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Durarara!! Figure Series by AlterDurarara!! Figure Series by Alter

PlamsPlams2 years agoReview
The "Durarara!!" Figure Series by Alter
(The figures that started it all! XD)

[Picture and text heavy]

Well, yeah... This was probably bond to happen at some point or another, so why wait any longer... Here is a review on the three Durarara!! figures made by Alter.

Warning: This review will be really long and there will be a lot of pictures (it is a review on three figures, so that is normal, I guess), probably some heavy "fangirl" moments or something similar. Also, bad photography skills... So be warned...

(Also, excuse the gif! I couldn't resist! XD)

Note: The scores given on the side are for the overall quality of the three figures together as a series. Individual scores for each figure will be written down next to the descriptions below.

Once upon a time I thought that I will never go as "hardcore" as to actually start buying figures... That was until I was introduced to these three and fell in love. And, of course, being in love meant that it was just a matter of time before I got my hands on them and yeah... Now they are officially mine!!
Celty and Shizuo are from CD Japan, thanks to the clearance sale they had this month. Izaya is from AmiAmi. I ordered them almost simultaneously and thanks to EMS they even arrived together. (If someone asks me which is my second figure ever bought I will have to say that it is not one, but three...). No matter what anyone says, for me CD Japan have the most awesome packaging ever!!

Packaging and boxes / Score 9/10 (all boxes)
Since these are the "Renewal ver." all three boxes have the same design to them, also the same quality. They are made entirely out of plastic, which makes them a little hard to deal with when taking the figures out or changing parts. They are almost entirely see-through, except for a print they all have from one side. I find them to be really pretty. In fact in my opinion they look better than the boxes made from cardboard. So if I have a favorite boxes, it might be these.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://ic.pics.livejournal.com/plam_lists/21713071/193152/193152_900.png

Celty Sturluson

- Sculpting 10/10 - If there could be a perfect figure Celty could easily be it. Every single aspect of her is perfect. Her hands, her helmet, her clothes and body. Even the scythe and the way she is holding it. Simple, elegant and still manages to look like the awesome kick-ass lady Celty is.

- Painting 10/10 - Again perfect. One might think that being painted almost entirely in black might be a disadvantage, but in this case it is actually a huge advantage. She is so, so detailed! The folds on her clothes, her perfectly detailed fingers, her boots, the helmet and phone. Looking at her up close you will notice so many small details that will most definitely make you go - Wow! - If she wasn't only 1/8 scale she could be almost real.

- Posing 7/10 - She is perfect, but unlike the other two figures from these series she comes with only an additional "smoky" head and nothing more. Which means you have only two options when it comes to displaying her. I don't mind this limitation, since I still love her as hell, but comparing her to the other two this fact is more than obvious.

- Base 9/10 - The base is fairly simple and firm. It holds the figure quite well, even supports it. It is painted in the same color used on her box, which is neat as a detail and as a whole I think it suits the figure quite well.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://ic.pics.livejournal.com/plam_lists/21713071/197383/197383_900.png

Heiwajima Shizuo - Renewal ver.

- Sculpting 9/10 - Aaah! Shizuo! He is probably my most favorite character from the series and his figure is close to perfect! His face, on both of the heads, is awesome! His hands are so, so beautiful. His fingers are long and well defined. I like even the fact that his legs are little big longer in order to create the illusion that he is more tall than the rest of the figures. Both of his changing hands fit perfectly. The only issue I have with him is that his backside is a little flat.

- Painting 9/10 - Again. Pretty much close to perfect. Just like with Celty's figure the amount of details is amazing. For example his belt, his shoes, even his fingernails. But, there is a small paint-transfer problem with the sign he is holding. Be careful when putting the sign into his hand, because no matter what you do, the moment you try to put it there will be some grey stains appearing on the inside of his hand almost instantly. Also on his sleeve on the spots where the sign is touching it. This is the second figure from the same series I have seen and both figures had the same problem, so I think this is something everyone considering buying him should be aware of.

- Posing 10/10 - With his two heads and two types of arms you have quite a variety of displaying options. The most from all three figures. And since I like how he looks in every single one of the options I tried now I have quite the dilemma of how exactly to display him. He is just that awesome!

- Base 9/10 - Same as Celty's base only painted in blue, which is the primary color of his box.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://ic.pics.livejournal.com/plam_lists/21713071/198818/198818_900.pnghttp://ic.pics.livejournal.com/plam_lists/21713071/198960/198960_900.png

Orihara Izaya - Renewal ver.

- Sculpting 9/10 - I love this guy and I am not even sure why... Most of the time I want Shizuo to punch him out into space, but I do still love him! XD
So his figure. I have to admit that I find his pose to be a little bit strange in comparison to the others, but then again it is Izaya, so it has to be something strange and unusual. A little issue is that both of the changing arms do not fit well and there is a little opening on the back side. It is the same for both figures like him I have seen, so again, take this into account buying him.

- Painting 9/10 - He is awesome! As perfect as Celty! His body, his hands, his face. I can almost see even some muscles under his shirt. Just as detailed and well painted as the others. The details on his knife and phone are just as amazing. The smile on his face is perfect! And as far as I can tell there is no paint transferring anywhere. The only issue I have is that the skin tone on the hand which holds the phone is slightly different than the rest of the figure.

- Posing 9/10 - I do like the way he looks! Something between dancing or skipping, but as I said I find it somewhat strange, but still loveable enough to not really care.

- Base 9/10 - Same as the others, but red. The only difference is that there is an extra piece that goes under one of his feet. This piece can be taken out so be careful when you are placing him on the base. All in all the matching boxes and bases are a nice idea. Makes them look really neat especially when you have all three.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://ic.pics.livejournal.com/plam_lists/21713071/200757/200757_900.png

Enjoyment / Score 10/10 (all figures)
When they arrived I was so, so happy that I was probably skipping around just like Izaya does! When you look at them as individual items they are more than great to have, but having all three is a completely different experience all in itself!


View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n178/Plama_chan/Durarara%20Figures/alter-durarara-02.png

So, yeah! This I think concludes the review! Hope you found it useful or at least interesting to read! ^_^
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Awesome review! You've pinpointed a lot of great details from the figures keep up the great work and enjoy :)
2 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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