time the Gotei spent in Karakura.... I didn't mean to offend you, is just that timing is actually one of the things bleach is good at.... If you want to debate something, I'll be interested to hear your opinion on what happens when a shinigami or somebody from SS dies... The are supposed to become part of SS, you know, reishi particles, but then, Yamamoto's vice was buried????? And how the hell did Ginjou's actual corpse was in SS.... Those two are the true (and only?) gaps in Bleach... Still, my favorite Anime/Manga
5 years ago
Also one more add.
I pay plenty of attention to details, but since when has Bleach been thoroughly detailed?
If you ask me some of the characters lack depth and detail
And like I said the manga is a mess to read sometimes.
I believe they might've said something about a month when training with the vizards but him rescueing rukia in 10 days and staying a week in hueco mundo just goes to far. I'm willing to buy alot when it comes to anime and manga since things like Bleach can't actually be called realistic, but there is a line between "alright, this might be possible in that universe" and "just taking it over the top"

I'm willing to buy alot, but this just feels like they're trolling the bleach fans xD
5 years ago
I've payed plenty of attention. Nowhere was the amount of time specified.
And then again the numbers given here make it ridiculous nonetheless. Then it's not even believable anymore, him powering up in such short time.
I'd put that in the category of "Planet Namek is going to blow up in 5 minutes!
I've read the manga, watched all of the anime, but none of that has been clearly said in my opinion. Though the manga is messy, I sometimes can't make heads or tails of wth is happening in it, so that could be a reason aswell.
5 years ago
Ichigo spent 2 months as substitute, 6 days traingi with Urahara to regain powers, 10 days or so saving Rukia, 1 month training with vizards, no more than one week in hueco Mundo and no more than one week defeating Aizen.... Then he spent 1.5 years powerless, and took him no more than 1 month to master his fullbring and defeat Ginjou... So yes, 2 years...is not bs, you just don't pay attention to small details
5 years ago
RaithosFullbring arc was worse than the bounto, lol.

Haha, me and my boyfriend kept saying the same thing. Gah some things were so painfully bad done, I couldn't believe this was the same mangaka who gave us Soul Society arc.
Sad thing is bount was actually filler and this was real, I can forgive them for the fillers, but the trainwreck that was the fullbring arc. Huuu
I have no idea what he was thinking. Why not proceed with the final chapter after the defeat of Aizen and have Ichigo lose his powers at the end of the manga. It would be kinda sad for him, but atleast it would've spared us the cringing at the fullbring arc.
Not to mention the design of the fullbringers..... aka, king bradley's deformed twin brother, some sort of cheap Ciel rip off and Ginjo as the -not-so-sure-if-he's-a-new-aizen-reincarnated person. (When I first saw him in the manga, I thought he resembled aizen too much)
5 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Fullbring arc was worse than the bounto, lol.
Arrancar arc was epic, soul society arc was even more so especially near episodes 30-60
Bleach was good, and I liked it too. Just had a incredibly weak ending, lol.
5 years ago
Bleach was my weekly staple anime, it was neither brillant nor terrible but a decent solid anime I've watched for years. The 'save Rukia' part spanning seasons 1-3 was my favourite story line, after which it really dropped out and not picking up again til towards the end of Hueco Mundo - Espada battles ta Ichigo losing his powers. Fullbring arc was poor but they had to end with the regaining of his powers, otherwise disappointing the fanbase with a depressing end. This way some blanks are filled and retain hope of the return...
5 years ago
chapters0The best arc was the whole society arc!!! It was awesome and the whole plot twist of azien being bad! As for the anccar arc I didn't really watch it but the whole azien taking inoune was repeative like ichigo has to save another one. But I still will miss it and I don't want it to end....

I liked it, but as you probably may have noticed, I really like Orihime xD So I'm biased.
I remember the times, the soul society arc first aired, ahh those were good. Good plot twists, I really didn't see Aizen being the big bad coming.

One part I also liked was the turn back the pendulum part. I really like Uruhara as well, so I loved seeing his past. (It kinda pisses me off, that after so many years we still don't know much about him, except for that. for some reason I've always wanted to see his bankai. He was a captain so he most likely has one since his name is not Kenpachi)
5 years ago
WindsorSevenI thought in the Soul Reaper world time passed slower? Then it would make sense, but I'm not 100% on that.
"Bleach hasn't been an AMAZING anime for a long time, but still it was one of the first for me and I remain loyal to the series"
This. It was the anime that got me back into anime, so I can never really hate on it.

Then it would make more sense, but I still think it's badly done. They also spend alot of time outside soul society especially in the anime. There are what? More than 13 seasons now? Around that I think. I think it's over reaching to seriously try to tell us, it all happened in a span of 2 years.
Maybe if they explained the time flow there better, it would make more sense, but not now I think.

I think it's also bothering me because when Orihime got kidnapped, Tatsuki got on Ichigo's case, forcing him to tell her where she was, like she had been gone a significant amount on time.

I just can't buy it.
5 years ago
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