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warazashiwarazashi4 years ago
#figurefridaychallenge: Open Challenge

Is it finally starting to cool off? (Or warm up?). It could be the last call for anything warm and summery, or maybe it's just the beginning in your neck of the woods.

Pick a topic and tell us about it.

This Friday, we also have our monthly Photography event, so feel free to stop by there too!

Have fun and be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community



Photo Credit: Makise Kurisu shot by IKONICONEKO: goo.gl/8whbSV

If you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.
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The season where you find yourself buying the most figures (use the comments to explain why)

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Summer for me, winter for you.
4 years ago
For me autumn and spring. It's just the figures and goods who interest me are always released in these seasons xD November will be my biggest month of the year, I even can't pre order everything who interest me because I don't have enough money for it :<

Maybe also the fact my anniversary is in march and I buy Christmas self-presents in october-november counts a lot.

And Wonfes. I have the habit to always wait the Wonder festivals before buying or ordering something. And usually after the festivals... I buy and pre order absolutely nothing.
4 years ago
Summer and Winter because Summer I often visit my friends abroad and I often go to anime store with them x3 The feeling is always more exciting while buying figure in summer than rest..And winter because of my birthday and christmas ,they're close together..just 25 days apart so my family often buys me some figurines *^*
4 years ago
Summer, for sure, because of the convention season here in California and having conventions during the holidays: famine, ax, (sdcc), (evo is pretty much a convention), sacanime.
4 years ago
Summer since most of my pre-orders have been sent during that time. I hope early Winter I don't ever have something coming in due to the holidays and the horror stories when it comes to shipping.
4 years ago
Anything but winter. The cold weather in Canada can easily damage/break parts before it event gets to you.
4 years ago
Summer by a long shot, other seasons are fairly consistent.
Guess it is because at the end of winter we have a lot of New figures at the Winter Wonfes of which most are released during the summer. In addition we tend to order more during winter, because the weather outside is depressing, meaning we spend more time on the web and end up ordering more. Which are released mostly throughout the summer period.

Ahh...winter depression...it is only a few months away *sighs*.
4 years ago