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Alter's Love Live Minami Kotori │ Review

Alter’s 1/7 Minomi Kotori │ REVIEW

Video version:

Formed by 9 girls with different personality to save their school, Otonokizaka High School from being shut down, group name: Muse. Based on a highly popular rhythm mobile game available on iOS and Android: Love Live School Idol Festival, Alter’s first entry to this series is a 1/7 scale Minami Kotori.

Color in green and white, the box containing the figure has a beautiful artwork with music notes all around it.




Plastics windows placed on the box give a sneak peek into Kotori figure. The design of the box is beautiful and elegant, yet did its job to not over-shine Kotori’s beauty.

The design of this figure is heavily inspired by an ultra-rare card from the game during Christmas period as a login reward. Alter did a great job on the sculpting of the figure and truly bring her to life. Her face expression is spot on, ember eyes, blush cheek combine with a cute smile make her a super cute character.



Grayish-brown hair, floating backward in motion make this figure livelier than ever. Each individual hair is beautifully colored and detailed, tied in a special way. A special hairstyle only to Kotori. The attention to detail that put into this figure is excellent. Every part of her is careful sculpt and the result is spectacular.



On top of that, is a unique crown that placed with a slight tilt. The effort put into the crown is unprecedented. Floating ribbon on the side of the crown further add motion to the figure, each line is careful painted. Combination of gold, green and sparkle effect enhance the preciousness of the crown. To that, it is not exaggeration to say, Princess Kotori. Snow flake on top of it add a nice finishing touch.


For a card that is obtainable on a Christmas login event, Kotori costume have lots of Christmas feel into it. Wearing a costume that mainly consist of white and green that represent two most important things in Christmas; Snow and Christmas tree. Every part of the costume have some great detail in it, just look at the ribbon and layering of her skirt.

Kotori look energetic in this pose with her hand holding a wand. The wand that she is holding add a bit more magic element on an already magical Christmas.



Two little white bird sit on top of Kotori shoulder and the wand further increase the cuteness of the figure. Both of then having the same hairstyle as Kotori is a nice touch.

Finally is the base stand, it has a simple design with some wording on it. Most importantly is the metal peg. Since Kotori is standing on a single leg, a metal peg will definitely hold her securely.




Being an Alter’s figure, I have confident on them because of their consistency in quality control and attention to detail, and Minami Kotori from Love Live School Idol Festival is no exception.

This wrap up all about Alter’s version of Minami Kotori. Flaw? There is no flaw associate with this figure, but if I have to nitpick, it will have to be the base stand, fancier base stand will be great addition but will definitely drive the price way up.

Thanks for reading. :D
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Comments5 comments

"There is no flaw associate with this figure"

Ahaha! This is a BOLD statement!!! ;) Joke aside, you are absolutely right, Alter's captured the boastful energy from the original character. That's probably one of the best LL figure out there because of that sense of overflowing joyfulness (which is central to Love Live). Thanks for making this review.
2 years ago
Traxion (2 years ago) #3708346Excellent editing and camera work on the video review. Very nicely done.
Thanks. Hope you like it.
2 years ago
colettebrunel angelic maiden
Very cute figure!! Good review as well.
2 years ago
Excellent editing and camera work on the video review. Very nicely done.
2 years ago
Ohhhh she looks really cute!! :D
2 years ago
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