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Kracie Happy Kitchen Pizza review and experiencesKracie Happy Kitchen Pizza review and experiences

MaakieMaakie3 years agoReview
Hello all! As promised in my recent Candysan loot blog BLOG #24278, here is a more in-depth look at the Happy Kitchen Pizza set manufactured by Kracie!


Let's start off with the packaging! Everything looks so cute and happy! It shows that with this set you can make 2 pizza's, some potato smiley faces and a drink.


The backside shows all of the contents and instructions in Japanese.


Considering I can't read Japanese at all, I looked online and found translated instructions. Feel free to use for yourself and share.


When you open up the box, everything is inside this plastic packaging, which also functions as the plates to serve the food on.



There is also a wrapper for the soda and there are instructions on how to fold the parts.


Ta-dah! Theedrimensional pizza box! The design is very cute!


Now, let's take a look at the actual contents...it's a lot! There is a mixing spoon, corn & peas mix, potato powder, dough powder, cheese powder, tomato sauce powder, sausage powder and let's not forget soda powder!


The tray consists of 4 parts. One for measuring water, 2 for mixing and one to make the potatoes in. The drink is a seperate plastic cup.


Yay! Happy drink!


So I started off with making the potato mix. The way it clumped together and smelled was just like mashed potatoes!


This is after microwaving them on a low setting for 40 seconds. They looked even more like mashed potatoes! I decided to let them cool off while going to the next part of the set.


Which was making the dough for the pizza! The set comes with enough dough for 2 pizza's.


This was after a lot of trying my best attempt at making 2 rounds for the crust. The "dough" was less stretchy than real pizza dough would be.


These are the specks of cheese I made. They were quite grainy, so they were hard to shape without falling apart.



Mixing the tomato sauce didn't look very tasteful, but it smelled really nice. Like herbed tomato soup.


The interesting part about the sausage powder is that after mixing it in your tray, I had to put it back into the sachet. That way I could use it as an piping bag to portion out the sausage.

Now time to put the pizza's in the microwave...

In the meantime I made the soda and forgot to picture it. It was a powder where you had to put cold water on top. It was very fizzy and had a slight grape taste.


I decided to make 2 different pizza's. The one on the left a sausage pizza and the one on the right a cheese pizza. On this picture both have been microwaved for the same time and you can see that the more "wet" pizza on the left which has sausage turned out less good. I was surprised at the (fake) cheese melting on the one on the right so well and acting like real cheese! If you make this set I would recommend to go easy on the sausage and don't put so much onto one pizza as I did. If I would make this set ever again, I think I would completely skip the sausage.


Here is all the prepared food! The corn & peas are a seperate topping that have to be added afterwards. Because of the crunchiness of (especially) the right pizza they completely fell of.


And now about the taste! I started with the cheese pizza. The thing I was most shocked about was the dough responding as actual dough by being microwaved!!! It was quite fluffy. The cheese also tasted like real cheese and was pretty good. The corn & peas also tasted like the real thing, but were a bit too crunchy for my liking.

The sausage pizza was a lot less succesfull. The sausage was quite wet, making the dough rise a lot less and the toppings working less wel in general. I decided to microwave it a bit more, but couldn't improve it's quality.


The potato faces looked really cute and tasted like real mashed potatoes! They were my favorite from this set and in general I'm amazed that all of this food not very long ago, was just a pile of powder in bags...


Although it sort of creeps me out that everything tastes so much like the real thing, this set was really enjoyable to make! If you decide to buy one, do keep in mind you have to microwave everything according to the instructions. Also be careful with the fake sausage as it makes your pizza very wet.

View spoilerHide spoilerI do have to say though, for the people over here that are in general interested in cooking. If you spend a bit more time and money, you can really easily make real pizza. The recipe is not hard and it's quite fun to work with dough and go crazy on your own toppings! And to be honest my own handmade pizza tastes a lot better than this set will ever be... ;)

In my next blog I will do a review and walk-trough of the Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts set!


Hope to see you there!

View spoilerHide spoilerFAQ: Maakie, why aren't you making figure reviews anymore??!!!!!?
As much as I would love to do figure reviews, I'm trying to make them more professional, which has caused a huge delay. I'm currently building a lightning setup where I'm content with. On top of that I'm currently living in a temporary home and almost all of my figures are in storage. So I can't reach them easily. For now my blog will mainly get food reviews and loot blogs. But be prepared, when I return with my figure reviews, they will look super good! 8)

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Nendoroidoodads (3 years ago) #3747727The icecream one i did it was just icing but it looks like icecream ^^

Ah yeah, I expected something like that so it indeed is similar to the cake decorating kit in that way.

victorviper (3 years ago) #3747740That's pretty funny.

That comic is one of my favorites and I'm happy whenever I have the chance to use it, because it's so accurate to a lot of snacks I eat regularly or weird stuff that I try out. :P I'm just too intrigued by so much stuff that I did a lot of harm to my body for sure. xD I also really like these DIY kits, even though almost every time I end up not being impressed by the taste.
3 years ago
Maakie (3 years ago) #3728600 time I could have made real dough and cut up ingredients for the topping of a real pizza. xD
I have no clue about the ingredients and I'm actually not sure if I want to know because it's probably going to be like: View spoilerHide spoiler

That's pretty funny.
3 years ago
Maakie (3 years ago) #3728708Yeah, even online translated there are tons of different versions. :P
Ice cream? Do you need to freeze that one, or is it "fake" ice cream? You got me interested!

The icecream one i did it was just icing but it looks like icecream ^^
3 years ago
Nendoroidoodads (3 years ago) #3747598I made those a long while ago the potato is deffs best part xD

Yeah, it tastes like real mashed potatoes...just...how????
3 years ago
I made those a long while ago the potato is deffs best part xD
3 years ago
mickeydeerho (3 years ago) #3747251These diy food sets are really cute xD
More for funnies and not really for survival, ha
Seems very enjoyable with others. I would like to play around with these with children (my nephews).
That donut kit looks to be fun for sure

Yeah! Everything looks so cute, huh? :3

Hrmm, the assembling can be done together, but making each part seperately is a one-man-job. So if you do this with kids I guess it's better if the adult makes all the ingredients and then the kids assemble?

I hope to have my blog of the donut kit up soon! :)
3 years ago
These diy food sets are really cute xD

More for funnies and not really for survival, ha

Seems very enjoyable with others. I would like to play around with these with children (my nephews).

That donut kit looks to be fun for sure
3 years ago
debinoresu (3 years ago) #3743180oh, if i was planning to get it id get it on secondhand sites like ebay or something!

Ahh, yeah I've seen these sets on eBay, but always with 2,5-3x the price of Candysan.

They sell sets like this with around 2x the markup at my local conventions, so if Candysan doesn't have what I want I'm better off looking locally. I'm keeping an eye out on the ice cream set now! :)
3 years ago
Maakie (3 years ago) #3735401Hrmmmm, I looked on Candysan, but I can't find this specific kit. Or is it for sale somewhere else?

oh, if i was planning to get it id get it on secondhand sites like ebay or something!
3 years ago
debinoresu (3 years ago) #3732199its just fake icecream! it comes with a tiny cone too. you can chill it if youd like a more authentic icecream experience though, im sure

Hrmmmm, I looked on Candysan, but I can't find this specific kit. Or is it for sale somewhere else?
3 years ago
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